If you are finding yourself feeling unmotivated to take action towards your goals, try these simple hacks to get your groove back!

New Years Energy is Fading Out

Research shows that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by mid-February 😬 If you’re in the 20% and still going strong with the goals you set for 2021 – CHEERS to you! Keep moving forward and blazing the trail 🔥 (and if you ever want to make a business out of sharing your goals and being an inspiration to others, keep scrolling so you can register for the webinar I am hosting tonight!)

If you’re in that 80% and are finding yourself unmotivated to take action each day towards your goals, you are not alone. Finding motivation within yourself is not taught to us, we learn it from experience and from mentors. Here are a few hacks you can try to find your own inner motivation. 

Don’t beat yourself up about it.

In order to really make a shift in your life and put yourself first, you have to talk nicer to yourself. Instead of saying things like ‘you’re a failure’ or ‘see, this always happens’ or ‘you’ll never lose weight’ try these instead….

you’re showing up day by day and that’s amazing!’ or ‘you’re making small changes everyday!’ or ‘I’m really proud of you no matter what life throws your way.

And I know that it can feel fake when you say those things, but any new habit does. Your body will respond when you talk NICE to it!

The people you surround yourself with matters.

If a plant or seedling is struggling to survive, we help it out by changing its environment. We add water or nutrients to the soil. Same goes for you…if you’re struggling to survive, it’s time to change up your environment and that absolutely includes who you hang with.

And with everything being virtual, I know it can feel hard to find the right crew to connect with. But once you find them, you’ll know and you’ll grow!

The tools you use in order to create new lifestyle habits make a big difference.

What kind of fitness plan/routine are you following? What kind of nutrition plan are you committed to? What kind of daily personal growth tools are you listening to?

Having tools that give you a PLAN will 100% help you succeed. Inside the Flawless Fit Fam Community you’ll get the space and opportunity to connect all the pieces that will make your journey more enjoyable AND successful this year.

And you’ll also get me as your coach – someone who will support you along the way by helping you find the programming that works for you AND with daily accountability inside our online community app.

If you’re feeling that it’s YOUR TIME to change, I’m here to help. You will finally be able to have a sustainable wellness plan that enables you to have a life while still getting results!

Learn more about working with me inside our virtual wellness community here

And if you ever have questions, please just reach out by shooting me an email at maren@marencrowley.com or sending me a DM on Instagram.