Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Virtual Assistant – Jennifer Chalker

January 9, 2024

Unleashing Potential: Jennifer Chalker’s Transition from Network Marketing to Virtual Assistant Excellence

Maren [00:00:07]:
Today’s guest and my friend, Jennifer Chalker, started with a network marketing company in 2016 and learned so much about herself, the importance of taking care of her body and mind and running a business.

As she continued to grow, she decided to diversify her streams of income, by starting a virtual assistant business. Jennifer knew her strengths were organization and client management, so she decided to shift the focus to creating systems that would help business owners stay organized in the behind the scenes aspects of their business.

Quickly, one client turned into five and five turned into 10. She knew her goal was to help more people. So Choose Your Solution was born, and Jennifer has never looked back.

Today, the company serves over 70 business owners. We will talk all about this major, at times scary, pivot from network marketing and so much more on this episode. Jennifer is one of my favorite people I’ve met in the last decade of social selling.

And even if you don’t personally know her, you too will feel the joy she exudes in this episode. Let’s tune in. Alright, my sweet friend. I am so glad you’re here today and people get to hear your story and learn from you.

Jennifer [00:01:44]:
Thank you so much. I’m so excited to sit down with you and just have this conversation.

Maren [00:01:48]:
So Jennifer and I have known one another for years and full discrepancy, like, just full open transparency. Okay? Jennifer not only is a friend of mine, but she’s also part of my downline.

So I’m not her direct upline or anything like that, but she is part of my network marketing sphere, and that’s how we’ve met. But I wanna make sure that everyone knows what we’re gonna be talking about today.

Yes, everything started in network marketing, but there’s so much more for you to learn beyond network marketing. And, yes, we are part of team Beachbody, the artist formerly known as team Beachbody, AKA BODi.

And I just wanted people to get an idea of who you are and how we even got connected. Right? And what made you want to join network marketing, and we’ll go from there.

Jennifer [00:02:44]:
Yeah. Absolutely. So honestly, my journey in network marketing started because of the company and what company was. So I really needed to get healthy and I really wanted to feel better.

I don’t even wanna say lose weight because that just, like, wasn’t what it was for me. Like, I just didn’t feel good. I was in college and I saw my coach posting online and I was like, hey. I need that.

And then that’s kind of where it started. A month into my journey, I felt good and I was like, I want other people to feel this good. I mean, I feel like it is your classic network marketing story to an extent, but that really is my truth.

That really is what it was for me. And I fell in love with the programs. I fell in love with the products, and I loved being able to help people with them.

Maren [00:03:29]:
Right. And I think that it’s so important for people to know. I appreciate telling them blue in the face that in anything, no matter what the job is, whether it’s corporate America, or if you’re a teacher, if you’re in network marketing, like, you have to align with the company, and the products that they produce.

So if you’re a teacher, right, and you really don’t like wiping snotty noses and having, you know, kids by accident go to the bathroom in your class, you probably shouldn’t teach kindergarten. Right?

Like, you should probably be in middle school or high school. Right? So I think that’s super important, and I I love that that’s what drew you in. Like, you’re like, alright.

This is something that I can authentically talk about and, obviously, transform my life and then, obviously, transform others. So with the health and fitness journey because I just wanna touch on this too before we dive, like, full on into business.

Can you explain to the audience, like, why this was so linked to your values and core of who you are. Can you give them a little background on your health and what being a part of not just obviously using the programming and the products, but, like, the confidence that was built in yourself and and then and the community, so to speak.

Jennifer [00:04:55]:
Yeah. Absolutely. So I think it goes back to 2009. I was 13. I just dated myself. Feel free to do the math. But I got diagnosed with arthritis, and it literally rocked my world. I mean, you go from 13 playing on the playground, playing softball to knowing that everything you’re doing is basically deteriorating your joints, and it was a lot to process at 13.

And I feel like as I went through life, I just was always scared. I was always scared of that physical thing, that’s so silly to say, but physical exercise is like that component of things, and I just didn’t take care of myself because I just didn’t understand what the line was between what was gonna help my body?

What I shouldn’t do for myself was just blurry. And finally, I got to the point where I said enough of this. Working out is not going to hurt my body, Jennifer. Like, what a mental, like, what a mental crazy game that I was playing with myself. Right?

So, the community and coming in to have the support system when I was so mentally just down was huge. Like, coming into a place where every person was building me up and telling me, Hey. I’m here to support you.

What can I do for you? Like, how are you feeling? What’s what’s going on? And just, like, genuinely wanted to know me, made that journey so much easier.

And within months of starting, I was able to just kind of kick that mindset to the curb, and I was getting the weight off which helped my joints, which helped with the inflammation.
Like, it’s just crazy the results I was able to see not just physically losing weight, but with my mindset and my health around working out. Did I answer your question?

Maren [00:06:47]:
No. For sure. And because I think one of the worries that people have is they see network marketing and they’re afraid that it’s a sorority, which don’t get me wrong. Sometimes it can be, but there’s actually more benefit to that than there is negative.

And I love how you were able to have not just obvious physical results and, like, get past those mental barriers of, right, I can do this. I can work out. Like, it’s, I can do hard things, and you obviously had the results, but it’s more about the confidence that was built.

Jennifer [00:07:28]:
100%. Yes.

Maren [00:07:30]:
And so with that confidence, obviously, your business started to grow. So in network marketing we have all these tools and resources, and we all have a superpower.

And, obviously, these are things that you’re learning, quote, unquote, on the job. Right? Like, I don’t think you’re necessarily taught these things in college or anything like that.

But what would you say you started to learn as you’re doing these behaviors, right, and these habits to grow your business that you’re like, wow. I’m really good at this, and I didn’t even know I was good at it.

Building Systems and Organization In Your Network Marketing Business

Jennifer [00:08:10]:
Yeah. For me, it was definitely the organization behind the scenes of my business. I was really good at putting systems in place to make sure that I was checking in with the people who decided to work with me and that I was showing up on my social media and, like, hitting the marks that I, you know, I put into place every single day or, you know, following up with people who are interested.

Like, I was really good at creating a system, creating a spreadsheet, you know, just like I’m very type A. Can you tell? Just creating the systems and and the tools that I needed To push my business forward, and that’s anytime that I was able to, like, train or talk.

It was always that. It was like, Jennifer, will you come in and will you talk about, like, the systems of your business, and I feel like that’s just really where I thrive.

Maren [00:08:58]:
Well, I think that what a lot of people don’t understand about network marketing… we’re gonna specifically talk about network marketing because, obviously, this could be applicable to other industries.

But in network marketing, You can only go so far without having systems. It’s not just about showing up on social media.

And I think that, for me, personally, that is one of the things that kinda grinds my gears when I see people promoting any opportunity in the network space by acting as if just share your story. Share your journey. Like, cool story. Yeah. You have to do that, but at the end of the day, it’s still a job.

Jennifer [00:09:39]:
Yeah. You have to treat it like a business, 100%.

Finding Your True Strength: “I need to be able to take this and I need to be able to build a business around my true strength. Yes. This my network marketing business is amazing and And I can put these things into my network marketing business, but why not build the business that’s a 100% revolved around my superpower? Like, it is my superpower.” – Jennifer

Maren [00:09:42]:
Yeah. And I feel like where a lot of people don’t see success is they, A, like you said, aren’t treating it like a business, and then, B, they don’t know how to organize it to get in and out effectively with their time and because that’s the one of the major things we hear is, I don’t have time for this. I’m always on my phone.

And I’m like, well, you don’t have to be on your phone if you’re actually doing the things you need to do in an effective way.

When you learn these systems and, obviously, people are wanting to learn more from you. Did a light bulb kinda go off that like, maybe I could maybe I could do this for other people.

Jennifer [00:10:29]:
Yeah. I definitely reached a point where I was seeing more and more people asking me like, hey, can I pick your brain about this? Hey. Can we talk about this? And I was like, wow. Like, I didn’t even realize, like, how genuinely helpful this could be. And, eventually, I was like, I think I think I should run with this.

Like, I think this is something that I should really lean into because it’s a strength. Like, clearly, people are asking about it.

Maren [00:10:55]:
Right. And it’s kinda like you get to the point where, like, for certain people, because I learned this from being in the golf industry.

You know, as soon as everyone hears that you’re a golf professional, like, oh, can I send you my swing? Or, oh, what do you think about this? And it’s like, yeah. Here or there, but at the end of the day, this is a skill that I have that you don’t and I went to school for and all that. Like,

And in a space that, you know, social media that you can monetize literally anything. I mean, gosh. They’re selling photos of your feet these days. You can monetize anything. Like, I think that’s so amazing, but let’s be real.

You and I both know this. Sometimes when you have these skills, people will say to you, well, why don’t you just do that for your own business and, like, 10 x your own business? Like, why would you wanna help others? And can you kinda speak to that? Because it is a superpower that you know that, obviously, at this point in time, you are monetizing.

But, like, what was that like for people to kinda say those things.

Acquisition of tools and resources for business growth and valuable skills

Jennifer [00:12:07]:
It was hard. It was really hard, because I knew that I was feeling pulled to really go down this path and I was praying about it all the time and like I just knew that that’s like I wanted to go down this path and It was hard to hear people say, you know, pour this back into this business because that’s not all that my network marketing business took to be successful.

My network marketing business, it took a lot of other things. I can’t just 100% go all in on the back end organization and then not do anything else in my business. So in my brain, I was like, no.

Like, I need to be able to take this and I need to be able to build a business around my true strength. Yes. My network marketing business is amazing and I can put these things into my network marketing business, but why not build a business that’s 100% revolved around my superpower? Like, it is my superpower… it is my business.

Maren Crowley head shot

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Maren [00:13:06]:
Right. Well, enough for anything, revolve it around your superpower and get a 100% of the profit. Right.

Jennifer [00:13:14]:
Yeah. And and have a place that is 100% controlled by me because at the end of the day I control my income like Yes. In in in my business and and that was a nice change of pace and a needed change of pace and something that I had to remember was I live this life for me and I follow the things that God is calling me to do, and that is that is what I felt was right at the moment, and I’m so thankful that I listened. And I oh, yeah. And I follow that.

Maren [00:13:48]:
A 100%, because I think it’s a scarcity mindset that a lot of people have. They feel like well, it’s twofold. I think a scarcity mindset sometimes happens in the network marketing business.

Like, if you’re not all in on x, y, z, and I’m gonna use another example because I you know, and Jennifer agrees that network marketing is a fantastic launchpad.

It is a fantastic launchpad, and it is a great source of income as a multiple stream of income. Like, that’s what your portfolio should look like.

Your portfolio should have multiple streams, and network marketing should be 100% as long as there’s a company and products you align with, it should be part of your portfolio.

But, like, a lot of times, people who don’t have that mindset, they feel scorned or, like, they’re very jaded that you aren’t all in on x y z company.

I mean, even when I used to coach college sports, I would get in these back and forth conversations with my administrator that, well, what do you mean you aren’t gonna be up for practice this week because you’re playing in a Pro Am.

I’m like, well, first of all, I’m a golf professional, first. Second of all, that member that I’m playing with, that’s how we’re allowed to practice at said country club. Like, our team’s able to practice. Like, it’s networking. Right?

But because I wasn’t you know, it was she felt like it was a distraction or I was trying to, you know, burn the candle at both ends, whatever it may be, that happens in every industry. And, yes, it does happen in network marketing.

And I do believe that a lot of people who don’t have an entrepreneurial spirit and, like, heart don’t understand that as an entrepreneur, you have multiple spinning plates because that’s just how your brain works.

Right? So, like, even if your focus is for you right now in your business, You don’t just have one client. You have multiple clients. Those are your spinning plates because they all run their businesses differently.

They all have different personalities. Like, you have to be able to have that kind of mindset going into it, and a lot of people don’t possess that if I’m being real.

Like they’re very worker bee. They know how to follow, you know, the rules of the corporate American structure or their business activity tracker, and then that’s it. They don’t know how to think outside the box.

And the other piece is that if you’re people like me and Jennifer, like, we don’t really care about being the face of our network marketing company. That’s not why we joined.

We literally joined because we wanted to better our health and whatever your company is. Maybe you wanna grow longer hair, so you’re going into some collagen business or you love makeup, and, you know, you wanna have a pretty face on all the time.

Like, whatever it is, but, like, you don’t necessarily wanna be the face of your network marketing company. Some people do like that, but I would be a betting woman that most people don’t want that.

And so when people have this, like, combative attitude when you want to do something else, please know that that’s a reflection on them. It’s not you.

And that’s something that I know that, like, I’ve encouraged you because I think it is amazing that you do this.

So why don’t you kind of explain how you had the light bulb go off? You’re like, I’m really good at what I do. I’m very diligent in my business. How did you say that and you made the decision that I’m gonna go do this. What were your next steps?

Jennifer Pivoted From Network Marketing To Starting A Virtual Assistant Business

Jennifer [00:17:42]:
Yeah. So the first thing I did was I reached out to people who were on my network marketing team. I mean, listen. I like, this is the one I know. Like, this is what I’m good at and I said, hey, can I help you with the things that you struggle with because I’m really good at them and I wanna work together and I wanna help you build your business?

And that’s how I got my first two clients, like, just from friends of people who I knew had really strong network marketing skills and maybe we’re lacking the systems on the back end because we were friends. Right? Like, I knew that because we talked about our businesses. And truthfully, Maren, like, this is you know me.

I’m 100%. I’m gonna tell you how it is. From there, it was just I did a good job at what I did, and people told other people.

And before I knew it, like, I had a full time virtual assistant business because I just was committed to the success of my business. The same thing that built me a successful network marketing business built me a successful virtual assistant business. I truly believe that.

Maren [00:18:52]:
Right. And so it reaches a point, right, where there’s only so many hours in a week that you can be working and helping these people and, obviously, still be a great wife, a great mom, great friend, great daughter.

So when did you start to realize, alright. I’m kinda at my max but I need to be able to duplicate myself because that’s the art of network marketing is duplication.

Jennifer [00:19:16]:
Right. So it reached a point in, like, 2021 where I was maxed on clients and I had a waitlist 15 people long of people who wanted to work with me.

And I just kinda sat there for a while and I said listen, I’ll let you know if anybody drops off, but like right now I have no open space.

So toward the end of 2021, I started thinking, there’s gotta be a way. There’s gotta be a way that not only, frankly, can I increase my income by helping these people, but also get these people the help they need?

Like, I can do this. I can teach people for three years how to build systems in their businesses. Why can’t I teach people right now?

So I decided in 2022 that I was gonna launch a virtual assistant service. So what I did was I basically, just duplicated myself like you said.

I brought in virtual assistants. I taught them everything they need to know about how to be a virtual assistant. And then anytime a business owner comes in, I can match them with a virtual assistant that fits their needs, their tasks, their personality because let’s face it, that’s really important when you’re working with a VA.

So it really just it really I hate to say it happened naturally because I put in so much work. Like, I worked my butt off to get to where I am today, but also it happened because I was committed to doing the things that I was good at, and I was committed to my business and helping people see success.

Maren [00:20:53]:
I think that’s fantastic. Thank you. You know, it’s funny you said, like, about matching them to the right personality.

That’s a huge but that’s a huge skill because a lot of times in network marketing, people sign up with someone that they think is one way, and then once they’re on their team, they’re like, oh, wow. Like, you’re a little different than I saw on your Instagram stories.

Like, you’re almost like a matchmaker.

Jennifer [00:21:22]:
Yeah. And honestly and I think that that’s something that a lot of people like about our service too is, like, if they come in and I don’t get it right, I’m not perfect. I’m not gonna get it right.

But if they don’t, like, they don’t have to go out and start this process all over again, like, I have a team. So, like, let’s go back to the drawing board. Let’s figure out what you like. Let’s figure out what you didn’t like, and let’s move on. You know?

Maren [00:21:43]:
And I think in the world that we’re living in right now people are seeking jobs that are flexible, that they can work, you know, from home with their families or, heck, even if they are on vacation.

That they can just plug their computer in, get their tasks done, and that’s that. I mean, it’s a beautiful thing.

I think 2020 really opened people’s eyes that, oh, wait. I don’t have to go into the office anymore, and now people are seeking that.

And our generation is willing to work multiple jobs rather than just a strict one job, 9 to 5 because they want that flexibility. They want that freedom to workout in there you know, work in their sweats or work from anywhere, you know, by the pool or whatever.

And at the end of the day, if the work’s getting done, then it’s getting done. You know? I don’t think that it should matter where you’re doing it from as long as you’re being effective with your time and the tasks are getting done for your client.

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Now my next question is that for the people who I’m sure you have a mixed group of people, people who just exclusively do this, who may have been in network marketing and said, hey. It’s not for me.

Now they wanna do that. Although, like I said, I do believe you should have your hands in both, but I digress. But how do you train them?

So if I have no experience in network marketing obviously, I can learn from you. But do you have people that are doing both too, like, where they have their own business as well as doing the VA.

Jennifer [00:25:31]:
I have people who are in network marketing and doing VA work. I wouldn’t say I have anybody who’s, like, has a separate, like, their entrepreneurial journey. But I do have people who work in network marketing, who are VA, and actually, one that has a 3rd job on top of that because she just believes in multiple streams of income, just kind of, you know, the same conversation we’re having.

But, Yeah. I have them all over the board. I have moms whose VA work is the only work that they’re doing. I have people who have full time jobs that are doing this VA work on the side.

I have people who are network marketing and have VA work. Like, it’s kind of all over the board.

Maren [00:26:05]:
And are they all over the board as far as what kinds of brands they represent.

Jennifer [00:26:11]:

Maren [00:26:11]:
So say I was with or I am with, obviously, BODi. Do you feel like because I’m sure this is kind of a concern for people. Like, well, can I cross pollinate? Like, could I be part of BODi and help someone with Monet, or can I be with Arbonne and help someone with BODi? You know what I mean? So is there a way, or do you try to connect people who are in the same industry? Or is that a conflict of interest?

Flexibility in Types of Businesses VAs Can Work With

Jennifer [00:26:38]:
Yeah. So it kinda just depends on the person. Like, it just depends on what the person’s telling me they need, and I’m fully transparent with our clients that come in. So If a BODi client comes in and I’m matching them with a client or with a VA, I mean, I’m like, hey. I think this VA can be a really good fit for you because they know the ins and outs of your business and they’re gonna be able to help you do x y z.

Contractually, they are not allowed to, you know, that conflict of interest part. Contractually, they’re bound to not take any personal information or anything like that. I have all of those systems put into place in my business.

Jennifer encouages people to match with VAs who know their industry

So I actually encourage our clients to match with people who know their industry if they are in the industry because I believe that it does nothing but help them be a better VA.

100%, it depends. I have people who are in, I have a VA who works a BODi business, but helps people in other network marketing businesses. Like, it’s just really fluid based on how the combo the consultation goes and also what type of work the VA is good at.

Maren [00:27:46]:
Okay. Yeah. Because I’m sure some people think like, hey. This is something I’d be interested in having another stream of income, but I don’t know if it would work, so there you go. There’s your answer, folks.

Jennifer [00:27:56]:
Yeah. A 100%. And the truth of it is there’s so many types of businesses too that need virtual assistance. Like, my business is probably 50/50 at this point. It used to be, like, a 100% BODi coaches, but at this point, it’s 50/50.

So, like, even if you don’t feel comfortable, You know, helping a body coach if you are a body coach. Like, there’s hundreds of thousands of other business owners out there that, you know, need help too.

Maren [00:28:20]:
Right, and I think that’s very important for people to understand is that people need help. Right? Like, if you’re in corporate America, these are people who are paying a lot of money to have people make dinner reservations, Make their flights. Book hotels.

Having this assistant is huge for the people who like, I’m not trying to deflate what it is an assistant does because it’s important to go on, you know, vacation with your family or whatever.

But at the end of the day, the mindset of this entrepreneur or this, you know, VP or CFO of a company is I need to sell x, y, z product, or I gotta get this deal done. They don’t wanna be worried about making the dinner reservation or, you know, or anything like that or getting the Uber from there. They want someone to handle those things for them, and I think this is huge.

And so would you say too because, obviously, you have these conversations with your VAs who are still involved with network marketing.

The skills that they’re learning from you, has that helped them enhance their own business? Because if you think about it, they’re actually doubling the conversations they’re having with people. Right?

And also what they’re learning on the back end from you, they can apply to their own business as well. So has it enhanced their own business in network marketing?

Jennifer [00:29:48]:
You know, I haven’t had that conversation directly with any of them, but I think what you’re saying is exactly correct. I can only think it would enhance what they’re doing because I know what they’re doing for their clients.

I know the client work that they’re doing for anyone, and I I think that those are things that they can take into their business and do for themselves. So I would think that it would be helpful. Yeah.

Maren [00:30:15]:
Because it’s market research if you think about it. If you’re seeing more conversations and how people are responding and you can see what works, what doesn’t work, and and, obviously, we always preach this to our teams and our network is that you’re saying the same thing, but you gotta say it in your voice.

So even if, like, say, I was having a conversation on behalf of Jennifer, right, I’m not gonna speak like Maren.

Jennifer [00:30:42]:

Maren [00:30:42]:
Right. Probably like, oh, lord. This is not Jennifer speaking.

Jennifer [00:30:46]:
Yeah. And I actually went to school for public relations. So that’s something that I learned in school. So that’s something that I think is another thing that has helped me be successful in my business and something that helps me be a good VA.

Like, one of my personal clients talking about multiple streams of income. I still have personal clients. I have the service, and now I’ve launched a course. But that’s like a whole other thing.

But anyway, in my personal VA clients, like, that’s what I do. That’s what I specialize in. Like, my clients are the messaging and the comments and the so, it’s really cool to be able to take those things and apply them to your client. Like, I’ve got three very different clients, and to be able to do that for all three of them is really cool.

Maren [00:31:27]:
Yeah. I love that. And you’re the second person that I’ve interviewed with this kind of series of using network marketing as a launchpad that has had a public relations degree.

And the same thing Jenny said exactly what you said, how it taught her so much about communication and about how to write and about how to just position and offer a certain way, etcetera. So I think that’s huge.

So my next question… so it started with network marketing. Right? Then it went to 1 on 1 clients, then it went to teaching people.

I just want everyone to kinda, I’m circling back to what Jennifer said. I want you to see the growth here. Right? And now it’s a live course. And we kinda talked about this before we hopped on because I am a big proponent of live teaching and live coaching.

As someone who’s been in network marketing for nearly a decade, there have been plenty of things that I have purchased, and it was just a course that, obviously, this person made maybe even, like, six months before. It’s an evergreen. Right?

And I get into it and there’s, like, minimal stuff that I can personally take out of it because it was very generic, very basic. And Jennifer and I were speaking to the fact that if you’re going to do any kind of personal development, personal coaching, any kind of learning education surrounding your business, the importance of life coaching and what it does for people.

So why don’t you give an idea and explain to people what your new live coaching course is.

VA Kickstart: A 6-Month Group Coaching Program

Jennifer [00:33:16]:
Yeah. So basically, I launched a course called the VA Kickstart Program that teaches people how to go from 0, nothing, zilch, no experience, no clients, no anything to a 100% having a business that is thriving, sustainable, and scaling.

What I always say is let’s start, let’s sustain and let’s scale. So what it is is a six month group coaching program that comes with a course. Did I make a course? Did I make a course that you go through self paced?

Maren [00:33:45]:
It needs something tangible, obviously. Yeah.

Jennifer [00:33:47]:
Exactly. So you get the course, you get a workbook to go through while you’re on the course, But then the key the the beauty is in the six months of the group coaching because what that does is it allows you to ask questions as you’re going.

Like, Hey. I have a consultation with this person. Here’s what they’re looking for. Can we talk about how I should approach this? What should I say to them? What should I bring to the table in this consultation?

Because truthfully, that is the key in VA work is making your clients feel comfortable. But the whole course is built so that it’s real time, so that the people who are paying this money to go to this program actually get out of it what I am telling them they’re gonna get out of it instead of just paying for another course, for another program, and then sitting there and doing nothing with it. We’ve all done it.

We’ve all done it. And I refuse. Like, as a business owner, I refuse to be that person that is gonna take your money and not help you see success. So for me, when I was building this program out can you tell I’m passionate about this?

“When I was building this program out, it was a non negotiable and and I wasn’t willing to do six weeks of group coaching. I wasn’t willing to do two months of group coaching.

It had to be 6 months because like I said, my whole thing is I want you to start. I want you to sustain.”

I want this to be a business where when you book a client, you’re gonna keep the client, and then I want you to scale. I want you to do what I did.

Please please come do what I did because this has literally changed my entire life. So, like, please do it. Like, I want you to do it for yourself. So anyway

Maren [00:35:23]:
And I think that you have to set up realistic, you know, expectations for your clients and that this isn’t something that you can learn and do all those things. It takes time, and you have to build your client list.

And you have to have social proof that you can do what you do so you can gain more clients.

So I love that you do have this extended program. Now Yeah. Just to kinda explain to people what live coaching looks like. Like, is that, Voxer access? Is that a live call?

Like, how does that work? Because a lot of times, such as business and life, things just come up. So that’s why I love the beauty of this live coaching is that, like you said, if there’s a particular client that I’m trying to land and a lot of times, we know the answer, but we need someone to affirm it or make some some little tweaks to maybe our pitch or whatever it may be.

And that’s the beauty of having someone to help lead you through what they’ve already done. But what does that live coaching look like?

Jennifer [00:36:30]:
Yeah. Well, one thought I just had while you were talking was, yes, the program is 6 months because I believe in taking time to build a sustainable business.

But when I think back to my journey, I was building a network marketing business for 6 years. Like, I was learning, like solely just my network marketing business for 6 years.

So learning how to build a business for all that time and then being able to take it and implement it into this business, like, those skills were not learned in a day.

Those skills were things that I compounded over time to be able to do this, but let’s talk about the live coaching.

So live coaching for my program looks like weekly live calls which have a cadence to them, but also have, like, feedback days kind of plugged in. So I have like a list of things we talk about, but we give time for feedback.

It also includes a Voxer group message with access to me, but not only me, everyone in the group coaching program. So people who are going through exactly what you’re going through right now are in that group message with you and you’re learning from each other because granted, you can come in and learn from me all day long, but I’m on day whatever of my VA journey, you’re on day one.

So being able to be in there with people who are on day 1, day 20, day 40, day 60, and all learn from each other is just… I have chill bumps thinking about the beauty of that.

And then the last thing that we do which might be specific to my industry, but I love, is two co-working sessions a month where we come on, we just sit and we work together in silence, but we’re able to be there if one another has a question to help them help that person through it.

And I think that more often than not, we see each other talking in the chat like, oh, any feedback on this email that I’m gonna send? Like, it’s just. It’s so beautiful.

Maren [00:38:27]:
I love it. Well and I love how you said because we preach this and I know if someone joins my network marketing business.

As a partner, I always said to them, like, please and or not even just as a partner, if you join me as a client on your fitness journey, Please don’t compare your day one to my day oh, gosh. Literally, I’ve been doing this for nearly a decade.

Jennifer [00:38:48]:
I know. I was like, I don’t even know how many days it’s been. I can’t calculate that in my podcast.

Maren [00:38:53]:
To my year 10. Right? Yeah. Exactly. Having them in that group is huge because then they realize they’re also not alone with the questions they have.

We get in our own head and we start thinking all of the you know, the enemy starts creeping in, like, we’re not really cut out for this. Am I the only person dealing with this? Everyone else seems to be thriving. And meanwhile, like, you’re not.

You know that there’s other people around you that are having the same question, and then you’re able to mastermind and brainstorm together.

And there might be something that someone else who’s brand new might have thought of that maybe you haven’t, right, and I just think that that’s huge, that collaborative mindset is fantastic.

Jennifer [00:39:34]:
Really quick. The enemy never goes away. I deal with those thoughts all the time. Like, now that I’m stepping into a new part of my business and a new offer in my business, I’m dealing with that all over again.

It is something that I just want people to know no matter what it is. In your network marketing business, no matter what network marketing business, in your 9 to 5 in your entrepreneurship journey. You are not alone.

If you have those thoughts, like, everyone goes through that. The enemy is not going away. It’s just we have to do what we can to work on our mindset and to surround ourselves with people who are gonna remind us that we can kick the enemy to the curb. Goodbye. Like, no. I’m not I’m not having those thoughts today.

Maren [00:40:15]:
A 100%. And we always need to circle back. I love using that because everyone who like, if you know you know me, you know I use circle back as, like, a low low dig to Gensaki. But, anyway, I digress. But, like, I circle back to the fact that you have to have you have to go back to your social proof.

For example, Whether it’s me building my own offer, Jennifer building her own offer, yes, we have these doubts and, oh, is anyone really gonna want this, or do people believe in me? Is the right price for what I’m offering?

Like, you know, you start to doubt yourself and your skills and your knowledge, but at the end of the day, you have to think back to, like, no. The social proof is I have 6 years, 10 years of kicking you know what. And that is social proof that I know what the heck I’m talking about.

So always go back to the social proof because that doesn’t lie. Those are the facts. And sometimes we let our feelings supersede the facts, and facts always have to come before feelings in everything else.

Jennifer [00:41:18]:
A 100%. I mean, I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with my husband as, like, Jennifer. Do you remember the day that you had one VA client? Hi. Hello. You’ve helped over 80 business owners in the last 2 years.

Like, do you remember that? Like, bring that with you and something my best friend, bless her, reminds me of all the time whenever I’m having these moments is, hey, have you started that folder on your phone yet with your social proof?

If you are listening to this and you own a business, you or are a network whatever it is, you need to do this. Having a folder on my phone with screenshots of proof of what I’ve done in my business that when I’m feeling low, all I do is pull that up.

And I’m like, okay. okay. We’re grounded again. We’re grounded, and we’re gonna move forward. You know?

Maren [00:42:03]:
Exactly. Exactly. And that’s something so simple, so simple that you can do. Now, Obviously, clients come in and out. We know that just like in any business. Right?

believe the statistics for people our age is that they’re gonna work at seven to eight different companies in their lifetime.

So I think that’s the first thing that we all need to kinda understand whether you’re getting you know, we’re talking about network marketing and then, obviously, building your own offer as a 1 on 1 coach and things like that. You have to understand that not everyone’s forever.

Right? Right. Like and you can’t take it personally when people do go and do their own thing because at the end of the day, it’s not about you. It’s about them and what works best for them.

Where I kinda wanna go with this is we believe in multiple streams of income. And how do you navigate or or and, also, how grateful are you, right, to have these multiple streams of income when maybe, clients do leave, right, or said company that they work for maybe isn’t outputting the way it used to, and now in their minds, they’re thinking, well, I have to make cuts, and maybe you happen to be one of the cuts.

And we’re gonna talk about that too because investing in people like me or Jennifer. Like, you’re investing in your business, which, as a sidebar, is very important.

But, like, how do you navigate that as far and what has that done for you, like, as far as the stress? Right? Because when you’re all in on something, you have multiple offers now. Right? We went through that deck. So when one might be

I’m using air quotes, hurting, how does that make you feel now to kinda have that relief of, well, it’s okay because I still have these other offers over here that, You know, can provide for my family.

Jennifer [00:44:08]:
Yeah. So I think this question is twofold. We’ll start with what happens when one segment of my business is down from what I would expect it to be. I’m gonna try to not get emotional. I was literally getting emotional as you’re asking this question.

I have never in my life ever felt confident in my finances until now. Like, I have never felt so confident in knowing as an entrepreneur that I was going to be able to support my family no matter what happens in my business because there are all of these moving parts.

So there are times let me tell you, it’s November when we’re recording this.

I don’t know when it is getting released. This is the worst time of year for VA work because everybody is like the holidays. I need that money back. I need this. I it’s the worst time of year.

And for the 1st time, I’m not scared because I know that I’ve built my business out to flow with that. But that goes into the 2nd part of this twofold question is what happens when someone comes to me and says, like, hey, my company is not producing like it should or my income is not expected or it’s not expected to be where it’s supposed to be, and I need to cut my VA work.

Jennifer [00:45:19]:
First of all, I need you to know. But, like, if you’re ready to go and you’re ready to cut your VA services, I will never like it, I understand.

But the conversation that I have with people is to help you change your mindset around that. And if genuinely you’re at a place where you can’t invest anymore, I understand.

But what if this investment, we could change what we’re doing for you to be able to help you produce more income or help you take things off your plate so that you can go create another source of income.

Change Your Mindset Around Investing In Your Business

You know what I’m saying? Like, we kinda change our mindset to be if you’re invested you have to spend money to make money. People, hello. Hi.

And you have to invest in your business to give you the time and the resources to go do those income producing activities because here’s the long and short of it.

I can’t do certain things for you. I can’t go on your Instagram stories and be like, hi. I’m Maren. Come on, I can’t do that. Right? But I can do things like take emails off of your plate, help you with your comment management, help you with your scheduling of your content.

Like, there are things that I can take off of your plate that are gonna help you produce income. So what I do when people come to me is, can we reframe your mindset?

Is there something we can do that is going to make this investment different for you to the point where you know you wanna keep it.

Am I making logical sense?

Maren [00:46:46]:
No. A 100% because… I always give full transparency as someone who’s been doing this a long time, and I’ve always had different jobs. And so for me, yes, I haven’t been working in the golf industry for the last two years because I’ve been at home with my daughter because I was like, hey.

These first two years, I knew were gonna go like that, so I wanted to focus. And I was and I was able to do so because I worked so diligently for the 8 years prior. Right?

But even when I was before the baby came, I was playing golf six months a year because I was, like, even though my BODi business, insert income disclaimer, was 3 times what I was making and I did well, you know, teaching golf.

I mean, you do the math, $150 an hour. I loved it, and it’s what I’ve been doing my whole life. But there’s only so many hours in a day, so I would have… and I do have a team because maybe it’s not, you know, working 60, 70 hours at a golf course right now, but it’s being a fully present mom, I have people make me graphics.

And my team that I work with, like Jennifer was saying, They know my voice. So literally and they know me so well because as Jennifer was saying, like, you have these deep conversations with your clients, and they get to know you as a person and and when you’re aligned value wise and all of that, it makes it very seamless because you almost feel like you’re talking for yourself. Right?

You don’t feel like it’s this outer body experience, but if you go to my feed, like Jennifer’s saying, like, I can’t have people make me reels that have my face in it. Right? Like, I have to make the reels, but the static post, you don’t necessarily know that that’s not me.

It sure as heck sounds like me, and it’s exactly how I speak, the jargon I use, everything. It’s because we’re so intertwined with one another as a client and, you know, they know how I speak.

Jennifer [00:48:54]:

Maren [00:48:55]:
And it’s freed me up to do other things.

Jennifer [00:48:58]:

Maren [00:48:58]:
It’s allowed me to have these other sources of income and be an affiliate for this company and an affiliate for that company to teach golf all the things. It and it grows.

And in my humble opinion, I can’t. I never like telling people what to do with their money because At the end of the day, it’s your money. Right?

And you’re gonna spend it or keep it or however you wanna do it, however you want. But in my opinion…

there’s other things that I would cut before I would cut my business expenses.

Why? Because I just emphasized that word, expenses.

When you are paying to work with people like Jennifer or myself, that is a business expense, and you can write it off. When you’re a 1099 business owner, the beauty of it is that you have so many more options for your taxes.

And not only are you saving fine financially by making that as an expense by hiring someone like us, but you just gained time, and time’s the only resource that you can’t get more of.

Jennifer [00:50:08]:
It’s huge.

Maren [00:50:09]:
And you gotta ask yourself, what’s more important, sitting on the floor? And maybe you don’t have kids like me and Jennifer, and that’s totally cool. Right? I didn’t have kids for most of my time and tenure in network marketing, but what would you rather do?

Outsource Tasks to Maximize Your Time

Embrace change, take messy action and figure it out.

Would you rather sit on the floor playing a puzzle with your kid or maybe hopping on a plane and going to wherever, Bermuda, with your friends, spouse, whatever, or would you rather sit there and make graphics?

Or would you rather pay someone to make graphics who not only are better at it than you, but they can do it in half the time? Because that’s the other thing. So many times we can do these things. Right, Jennifer? Like, we can do them

But there’s someone out there that can do it in half the time.

Jennifer [00:50:55]:
Yes. And also, I want to say this, I have a virtual assistant business. I help people with the back end tasks of their business. Guess what? I have a VA. I have a VA.

Jennifer [00:51:08]:
I have a VA who helps me with things in my business with my virtual assistant business. Seriously. And I think you said it so well it’s like, it’s where do you wanna spend your time? Can I do it?

I was just having this conversation with someone yesterday. Could I do that? Absolutely. Would I rather pay someone to do that because it’s gonna take them half the amount of time and probably be better quality than when I would have done it? Absolutely. Every time. A 100 times over. 100%.

Maren [00:51:35]:
And I think that’s so freaking cool. Right? Because as a business owner, you and I are both type A. We like to control things. Right? But you have to be able to release that. And you have to have trust in the people who are gonna work for you.

And at the end of the day, like Jen Jennifer mentioned earlier, if it doesn’t work out, you can find someone else. But just because you are creating your own offer and having your own coaching, you know, separate from your other entities, whether it’s network marketing or corporate America job, whatever.

It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden because it’s your quote unquote own thing that you can’t outsource too. You should.

Jennifer [00:52:24]:
100%. Yes. You should. You absolutely should. Yes.

Maren [00:52:29]:
Because they are the people who are paying you for that 1 on 1 coaching, you know, the six month program, etcetera. They need to have the best of you. Right?

Like, they can have you pouring from an empty cup. It’s like being a mom. Right? You need help sometimes. Sometimes you gotta say, hey, you know, to your spouse, can you do bath time?

You know, because I had a long day. You know? Like, you just need to ask for help. And as a business owner, when people are paying you a good amount of money, they wanna make sure that they’re getting the most out of you, and in order to do that, you can’t do everything.

So you just outsource the things that someone else can do for you that you don’t need to be the face of.

Jennifer [00:53:13]:
Yeah. And I don’t wanna be out of touch with the fact that I know that it’s a hard decision. Like, I know giving up control as you said, a type A controlling person is hard and I don’t wanna be out of touch with that.

But you have to be willing to figure it out.

You have to be willing to take what I like to call messy action and figure it out along the way. So start somewhere. Start with tasks that you are pretty sure you wanna give up and then you can give up a little bit more and then you can change it and take something back and then you can like, you just have to be willing to figure it out because I know it’s hard.

Like, I talk to people every single day that it’s like, I’m just scared to give up that control because what if it’s not like me?

Well, we’re gonna do our absolute best to make it like you and you’re gonna give us feedback along the way and we’re gonna make it work and you just figure it out.

Maren [00:54:03]:
And I feel like most of the time, what ends up happening is it ends up better than you even thought, and now you have all of this extra time to do the things you wanna do.

Like, for me, I for a long time before I started, really outsourcing the way that I do now. All the things that I really liked and enjoyed, I felt like I couldn’t do.

Like people would say, oh, did you and I know this will tug at Jennifer’s heartstrings because she also likes to read, but like, did you read such and such book? And I was like, no, because I was too busy making graphics or making this or answering emails, like, whatever it may be.

And I wasn’t getting to enjoy the things that I like to do. And then it gets to a point where like, you’re making all this money folks, but you’re not getting to spend it doing what you wanna do. So what’s the point? Yeah.

Jennifer [00:54:58]:
Like, what for? Yeah. Yes. Right? And like, that’s so funny that you brought up reading. I haven’t read in years. I picked up a book last year and because of the way that I’m choosing to run my business and the way I’m outsourcing things and the way that I’m taking care of my time, I’m reading more than I ever have and I’m a happy human.

I told my husband two days ago, I’m a happier human when I read. So, like, we need to make this work so that I can read because I’m a happier human.

Maren [00:55:24]:
For real. I have GoodReads. Yeah. And, you know, you can set up your time for the year. When I tell you, I always like it, I was way too ambitious. I always used to put, like, 40 books, right, because I’m a fan. I’m a pretty fast reader.

But this is the first year in years. I mean, years. I’m gonna look right now. And it also tells you, like, how it makes sure it, like, holds you account, like, you’re two books behind your goal, you know. Thanks.

But this is the first time In years that I have had a goal of 40 books, I’ve read 29 books this year. Yeah. And that’s as a mom of a toddler too.

So keep that in mind and run a very successful business. So, like, listen, if you’re a book nerd like us, that may be that sold you. But whatever you’re right? Whatever your love is.

You gotta life’s too short to not do the things that you wanna do. Yes. Work hard. Obviously, you gotta financially provide for your family.

You gotta save for the future, but at the end of the day too, you have to be able to spend the money that you have earned, and that’s by investing in things that provide you more time and also spending it on things that you enjoy to do.

My friend. This was fantastic. I’m so glad that you were able to sit down. Can you let everyone know where they can find you, learn more from you, Hey. Pick up another stream of income.

Jennifer [00:56:59]:
Okay. So the best place to find me is on Instagram. My handle is jennifer.chalker8.

I have a business Instagram which is my business Choose Your Solution. So it’s @chooseyoursolution, and everything else is linked there, so that’s gonna be the best place.

I talk all about, you know, when the programs are like, what, where we’re at in the program, what we’re doing, if we’re taking clients, if we’re hiring VAs, it’s all the things that are happening over there, so that’s the best place.

Maren [00:57:31]:
Fantastic. And everything we talked about will be in the show notes on my website and how you can contact Jennifer, and I promise you, you will learn so, so very much.

She’ll make you smile, and you’re fantastic, my friend. Thank you so much for coming on.

Jennifer [00:57:45]:
Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it.

If you wanna get more of this type of content, make sure you follow me on Instagram at @macrowley. And if you love this episode, let me know by tagging me on IG or even leaving a podcast review. See you next week.

If you wanna get more of this type of content, make sure you follow me on Instagram at @macrowley. And if you love this episode, let me know by tagging me on IG or even leaving a podcast review. See you next week.

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