Create A Daily Practice Using

The 3 Pillars of Success

The Slight Edge (a book and concept by Jeff Olson) says that you will gain a slight edge over your competition with consistent daily practice.

So, how will you continue to motivate yourself to practice the 3 Pillars of Success on a daily basis?

  • As an athlete and high performer, you are wired to be in a team environment.
  • You THRIVE with the camaraderie of a team and the guidance of a coach.
  • That’s why I am inviting you to learn about joining my team, Team Flawless.

“Joining Team Flawless with Maren as my mentor is one of the best decisions I have made in my life thus far. She is a leader that constantly provides the support and encouragement needed to level up. She so eloquently balances tough love with empowering affirmations that make you feel like Superwoman. Whenever I have a question, need a workout buddy, or simply need a friend I know Maren is only a text or message away.

Maren’s ability to build community is something I will be forever grateful for. She has a niche for helping others connect and move towards greatness together. She is truly an amazing leader who leads from an honest, heartwarming place. She wants the best for everyone on her team and it shows in her words and actions daily. I can’t thank her enough!”


Lindsey H.

“Where do I even begin? First off, this business and this team have literally changed my life in every single way possible. I continue to grow into a better version of myself each day because of the environment and work ethic Maren has instilled in me.

Second, it isn’t easy, it takes hard work, consistency and patience to grow a business that can change your life, but the support, tools, and mentoring the Maren has ensured every single member of this team has is the reason why we are able to hit milestones and big goals together. Maren has never given up on me, she knows how to fire me up when I need the push, and she always knows how to make us all LEVEL UP. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and the fact that I said yes to coaching in Team Flawless years ago.”


Jenna W.

Team Flawless a group of women who want freedom, health and vitality in our lives. We believe in investing in ourselves with proper nutrition, daily fitness and personal development. We aim to share and inspire others to join us and create freedom, health and vitality for their lives too.

Watch this video to learn more about Team Flawless!

If you’d rather read about it…

When you join Team Flawless, you will be set up with a solid fitness and nutrition plan, along with a platform to build an online business inspiring others.

And of course, you will be connected into our Team Flawless Community where the real magic happens!

“The FIRST word that comes to mind when I think of Maren is LEADER.. encourager.. ambitious. I started working with Maren last year within that timeframe she has lead me, encouraged me, & helped me create an ambitious drive within myself. Maren isn’t a typical business partner. She genuinely cares about your goals,”


Kellie D.

“This business is 100% about supporting and inspiring other women on their health and fitness journeys! You don’t have to be at your ideal weight,You don’t have to be a social media expert,You don’t have to have any special degrees or certifications!All you need is PASSION, A HEART TO HELP OTHERS, AND THE WILLINGNESS TO HELP OTHERS!”


Lori M.

3 Ways To Join Team Flawless…

  • 1 Year Subscription Beachbody on Demand
  • Nutrition Guide
  • 1 month of Shakeology
  • Access to Team Flawless Community
  • Team Flawless Virtual Business Training
  • Team Flawless Notebook with Business Activity Tracker

Investment = $160 | Value = $260

Everything in The Rookie Pack, plus…

  • 1 month of Energize & Recover from The Performance Line
  • 2 Sets of Resistance Loops (6 total)
  • 1 Set of Sliders
  • Portion Control Nutrition System & Containers

Investment = $220 | Value = $530

Everything in The All Star Pack, plus…

  • 1 month of Hydrate from the Performance Line
  • VIP Access to Exclusive Boxing Program 10 Rounds
  • Extra Set of Resistance Loops
  • 3 Day Refresh Detox Program (kick start your results!)
  • 1 Box of BEACHBARS
  • 12 Pack of our Best Selling Nutritional Samples

Investment = $300 | Value = $675

“2 years ago, a doctor looked me straight in the eyes and told me I was pre-diabetic. I had come face to face with the exact thing I had been fighting for the twelve years leading up to that moment. I had a choice to make: let it be my destiny, or fight back.​ We’ve got everything that you need. The tools, resources, accountability, knowledge, meal plans created by nutritionists, workouts created by super trainers, literally everything. The only thing you need to bring to the table is your commitment. Maren, thanks for always having my back and ever long support!!”


Ali H.

“I know that my life was made for something bigger and better.. I just didn’t quite know how to pull it out of myself. Maren not only believed in me and saw something in me when I couldn’t see it myself but she continued to support me along my journey as a mentor and friend.

With every level of my own business that I’ve grown, Maren has been there to help me adjust my sails and keep me pointed in the right direction while also providing the wind for me to smooth sail. When I was ready to level up – she was right there in my corner pulling me forward. A mix of tough love and teaching me to hold high expectations of myself.. all with my best interest in mind.

It’s clear with the caliber of coaches I GET to surround myself with on this team that Maren’s ability to mentor high level performers is very solid. While each coach has the opportunity to create their OWN a business. This is very much a TEAM effort.”


Annie G.

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