Cord Blood Saves Lives – with Joe Lee

Did you know that 95% of all umbilical cord blood is traditionally discarded as medical waste after birth? Did you also know that this same blood holds the power to repair, strengthen and heal organs as well as the immune system?

In this episode, we are joined by my friend, Joe Lee, who is an advocate for regenerative therapy. Regenerative Therapy focuses on using stem cells from cord blood to repair organs and to help heal diseases.

Joe and The Cord Blood Group are working closely with many of the top doctors and scientists in the field to make this natural resource available to to everyone — without having to jump through all the hoops (IYKYK).

Listen in on this conversation to learn more, learn how you can help, and simply be open to the idea of advocating for more natural options for our health and well-being.

Press play, freedom fighters!

Click here to make your cord donation and earn a $100 Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation:

IG: @thecordbloodgroup

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