How to Monetize a Facebook Group by Building Community – with Lyndsi Weise

December 5, 2023

Maren [00:00:07]:

Today, you’re gonna hear from a good friend of mine, Lindsay Weiss, who I connected with years ago through our network marketing company. We pretty much chat daily, so this episode will have a definite relaxed vibe, and I can’t wait for you to learn from her business skills today.

She has absolutely crushed it within our network marketing company for over a decade by teaching her team how to build communities branded through Facebook groups and attract their ideal client into them.

By serving the members in the group and then creating residual orders from these customers, she has been able to create a massive downline of over 2,000 partners using the same duplicatable system to help her partners grow too.

As I always preach, you must have multiple streams of income. Following that same line of thinking, Lyndsi has expanded beyond the network marketing world now with these skills and mentors women from different industries using the same process.

Why? Because it works. Let’s dive in and hear how this past summer Lyndsi took this system and created a program that has helped over 23 students, including online coaches, course creators, and social sellers build a virtual community and create sales in their businesses.

She will leave you inspired to be more than your network marketing company and lean into your skills as a mentor. Alright. So we are going to hear from my dear friend, Lyndsi.

It takes us a few hours to catch up on conversations because she’s on the West Coast and I’m on the East. So She’s either getting really early messages from me or I’m getting late messages from her, but I’m super pumped you’re here today, my friend. It’s the truth.

But I want you to give everyone a background before we dive into, like, what you found your passion and wheelhouse to be and how you’re just learning how to monetize it and grow as a person as an entrepreneur and help others do it as well.

Why don’t you give everyone a background on what made you jump into network marketing in the 1st place?

Lyndsi [00:02:38]:

Yeah. So I come from the corporate America world. Went to college, did what you’re supposed to do, thought I was gonna climb the ladder, thought I was gonna become a CEO of a company or some kind of high level management or something.

I always had, like, those big, big visions and dreams. And the company that I was at, they were the environment was rough. You just never knew if you were getting positive or if it was just gonna be really bad. Every day, I literally remember driving in. I lived in Chicago at the time, and I was driving in this nasty weather, and I would be texting, like, what kind of mood are we getting today? Like, what’s going on there? Before I got there to know, like, what I was driving into.

And the pay was like, it was okay, for, you know, the commute I had was an hour to and from. And I remember, like, I had started trying to sell jewelry. I was trying to do some things on the side. And I just remember thinking like, I literally have a degree and I’m trying to learn how to grow here, and there was just no real growth.

And, I started looking around for other careers and everything had me in the back of my mind, like, how could I ever, like, be a mom, be present, and do this kind of work?

Because the commute was so far, I hadn’t had kids yet at this time. I was just, like, on the edge of getting married, and while I was, like, trying to figure this all out, they actually closed the doors to the company, and they moved everything to Ohio. And they said I could go with them, and I was like, no. Thanks.

This is a super, like, bittersweet moment for me. I was probably one of the only people that was actually excited because I was, like, right on the edge of getting married. They closed the whole company or they moved it, and I was just losing my pay, which was not cool, but it was so nice to kind of be free from that. So

Maren [00:04:44]:

They made the decision for you, essentially.

Lyndsi [00:04:47]:

Yes. It’s hard. It’s a hard decision. But fast forward, like, I would say I’d probably about 8 months. And I had been going to the gym while I was navigating my career, and I had a personal trainer who I was paying way too much money for.

And he had told me about, you know, home workouts. And then Oh, gosh.

Maren [00:05:17]:

I bet he regretted that one.

Lyndsi [00:05:20]:

Yes. I think he still does to this day. He’s still my friend, and that’s a whole nother story. But, anyways, he had said go do this home workout when you’re not with me. And I was like, okay. And I barely had done, it was the Insanity work. I barely did a couple of them before I was like, what is this?

Like, what is this all about? And so I started researching a little bit, and I came upon page on Facebook, and I got the message that we all don’t wanna get. That we’re like, oh, there’s links and there’s, you should be on the team, and it was like that message that nobody wants, that everybody runs from.

Maren [00:05:59]:

The hey, girl message.

Lyndsi [00:06:00]:

The hey, girl message. And, something about it had me thinking, is this a robot? Or like, I really did not believe it was a person, because it was just so long and, like, too much. But I still was, like, I’m just gonna watch this person.

And so she started posting every single week, how she was working on her health, how she had the time to be with the kiddos, how she was getting paid, and it was, like, the vision that I was had been, like, through this career to navigating, I was, you know, going to the gym, working on my health.

I was trying to figure out how to climb In the corporate world, how to do something bigger and better. And before I even became a mom, I was like, I don’t know how I’m gonna do this, schedule wise as a mom.

The Power of Consistent Posts: “She had painted this picture through these posts that were consistently every single week, and I remember thinking she was crazy. And then I finally was, like, intrigued, because I was, like, okay.” – Lyndsi

Nobody posts like this over and over and over and over if this is fake. Like there has to be something to this. So long story short I finally was like, okay, tell me what to do, and I signed up. And that’s how I got involved.

Maren [00:07:22]:

So full transparency, Lyndsi and I know one another from our mutual network marketing company, Team Beachbody, or the artist formerly known as Team Beachbody. Now it’s BODi.

Now in that time, I mean, we don’t need to go through all the jargon because listeners like, we always joke about this, that within the network, you might know what these ranks mean, but, like, real world doesn’t know what these ranks mean, but all you need to know is that in this time, you know, decade of building a business, Lyndsi has hit the biggest achievements. Right?

Grown a massive team, developed leaders. And my question for you is, so you came from corporate America.

And I know a lot of people struggle with this. They struggle with the idea of going to school and paying a lot of money for a degree and feeling like, well, I have to use that degree.

Because if I don’t use that degree, I can’t earn an income like a true income. I’m using air quotes. Right? And on top of that, they feel like they have to use and I always laugh about the tools they’ve learned in school, which in reality, I was a finance major.

I mean, yes, we did use Bloomberg machines and so so maybe it’s a little different. But I think for the majority of us, including myself, a lot of the stuff that we clinical learn in school wasn’t applicable to real life, like you learned it on the job.

So between your higher education and your corporate America job, not to say you didn’t learn things, but would you say it’s fair to say that you learned most of your skills from your network marketing job?

Lyndsi [00:09:11]:

Yeah. There were few classes in college that I took that were like sales marketing. I was the girl who was like, I’ll go sell the thing. Just just give me the thing, and I’ll go sell it. That’s what I was.

One of the things at the corporate office, I was like, let me be one of these sales managers. Let me get out there and do it. And they were, like, not having it. And I’m like, I’m telling you I can do this.

So I embraced the business side of things. And so when I saw there was, like, a sales class, I took it. Now what I’ll tell you is I don’t remember anything about it whatsoever. I remember we had to do a presentation. Don’t remember anything about it.

What I do remember is when I signed up and started my network marketing business, at some point in time in the first couple of months, I was given a book that taught me some strategies, And so I read it.

And so, yes, I started really understanding and learning. I mean, I created a strategy of my own that was unintentionally done to an extent, but, like, I had to still really kind of learn how to talk to people online.

What did that look like? And so, yeah. A lot of the majority for sure came from having been in this business.

Maren [00:10:33]:

And in your business, you because you just touched on it there. You started to realize that there was 1 thing that you were really good at, and I always like to encourage people when they are thinking about joining network marketing or even if they plan on growing their own offer, right, and and kinda using network marketing as a launchpad, whatever it may be, that there’s gonna be someone else out there that does what you do, right?

Because we’re not really too, too different in that regard with the skills, but it’s the personality, it’s the like mindedness, it’s the values, yada yada yada that separates you from the pack.

And one of the things that you did that you became duplicatable for your team was creating community. So why don’t you talk about that a bit?

Lyndsi [00:11:25]:

Yep. So what I did was, first of all, I got told to send these messages that I was sent, and I was like, oh, you know, I wasn’t feeling it. And I remember thinking, like, okay, but you still need to get the word out. Like, you can’t, you have to talk to people. Like, that’s how we know this.

And so I approached it differently, and I was like, this was back in the day. We did not have Instagram, like, all we had was Twitter, and we had Facebook. That was it.

How Lyndsi Weise Built a Lucrative Facebook Community and Business

There’s nothing else at the time. And so what I did was I created a group on Facebook, and I put everyone in that group. I was one of those people. And I was like, if you’re not interested in what I’m sharing, you can totally hit the leave button.

And then it was so much smoother for me to go about the invite process because I was able to say, hey, I have this support space, this community, and I would share, like, what I’m gonna do inside of it. And then if they were really interested, they would join the community.

And this was a really great way of sorting, the yes and the no’s right from the start. Because if they weren’t, they’d leave the group or they just wouldn’t join it.

And so already, I had a warm group of people because right away, they were like, hey, I wanna know what she’s gonna do. I wanna learn from her. I wanna hear from her. I wanna be supported by her.

And so I created this space, and what happened was I, you know, I grew it.

Creating a Facebook Community to Engage With People and Build Connections

And inside there, by building connections with these people that were coming in, they would start to become clients or teammates, and then I didn’t know any other way to teach them how to build this thing except for how I did it, which is why I always say this is unintentional.

Even though now it’s super intentional, but, like, I would be, like, create a community and make it your own. Right? You think about different topics we have out there today.

We have business. We have health. We have all kinds of things. And if somebody’s teaching gut health, That’s what somebody’s gonna wanna be a part of that group because they wanna learn that.

Whereas if somebody wants their passion about intermittent fasting and they make their community around that, the right people are gonna join that. And so what I did was I was, like, whatever at the time, I don’t know if we were that specific quite yet, that far back, but each of them would create different communities and they would their people in, and they knew how to grow it because I would teach them how to go network and then grow it.

And what was so cool is it became so duplicatable that even their team members were able to do the same thing. The ones who chose to show up and do the work were seeing, you know, customers join, their teams were growing.

So, yeah, that was how we built it.

Maren [00:14:30]:

Well, and I think what’s so important and the key there is there’s a stigma, obviously, around network marketing. Right? As we talked about, like, oh, I’m too educated for that or, like, that’s beneath me or there’s also the flip side of it that well, so I know so many people that do that.

How could I be successful at it too? How could I set myself apart if Sally Sue’s doing it and Susie Q’s doing it. And the thing is, like you said, you had your people. I don’t like using the word niche because it’s such an overused term.

But what you figured out is what problem do we want to specifically solve for someone? So maybe you’re going through postpartum. Well, let’s help postpartum moms or let’s help, shredding for the wedding like you’re focused on brides.

Like, I know for me, that’s how I was promoted way back in the day. We’re coming up. I’m gonna be married 8 years in December, but, like you know? So literally, almost a decade ago when I was engaged and stuff like that, that’s with the groups that I was creating, and I was finding people in my age group that were in the same season of life.

And so even though we’re all quote unquote selling the same product, program, whatever, we’re finding specific people, our people, to help and then duplicate it.

So I think that that’s huge. Now, with that being said, right, you and I both know, because you’ve mentioned this too, that whoever wanted to do it was gonna do it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Because all of this that we’re talking about today takes work, obviously.

Yeah. Right? Anything worthwhile in life takes work, your marriage, your job, your parenting. Right? And you created them. They took this system and were able to duplicate it, but you also figured it out.

If I can do this in this arena of network marketing, how can I take the same system and go into other arenas? And what was that light bulb moment for you?

“Creating Freedom and Flexibility through Multiple Streams of Income”: “I’m a firm believer in creating multiple streams of income to help you create freedom and flexibility in your life. Freedom to be more in control of your life and the flexibility to live life on your terms.” — Maren

Lyndsi [00:16:45]:

Yeah. It was in 2015 that or 14 that I was hitting some of the highest, like, I was in this what we call the elite level. I was hitting a lot of these goals and accolades. Like, the team was growing, things were doing amazing, and I just moved to Arizona. I looked to hire my first business coach.

Because when you’re in it and you don’t realize what you’re doing and you think you need support, it’s good to have somebody to support you for sure. That was a really great decision, but I hired her. I had just given birth to twins. They’re about 15 months old at this point.

And if you can imagine, is somebody who needed to they were in the NICU for a little bit of time, like, there was a whole process in the hospital stuff in the twins, and, like, it was so nice that they had a system that the team was able to do their thing, and they didn’t fully need me.

So I hired her. We get home, and, like, we’re settled in Arizona. I hired her, and she’s like, okay. So what are you doing? Like, how’s this like, everything is going really well.

The Positive Impact of Personal and Professional Growth on Various Aspects of Life

And she’s kinda like, what do you, you know, what do you need me for? What are you, like, what are you doing? And I was like, I have no idea. And I remember, like, the corporate big call, they were, like, talking to me about being on it. And I’m like, I don’t have anything to share.

I don’t know what… I have no idea what I’m doing. And I was, like, everything was going really well. And she was like, no. No. No. You know what you’re doing. Like, what are you doing? And I’m like, I have no idea.

And she was like, no. You need to walk me through what you do. What are you doing? And she literally had to pull it out of me. She was like, oh, oh, there I have a group, and I put people in it, and then I, you know, attract people to it, and then I were you know, build a connection and, like, there’s more to it.

But I was like and then my team’s doing the same thing, and she’s like, There it is. That’s what you’re doing. And she was like, why aren’t you teaching this to other people?

This is a system that other people could use, and I was like, you know, I just thought it was funny because it was so intentionally done, but yet I didn’t realize I needed someone to kind of call that out of me.

And so I started speaking on top leader calls, like, sharing the system and as quickly as I could in a 40 minute call, you know.

Building an Engaged Community and Diverse Revenue Streams

She encouraged me. All I did was have the courage to just teach people inside the network. And literally, it wasn’t until last year that I was like, reminding myself of this, and that I could really get out there, and I could teach other people that are outside of the team and really build my own thing. And I love love love talking business.

I love working with people who wanna build businesses, and this was a great strategy that had, you know, done so well, and it does not ever go out of style. I know a lot of people will say Facebook’s dead or groups are dead.

But the reality is 1,800,000,000 are using groups, and the right people are in the groups. And there’s so many, like, there’s so much opportunity to find clients and customers and connect with them.

And, like anyway, so I finally put it all into a program this year and just launched in May. It’s a group program where I teach you literally how to grow an engaged community of ideal clients excited about what it is that you offer.

So we’ve expanded, which has been super cool. So I started with teaching network marketers because that was how I felt. That was where I saw the results.

And then I started getting asked by coaches, realtors, course creators, like, could we do the same? Like, could we have the results if we follow your system? And at the time, I was like, I have no idea because I haven’t tried it. And so as a brand new business coach myself, I was like, well, I’m gonna try it.

And so I launched a new community, and I started growing it. And every student I have, every pod. Private clients I have had literally come through the community.

So I was like, it can work. And so, yeah, it’s been cool. Now I’ve started pretty much helping anyone who has a business online, if they wanna grow a virtual community through groups.

I began social selling 10 years ago through one specific form while teaching golf as a full time PGA professional. Within a few years, I was able to earn more than $1,000,000 through this side hustle and mentor others on my team to have the same success as well. 

Since then, my experience with social selling has expanded to other platforms and afforded me the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter for 2 years after she was born, a blessing I had not necessarily anticipated, but was so grateful for when the opportunity presented itself. 

And that’s what I want for you. Join the waitlist for my 90-Day Program.

Maren [00:21:24]:

That’s huge.

I always want people to understand that, and I preach this, you know this, that we never wanna have our eggs all in one basket. And I was asked this by a friend who is very, you know, intrigued by the industry and whatnot, and she asked me, she said, do you think that most people who hit the levels of success that you and I have within their particular network marketing company.

It doesn’t just have to be ours, right, just in general, whatever company they’ve aligned themselves with.

Do you think that they have this idea that this company is going to be around forever. Like, is this the end all, be all? So that’s my first half of the question. Right? So my first half is, prior to starting your offer did you see life outside of the network marketing bubble? Or did you just think you kinda have blinders on, like, this is what it’s gonna be. This is etcetera.

And now knowing what you know about just the industry as a whole and knowing yourself that you shouldn’t have your eggs in one basket, how much of a relief is it to you to be able to have two things going simultaneously to kinda help feed one another?

Because you and I have talked about how your business model now truly feeds one another where… You know, you’re effortlessly growing both. Whereas before, when you had laser beams on one, it was kinda stressful, to be real.

Vision, Support and Learning To Balance Priorities in Business

Lyndsi [00:25:07]:

Yeah. So I would say my vision, once I spent some time investing in myself, and coaching and support, and really kind of having people really believe in me and talk to me a lot about this, like, why aren’t you teaching this to other people? Why are you holding back?

You have a gift. Why aren’t you sharing it? And it helped you know, at first, I was so nervous that it would frustrate team members or people that I was really close to at the corporate level, I just wasn’t sure how that could look.

And so it was that I was laser focused on just really supporting the team, and then I really, I started to see on Instagram, believe it or not, I started to see other network marketers in different companies who were literally doing both, and they were able to do it simultaneously, through strategy in their reels and their posts, and I was, like, fascinated.

I actually have a podcast with one of them online where I just was just like how it was always for her. Like, from day one, it was always three different businesses. She was a coach. She did her network marketing, and then I think she had some affiliate stuff. And so it was fascinating because I always thought, like, how could I do this? Like, I just couldn’t put myself in place.

Maren [00:26:41]:

You’re cheating on the company. Yeah. You know?

Lyndsi [00:26:43]:

And you didn’t wanna, like, distract those who really were focused on it that were in your team, and you didn’t want them to think, oh, I have to do that to you.

Like, I was really instead of just kind of communicating and discussing and just kind of figuring that out, I just kinda went down this journey of watching some others really do that.

And I was like, how cool is that? Like, I want all of it. I want all the income streams, and I have the capacity to do that. I did go through, like, a burnout period of the business and went on a bit of a healing journey for some time.

But because I gave that time to myself before I did all of this, as I was going through that is when I started to find these accounts. And, because of the healing, I was able to create more mental emotional capacity. And I was like, I could run multiple businesses.


Like, I can do this. I know I can do this. I’ve got the time. My kiddos are older. They’re in school, and I wanted it strategically done too. So when it is summertime, like, I could work around that, which I was learning all this learning.

So at the end of it, like, wave a wand, it’s like, how cool to have these different businesses. And, yes, it works so nicely because they do.

Like, it does not take away from growing your network marketing either. It’s hard to explain on a podcast, but, like, it works so nicely that, you literally it’s just so cool.

Maren [00:28:19]:

It frees people up because yeah, they go into network marketing, and maybe they really do like their full time job. Right? But if they have this pressure of going so hard into network marketing, it’s almost like you’re backing a dog into a corner, it can work against you.

You know, one of what’s one of the biggest things we hear from people all the time? People, they may have been involved with network marketing and then laughed or they’re scared to even jump into network marketing because they’ve heard horror stories, whatever, and the number one thing that they say is, I just wanted to help whoever I wanted to help.

Like, they didn’t, they didn’t like feeling the pressure of, I have to help x amount of people, or I have to sell x amount of you know, in volume of shampoo or whatever it is. Like, They just wanted to do their thing organically.

And what happens a lot of times, and this is what I personally believe, so take that with a grain of salt, is that when you have someone who is just all in on whatever – that network company – and doesn’t have other sources of income, they can’t relate.

And so what happens is they start putting all of this pressure on their, you know, affiliates or teams, their associates, whatever the heck your network marketing company wants to call you these days, they start putting this pressure on, like, well, what do you mean you don’t wanna be on a team call? What do you mean you don’t wanna attend our annual conference.

What do you mean? Like, they can’t, they don’t understand that other people may not be as into it as they are And we have to embrace the fact that not everyone may want it at the same level as you.

Adapting in Network Marketing and Building a Successful Business

And I think if more people in network marketing really promoted it as a multiple source of income versus an all in kind of thing. It’s all or nothing, ride or die. I think that you would actually have more people enjoying the business as a whole and finding success because people aren’t finding success when they feel all this pressure by an upline or, you know, and not let them be held accountable a little bit too.

Like, you put your own pressure on yourself, it’s not just the upline. Because I know myself and I know Lyndsi, like, we’re not like that, but there are some people, like, there’s always bad apples.

But at the end of the day, we have to kinda let people do what they wanna do with this. And some people want to be in the 0.01%, and then other people are perfectly fine with having community and getting their products at a discount or their products for the month paid for, whatever.

Would you agree?

Lyndsi [00:31:05]:

Yeah. I’m in both camps. But I just wanted to say before I go there is, like, when it comes to the all in peace. Most people get into this to make extra for their family. And What we have to remember is that their family comes first, and if that affects calls, times, events, things like that.

Like, for a while there, I was in the camp of, like, you gotta be all in, you gotta be all in, you gotta be all got you got to be all in. And, while it didn’t really ever become an issue for what priorities for me, like, it was never the timing that was always barely fine.

I understand now with children in sports, and literally, I live at the football field, and I live at the hockey rink, and the basketball court when they’re playing basketball, and it really does take over a lot of my time now, practices and games.

And so I’m the mom, but you’re not I’m not going you know, that’s gonna come first regardless. And so I, for a while there, did this all in kind of a mentality.

And I still very much all in to build that, but I look at it differently because I understand, like, they’re here not to to they’re here to create a lifestyle that’s different for their family and to be able to either get the products paid for maybe a little bit more or maybe a lot more depending on what they’re looking at.

But at the same time, like, that is not at the sacrifice of the family and the important events that the whole point of us, you know, getting involved has everything to do with, our family is being, like, our whys, if you will.

And so I did that for a while, and then I you know, as I grew, I was like, oh, this is, like, not the way. This isn’t very supportive. This is not how this should be, in my opinion.

And so I looked at it differently and approached it differently. And the same thing goes for having diversified is, I think, that this should always be looked at and I think it is now that we’re in 2023, which is very exciting, that it is being approached as one of your multiple income streams.

I think there’s a lot of relief in that because when you are under pressure financially, if you just create well, not even financially, just any sort of pressure.

Any pressure you feel, like, you’re just gonna create more pressure. 

You’re not gonna get to this, like, awesome flowy space by being under pressure. And so I think it’s so cool that we do have a lot more opportunities this year, this time of year.

Like in 2011, when I got started, there weren’t a whole lot of this type of opportunity. But now that we’re here, and there’s just, like, so much opportunity.

Embracing Abundance Mentality:

“I think it’s really, really cool to be able to let people be creative and let them have these different things that they absolutely love… They wanna get out there and coach people and help them with their business like myself. Right? And, like, whatever it is that you really want to pursue and share and then, you know, still absolutely, sell the products you love. I mean, to me, that’s a major abundance mentality.”

And I definitely had the scarcity mentality before because I was thinking, like, everybody needs to be focused on the one thing, and it’s I really think that the, the consumer actually likes it better when they see a little bit of a mixture of things versus this one thing is the only thing I’m gonna talk about every single day.

I think they like to see, like, what are you putting on your skin? What other stuff do you know, supplements do you like? What else do you offer? I think they like the variety nowadays, so I’ve embraced it. I love it.

Maren [00:35:30]:

I think as an entrepreneur, it makes it more fun too  because how frustrating it is. I know I feel this way, when you’re just talking about the same thing over and over again. Right.

And for me, one of the things that I combated for a long time is people would almost until our company actually started handing out hardware for, like, your financial success.

Then I could actually show people and be like, see? Like, I’m not just blowing smoke. Like, I actually have hardware that proves to you that I’m in said club, but I digress.

But insert income disclaimer. Insert income disclaimer. But people would say to me all the time, Well, I don’t understand. If you’re so successful, why do you still teach golf?

And, for me, it was, well, I didn’t have, I didn’t have a baby at the time. I wasn’t gonna sit at home while my husband’s at work and, like, dink around, you know, because I was pretty effective with getting what I needed done in a short amount of time.

And there’s 24 hours in the day, and I can promise you I would’ve been dinking around doing nothing with my other hours, so I said I might as well fill that time doing something else that I’m really good at too and I make really good money at.

And, you know, it just came natural, but it made it better for me because then I could talk about whatever it may be, you know, maybe what I grabbed for my snacks for the day in my stories.

And then I was at work and I was showing a golf drill, And then I was talking about my workout when I got home, and then we were out to dinner.

Like, just showing that variety versus the same thing over and over again. For you as an entrepreneur, whatever company you represent, that’s boring.

Lyndsi [00:37:21]:

I’m telling you.

Maren [00:37:22]:

And I can see where some people, like, you know, they wanna be known as the blah blah blah gal, whatever, the makeup gal, the shampoo gal, the fitness gal. I understand that.

And it’s not to say you don’t talk about those things in your stories, you do, but you don’t make that your end all, be all. Like, to this day, and I’m sure you get it too, where maybe it’s someone who purchased from you, whatever, 5 years ago.

But because we still show up in our stories, we’re not talking about all day every day, but they can. They can go to our page and see, oh, she still drinks that superfood shake.

Oh, she’s still doing x, y, z workout. Like, whatever it may be, They come back to us, they loop around and say, Hey. Like, they think of you as that person associated with said company or product, right? Like, so it doesn’t have to be all day every day, but it’s just a piece, so to speak.

Invest In Yourself – Hire A Business Coach


Now you talked a lot about investing in yourself with a business coach. And I’m a big proponent of literally earning money as many streams as possible without letting your family, you know, have it affect them because time’s the only resource you can’t get more of.

I’m a big proponent of learning how to save and keep your money because life happens, like you said, where your company can just say, oh, we’re leaving. We’re going to Ohio. You coming with? Right? That happens.

And then I’m also a big proponent of you work really hard for what you have, you should spend it. Now, obviously, you can buy nice homes and trips and everything, but I really like how you talked about how you invested in yourself.

So when you invested in yourself, what dividends did that pay for your business, and you as a person, obviously, too, as a coach and a leader.

Lyndsi [00:39:20]:

You mean, like, like, where is it a paid back type of thing?

So I’ve been doing this for a long time. I even have a business degree, first of all, and so that was a nice investment. Right? College. And then, in the beginning of building, I just read books. Different books out there.

They’re like, first, if you’re new, the first thing is there’s books and there’s podcasts and there’s you can learn so much. YouTube, all of the freeness. And then the second thing is, there’s programs out there that you can certainly invest in as well that could help you.

Then it becomes like, if I wanna get to the next level, I need somebody in my back pocket who’s kind of helping I like to be challenged on all levels, and I like to kind of have to answer to someone, especially because building your own business is scary, and it is a lot of hard work. Like, we are not downplaying any of that.

This is a lot of hard work. And to have somebody to kind of be there and help you, to, what’s the word? I don’t wanna use the word pivot, but it’s like tweaking things as you’re going.

Maren [00:40:49]:

Yeah. They see things that you may not see. It’s like, what’s it? That term, You can’t see the forest through the trees or whatever that is?

Lyndsi [00:40:56]:

They they I mean, literally, I wouldn’t have the coaching business and program I have if she hadn’t called that out. Because I didn’t realize that I had created a system and a whole method that was working for multiple people.

But because of that investment in her. And because she called that out on me and because she challenged me, I did not jump into my own thing overnight. That took me many years.

She called me earlier this year. She was launching a book, and we were talking about it, and she was spending some time and she’s like, seriously? You still haven’t done this? And it was just like, I was right on the edge of getting ready to launch it.

And so anyways, just all these investments in learning how to write copy. Learning how to…

Maren [00:41:45]:

Just letting the listeners know, copy is the text, right, whether it’s in emails or on posts. Sometimes I use jargon like that too, and I’m like, oh gosh. They might not, they’re not immersed. They don’t know what that means.

Lyndsi [00:41:57]:

Yeah. So learning how to get my message clear. Learning… just so many little things that are super important. And all of this has led to, I’ve had three very successful launches.

I have a lot of students, a lot of private clients. I have been able to build a really nice coaching business. So yeah. I’m so into investing in myself and challenging myself that it’s hard for me to slow that down… ever.

I’m constantly, like, trying to challenge myself to level up. But, yeah, it totally, totally pays off.

Maren [00:42:37]:

And would you say too obviously, it’s paid off in business, but how about as, like, all of this, whether it was just taking a leap of faith going into network marketing and now building your own offer, how has that made you as a wife, a mom, a friend? Like, how has that improved you?

Lyndsi [00:42:59]:

Yeah. It’s been for I mean, I can’t imagine what life would look like had I not said yes to the Facebook post that I kept saying into the crazy long message. Even though I was like, I don’t really wanna be the one sending those.

I was like, no thanks. But, like, because I was smart enough to follow this person and just watch. And I think that’s something to be said if you are out here and you’re like, nobody’s engaging my stuff. Like, they are really watching because I never ever engaged. I just watched, and she’d follow-up with me privately.

I wouldn’t have the courage to build my own thing, to create my own offer.

The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Family Life: “I wouldn’t have had the time, flexibility, right, that I’ve had, the mom like, my kiddos. I’m so confident in, like, their future because of what I’ve done, because of the work I’ve put in, because they watch me, they see me, they hear me, they wanna be on a podcast with me, like, they get it.” –Lyndsi

And I feel really confident that, if they really wanna go into the entrepreneurial life, you know, growing up, I feel real confident in their future. And I yeah. I mean, I’ve just been.

It’s just such a different experience than I think, I ever could have imagined. Like, I just like it’s just so crazy to even like, how do you put into words? Life is just so awesome, And, I mean, everybody should do this. You know?

Maren [00:44:49]:

I think that what this opportunity does for people is that it truly helps them create a legacy for their family because kids are sponges, and they absorb everything that you’re doing and they you know, for us, obviously, we’re in health and fitness.

They see us taking care of our bodies. They see that we have books, right, and that we’re listening and we’re trying to grow every day, learn something new. They see us, like you said, like, on a podcast. Like, my little girl came in before we were recording.

I said to Lindsey, I said, oh, we’re just gonna make sure we test my mic because she’ll come in here and she’ll play with the toggles on my headphones and my mic because she sees that that’s what mommy does.

This is what our children see and it’s so important. It’s so important that they see that we’re creating a legacy for them to teach them these things so that they feel like they can do anything because you really can.

My friend. Thank you so much. This is fantastic. Where so where can people find you to work with you to help them network and grow their own community so that they can build their own thing.

Lyndsi [00:46:13]:

I have a group on Facebook called Successful Business Women. If you have a business, if you’re a business owner online, feel free to join.

I’m on FaceBook and Instagram. And I have my own podcast called Redefine Hustle.

FREE Offer from Lyndsi Weise

24 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group

Maren [00:46:42]:

I love it. Well, I know people were taking notes, and I can’t wait for them to learn more from you because I know in all the years that I’ve been friends with you, I learned something, and I’m very appreciative of you coming on here today.

Lyndsi [00:46:55]:

Yeah. Thanks for having me.

Lyndsi Weise

Lyndsi Weise

Lyndsi comes from the corporate world, having gone to college and aspiring to climb the ladder to high-level management or become a CEO.

However, she faced a challenging work environment where she never knew what to expect each day. Despite her big dreams and visions, the rough working conditions led her to seek out a new path.

Today, Lyndsi a mom of twin boys who built her online business over the past 12 years with Facebook Groups. She’s teaching you to do the same.

If you wanna get more of this type of content, make sure you follow me on Instagram at @macrowley. And if you love this episode, let me know by tagging me on IG or even leaving a podcast review. See you next week.

If you wanna get more of this type of content, make sure you follow me on Instagram at @macrowley. And if you love this episode, let me know by tagging me on IG or even leaving a podcast review. See you next week.

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