Big Pharma Exposed (Part I) – with Seay Stanford

March 7, 2023

With over a decade in the pharmaceutical industry, my guest today is helping us expose what is really going on with Big Pharma.

Seay Stanford is one of my favorite people and is not only a true research queen, but has also seen behind the curtain of big pharmaceutical companies.

Seay has made it her mission to empower parents with the knowledge they deserve to make informed decisions for their families. In this episode, we’ll be exploring the complex world of Big Pharma and uncovering the secrets and tactics used by pharmaceutical companies. 

So, buckle up and get ready for an eye-opening conversation filled with valuable insights and information. Let’s get real and seek the truth together

Time to press play freedom fighters…

Seay Standford’s Background:

From 2000 to 2009, I was a pharmaceutical sales rep. I moved up. I was in the top 2 percent of the company. I called on doctors from pediatricians, endocrinologists, urologists, infectious disease, orthopedics. You name it. I’ve probably called on those physicians in the Florida Tampa Bay area. 

You know, initially, it was such a lucrative job. But the more I was there and the more we competed with other people and other companies. I really saw how the industry operated behind the scenes. I eventually left in 2009 partly because I didn’t wanna work for corporate America. But partly, my beliefs and my morals did not align with the direction of the company and a lot of the pharmaceutical and the healthcare industry.

And with that, I didn’t work for a year. And I figured, you know, trust the process. God will put in front of me what will be. And from that point, I moved on to an industry that was more about being on the front end of preventing issues and disease instead of being on the back end of treating symptoms with pills.

The Pharma Industry: “It’s not about getting people better. It’s about the sweet spot between not healthy and not dead. It’s that very little bit because that’s where they make their money.” ~Seay


In a nutshell, there’s incentives to keep children on the childhood vaccine schedule. Now we don’t call them bribes because you can’t, but there’s incentives. And there’s also incentives for pharmacies. But, basically, how it would work for a pharmaceutical rep like myself is I would say, I would go into a practice of pediatricians and say, you know, we’re gonna pay you x amount of money to do research. on these vaccines, and just we wanna track your patients and whatever. 

So they’re given incentives either from the pharmaceutical company or the government. to keep their patients on certain schedules. So Doctor Ryan Cole was having a conversation with him. He’s a pathologist who’s very well-spoken in a lot of what’s going on, and he shared with me one night after the conference, he has a family member who is a pediatrician. And he had shared that he gets paid 40% of his income from keeping children on the vaccine schedule.

About 10 minutes later, a pediatrician and his wife came by the area where we were sitting. And he had been pro injection for this most recent one that’s so controversial. And he was starting to be starting to wake up and starting to realize he didn’t wanna be a part of the system anymore. 

His group of pediatricians were basically ousting him and finding ways to have him ejected from the practice because he was pulling their overall numbers down, which meant they weren’t going to get research income or grant income or whatever way we would call it to basically bribe. so that they would earn the extra income. 

And, you know, a lot of these physicians spend a lot of money on medical school, a lot of them that have a ridiculous amount of debt, they get into these doctor’s offices. They’re paying rent. They’re paying for medical software to run everything.

They’re paying their staff. They’ve got a wife at home who likes her Louis Vuitton and their kids in private school and going to the best camp and, you know, the lifestyle that they have, and it’s easier to just go with the government and the system. 

And ultimately, the people that suffer are the patients.


There’s zero responsibility from these companies when it comes to injury, like, or death even. Right? I mean, your child can literally die and you without a shadow of a doubt, know that it’s from that vaccine. And the most payout you’ll get is $250,000. 

And so it’s — Right. — it’s funny to me. It’s not funny, but ironic to me that I’m born in 86. My daughter was born in 2022. It’s four times the amount of injections now. And just we could go on and on about what’s happening in the world as far as autism and sickness and eczema and all of the things. Right? But the fact that they are just pumping these kids with it, and they literally have zero responsibility.

It’s mind blowing to me. There’s no accountability.

Long-term safety concerns of pharmaceutical products


In 2005, was the prep act also signed by President Bush And the Department of Health. So, basically, there’s 2 layers of protection for pharma and the government on any vaccine injury. 

Our children are guinea pigs, and it’s 72 vaccines from birth to eighteen years old.

Once a patent is filed, They come up with an idea. They’re pretty sure how they’re gonna do it. They want to patent it so another pharma company can’t copy or steal or anything like that. The problem with patenting too soon is once the patent has been filed, the ticker starts, the 7 year ticker, they’ve got 7 years before that can go generic. 

So this is what it looks like from a pharma business standpoint. The patents filed. They still have to do phase 1, 2, 3, 4 clinical trials. Pay that money. Pay that time. Pay the the college or university or hospital, the the research money for these clinical trials, safety studies are typically around 4 to 4 and a half years. 

Once that drug or product is approved, whatever time is left between, let’s say, 5 years 7, they’ve got 2 years to make up all of that money. And they’ve gotta pay for the marketing. Back when I was with pharma, If our product made $1,000,000,000 in its 1st year, that was considered a slam dunk blockbuster way to go because not only did they make up for all the money for getting it to market, but then they made a ton of money.

“So if you have a moment, I will go ahead and I’ll give those 2 examples just to give an example. So the first example is DES, which was made by Eli Lilly, and it was given to pregnant moms for nausea and morning sickness between 1938-1971. It was shown to be very safe for the mom, but what was found years later, it was discovered that it affected the baby. So it was safe for the mom, but how it affected the fetus significantly increased cancer and reproductive issues. And that wasn’t discovered for 30 years.” ~Seay

Big Pharma is the Number 1 Funder for the FDA


About 80 to 90 percent of the FDA’s income comes from big pharma – up to the tune of $1,000,000,000. So they work. The FDA works for big pharma. That’s not in our best interest. 

If your children came home with 69s on their report card, you would not be very happy, I would imagine. That’s the success rate of the FDA. With all the trials and drugs that they and products that they have approved, 31% of them have been pulled off the market, and that’s with clinical studies. That’s with safety data.

This is stuff that they’ve had to go back and then say, nope. This is not safe and pull it off. So things they once approved are safe later on. So that is a 69% success rate. And people trust this government system that’s being funded by Big Pharma.


I always say it needs to be fact over feelings does get politicized, and people want to point fingers at this side, that side who’s pushing guys, they both get funded by pharma.

The people you vote for, whether you vote left, whether you vote right, it doesn’t matter. They they receive money and funding for their campaigns. Now, granted, some receive more than others, but at the end of the day, they still receive money. 

And I think that is a very important thing for people to understand because they pin us against one another for our choices, intentionally, of course, that’s what the system does. But It’s not one side’s fault or the other. 

It’s the system as a whole not looking out for our best interest. with what we’re putting in our bodies, both with the injections and the food that you’re consuming, the water you’re drinking. 

Meningitis Vaccine: Minimal risk – Skewed Statistics – Limited Coverage – Side Effects.


When you actually look at the safety and efficacy of this shot, the risk of you getting it is very slim. However, there’s 13 types and 5 subtypes of meningitis strains. This shot only covers 4. So of the 18 total strains, it only covers 4. 

And the most common strain, 30% of the time is type b. Guess what does not cover b? The shot. Of course not. but it does cover other ones just in case you happen in that 0000 whatever percentage gets it. 

And let’s just say you were that person and you got it and you were exposed and you got the type that is the actual strain that it did protect. That shot is only effective for maybe 3 to 5 years. They don’t tell you that. Right. It’s when you really look at the data and you quantify it, you’re like, well, why would anybody take this shot?

What benefit is it to anyone? Let’s talk about side effects. Number 1, a 1000 time increase and Guillain Barre, which is a neurological issue. Respiratory problems an increase of 114%, Cardiac problems, an increase of 118% neuromuscular, 234% and neurological, a 301% increase.

COVID vaccines have permanent DNA effects


Pharma makes their money off of the pokes, the pills, and the procedures. The procedure you can have undone, I had breast implants. I had them removed. It felt a lot better. I’ve had pills that didn’t agree with me. You can stop the pill and it washes out after a certain amount of time. 

You can never undo it once it’s in you. 

And to me, that is for something that’s experimental and that produces the most toxic part of the virus being the spike protein, you don’t want your body producing these spike proteins uncontrollably in your body. 

That’s what’s happening with a lot of these shots. They’re designed to get an antibody response, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to immunity. Just because you have an animated body response does not mean they’re correlated with one another. 

They can be, but it’s not absolute. Just because you have an antibody response does not mean that you have immunity. We’re exactly seeing that with these most recent shots. you get this really big spike in antibodies. And then it drops off with them. 

I think what they said, like, 18 days it starts to drop off, which is why people they’re still getting sick. And the bigger issue, I think, with all of these is that you don’t wanna put something in your body that messes with your immune system. God gave you an immune system that works really, really well.

And pharma has come up with ways to just fiddle with it and break it down to now we have overactive immune systems, under active immune systems. 

And it’s just a mess. And we can’t undo it now. We can’t get ourselves out of this hole. For all the technology that has come out in the last 20 to 30 years, we are sicker than ever. 

Looking at Pfizer’s pipeline are the products that they can create that you can be addicted to and need to sustain any kind of quality of life that they’ve created. They create a solution for the problem they created.

The Vaccine Landscape

Vaccines play a critical role in public health, but it’s crucial to understand their limitations. Vaccine schedules, side effects, and the need for long-term safety studies are all important considerations. We must evaluate the risks and benefits with an open mind while advocating for comprehensive research.

Must Reads to have Informed Consent –

Find Seay Stanford at and @seaystandford

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