3 Day Refresh Results

3 Day Refresh Results

I’m excited to share my 3 Day Refresh Results with you! The 3-Day Refresh as it is one of the most popular Beachbody programs that people ask me about. I’ve done the program SIX times, each time I finish I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to rock my habits again!

I choose to do the 3 Day Refresh whenever I feel myself falling into a slump.

The slump usually looks something like this…

  • I can’t resist the urge to finish everything on my plate 
  • I skip 1-2 of my 5-6 meals 
  • I’m tired 
  • I get headaches 
  • I am not drinking enough water
  • I feel unmotivated to workout
  • I feel uncomfortable in my clothes

I know I need the 3 day refresh results when these signs start to show up in my life!! Can you relate to any of these??

Why would someone want to do the 3 Day Refresh? 

While losing weight is a benefit of this short cleanse, weight loss is not my main reason for committing to the cleanse. When I complete the 3 Day Refresh it shows me that I don’t HAVE to have the excessive amounts of food and drinks to “survive”. The Refresh actually takes a lot more mental strength than physical namely because eating for me, and most people, is a MAJOR social gathering.

You may want to get results from the 3 Day Refresh because…

  • You need a fast, clean break
  • You want to break bad habits
  • You need/want to drop a few pounds.  
  • You’d like to kickstart a new fitness goal

What is the 3 Day Refresh?

The 3-Day Refresh is a three day cleanse with 3 vegan shakes, a fiber drink, lots of water, 2 fruits, 3 vegetables and 3 healthy fats throughout each day.  You follow a simple meal plan that offers many alternatives on the approved food lists with serving sizes.  There are also hot tea and coffee options that you can use Stevia to sweeten if you would like. Everything is laid out for you, there’s no guess work involved!

What is Included When You Commit to the 3 Day Refresh?

I recommend you order the challenge pack, which will give you the 3 Day Refresh complete kit as well as one month of Shakeology to ensure your success with healthier choices.  Basically, so you don’t spend all your money, time and effort on this cleanse and then on Day 4 blow it out of the water again!  That would be such a waste of time and money and exactly why you want to have a month’s supply of Shakeology on hand.

Shakeology – Your daily dose of dense superfood nutrition that will replace one meal during and after the Refresh.  It is loaded with 72+ super foods that replaces a vitamin and probiotics! 

Vanilla Fresh Shake – These shakes are dairy and soy-free.  They are an excellent source of plant protein and fiber.  There are 22 vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics.  Also the Vanilla Fresh Shake has potato protein extract that is proven to help curb hunger with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sweeteners.  

Fiber Sweep – A soluble and insoluble fiber blend that naturally eliminates waste from your digestive system.  It consists of flax, chia and psyllium seed husks.  Fiber helps to keep our bodies healthy and to promote fat loss.  

3 Day Refresh Results Cheat Sheet

3 Day Refresh Results Vanilla Fresh
3 Day Refresh Results Fiber Sweep

Where do you begin?

After you receive your package in the mail you need to set a start date, contact your coach for them to help you in a challenge group for support and accountability – again so you don’t just order a product and never use it! It is recommended that you either choose a long weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) or a 3-day portion during your week.  I recommend a time during the week where you will stay busy so your mind isn’t as focused on food and you can more easily avoid temptation. 

What to expect?

This is a cleanse and it lasts 3 days.  It is not a program intended for to you feel super-full or satisfied.  The overall calorie estimate is around 900 calories.  That being said, I personally didn’t feel famished, but there were times I felt hungry.  I would drink water or have a hot tea and it would go away. I definitely had FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when it came to seeing other people eat.

You will notice there are times when you want to put food in your mouth; not because you are hungry, but more out of habit or boredom than actual hunger.  You may experience some gas and/or bloating.  This is to be expected and is a sign of your body cleaning out.  As a former sufferer of IBS, I can assure you that I was at no point tethered to a toilet. I would have had PTSD if that were the case and would NEVER recommend this program to anyone if that was the result. This isn’t a colonic! You are allowed to exercise during the 3-Day Refresh but only light to moderate exercise.  I would recommend pilates, yoga or light cardio.  Something like a run, spin class, or heavy lifting IS NOT recommended. 

How do I prepare?

The week before you decide to begin the 3-Day Refresh, I would suggest the following:

  • Increase your vegetable, fruit and fiber intake.  
  • Start limiting your red meat and caffeine intake. 
  • Increasing your water intake.  It is recommended that you drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day and up to 1 gallon of water to maximize your results.  
  • Start cycling down the intensity of your workouts.

You will be the most successful if you have a plan! Open your package, select the foods you want to eat and make a shopping list.  There is a guide in the book that helps you in this process, it’s easy to follow.

The 3 Day Refresh Results Speak for Themselves

Here are my most recent results…

3 Day Refresh Results

Maybe you’re thinking, did she really have to do a cleanse? The answer is yes. If I’m keeping it real with you the last four fitness programs I’ve completed, combined with my portion controlled nutrition, have leaned me out so much that I only lost 2 pounds doing the 3 Day Refresh this time around

Also, I never promote unhealthy quick fixes. As a thyroid warrior and someone who has done many of those before starting my natural transformation I can tell you that short cutting success will eff you up when you rely on it too much!⠀

This one is different though. ⠀You eat food and it’s 100% plant based. You’re not on the toilet the entire time, you’re working on your mindset.

In 3 days I proved that my body & mind don’t have to rely on sugar, dairy, caffeine or meat. And, as always, I had the support of my community to cheer me on and of course remind me to drink my water. {it’s a weakness of mine ??‍♀️}⠀

In a season where most people are going to gain 5-15 pounds I want you to imagine what it would feel like to be ahead of that curve. You can the tools to get you where you want to be and maintain those results for years and years to come. ⠀

Isn’t that better than feeling like garbage? Or investing money in something that will give you results for a week and then put you back where you started or worse? ⠀

If you’d like to purchase the # Day Refresh pack with Shakeology, as I recommend, go here.

Have your own 3 Day Refresh Results to share??? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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