Our newest program, 9 Week Control Freak, comes out just in time to KICK START 2021!

If you are ready to lean into healthier habits this year, this program is made for you!

9 Week Control Freak Round 2 with Maren Starts February 22nd!!!!

Prep Week Starts February 15th. Fill out the form below and I will be in touch via text or email to let you know the next steps!

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Congratulations to 9 Week Control Freak Test Group participant, Jessica!

"My overall routine, sleep, relationship with food, and ability to control my cravings have all improved! I feel so empowered! The Control Track is a GAME CHANGER, and I can’t believe the difference that little ball makes! My results from those two things are insane!”

Jessica made the decision to take control of her fitness, nutrition and rest. Not only did she lose 17.8 pounds and 18 inches but she finally felt empowered and in control of her life.

Congratulations to Doria on her AMAZINGGGG 9 Week Control Freak transformation!

How did she get these game-changing results? She took control of her fitness, nutrition, and rest. This helped Doria lose 23.2 pounds and 12.5 inches in only nine weeks!!! by taking control of her fitness, nutrition, and rest.

“I have tried so many things before (classes, programs, diets), but this program offers everything you need and it doesn’t restrict you so much that there’s no way you can maintain it. The convenience of working out from home makes it so manageable and easy to work into your daily life.”

Congratulations Emily on Your Amazing Results from 9 Week Control Freak!

"Before the few come out and say it, I’ll beat ya to it. Yes, I put on a few pounds after finishing 80 day in June (and yes people actually ask these questions 🤪). That kinda happens when your husband deploys, leaves ya solo with a teething one year old, your workout space and whole basement floods (twice) and shit just hits the fan in life in other ways I haven’t shared publicly.

I know, they are excuses but we all have them, we all go through’s what makes us human. So surprise! I’m human too, and nine weeks ago I decided to take control back with this program after what felt like falling flat on my face.

On September 21st I pressed play again. Committed again. Not only to the program, but I fully plan to keep the control I gained the last nine weeks and take it with me far past the length of the program. And it worked, I am in control of my nutrition again, I look forward to my workouts again, I’m in control...finally. Down 13 pounds, I feel like I can accomplish anything, my energy is up!"

Meet your Coach and Host of the 9 Week Control Freak Support Group!

Hey, I'm Maren! I'm a pro golfer, so staying in shape keeps my golf game sharp and my mind focused!

I coach women and men who want to create a more regular fitness routine, so they have more energy for all the things they want to explore in their life!

A lot of things got 'off track' in 2020, but we have a chance at a fresh start and 9 Week Control Freak is going to give us the tools to lean into healthy habits that are SUSTAINABLE!

I am excited to start this program and do the WORK with you!!!

When you join, you'll get access to me as your coach, a community VIP group where everyone is doing this program together AND all the equipment you need for the program. Make sure to fill in your info above so I can send you all the details!