How I Healed My Eczema – with Bradley Marshall

October 17, 2023

Maren [00:00:07]:

I’ve been recording podcast episodes with many different guests for a while now, but this one, wow. There are so many moments where I was left speechless. And if you know, you know, that’s rare. 

I can’t wait for you to hear from today’s guests. My new Australian friend, Bradley Marshall, was born with and suffered from extreme eczema for 23 years. Doctors provided him with no solutions other than there’s nothing you can do about it.

Here, take these topical steroids. That the power of the mind can truly change the trajectory of one’s life. Riley became his own advocate and made the decision to never give up finding a way to heal himself from this debilitating condition. 

23 years of pain and suffering only to be healed with 100 days of grit, perseverance and a very special animal meat diet. And before we tune in, I must note that this episode is not professional medical advice. Bradley will be sharing what worked for him and his ailments. Please take this information and do your own research. God made each of us unique in his own design.

So what worked for Bradley may not work for you. Although, I do believe there are many elements to Bradley’s journey that we all should be implementing more into our daily routines, starting with one of his biggest tools, practicing gratitude.

Now are you ready to take some notes and hear this powerful testimony? 

PS. I recommend you get some tissues on hand. Alright, my friend. Well, I feel like it was a good thing for me to message you because you kept showing up in my feed. And I was like, this man’s story, I needed to hear it, and other people needed to hear it. So first and foremost, thank you, Bradley, for being here.

Bradley [00:02:15]:

My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Maren [00:02:17]:

And side note, like, the time difference, like, bless you. So we worked all of this out as well, But I am so pumped for this podcast episode because I know that you and your testimony are gonna help so many people. 

And I was just talking to my husband about it. I’m like, holy crap. Like, literally, in the week that we had been talking and going back and forth and setting this podcast up. I’m like, this kid’s account literally tripled in size. 

We’re not even at the apex of the amount of people that you’re gonna impact. So I’m familiar with your story, but why don’t you tell the audience about how you really started to kinda put your foot down and advocate for yourself and your health?

Uncovering the Root Cause: From Gut Health to Eczema Healing

Bradley [00:03:07]:

Yeah. So I’ve always had eczema. I ask my mom when was the first time you noticed me having eczema? She said well, she oscillates sometimes between the moment you were born, there was already rashes. 

And then she also says, like, by 3 months, it was already all over your body. So it’s between birth and 3 months old. I was already covered in eczema. So it’s just something that’s been lifelong, and I’m actually writing a little book about my journey right now. So I’ve just been writing recently, like, it’s all I’ve ever known.

It’s just like, as a child, you just, I mean, because I’ve known nothing else, that’s all I got I got used to it. And so I noticed everyone else was jumping into the pool. They take off their shirt, and they’ve got pure skin, and it was something I’ve always been jealous of. 

Like, wow. Imagine just feeling so free that you could just take off your clothes and not have to worry about Mhmm. What you look like. And I remember as a kid just dreaming when I got older. Like, it would just be an amazing fantasy just to have pure skin.

And now I’m, like, looking back, and it’s like, the answer was just so simple all along. It was just a diet. When I was 13 years old, I went to the doctors, and I remember asking them, If I eat McDonald’s, does that actually inflame my skin? And then the doctor will say there’s no evidence that correlates food to eczema. So, I mean, I just think you’re probably correlating that falsely, like, you’re just imagining it. 

So from 13 years old, I was already being gaslighted by doctors saying that nutrition has nothing to do with your skin, but really, it’s everything to do with your skin. So in terms of why I went down this route of alternative medicine.

I was over 23 years of using steroid creams and there’s a long story there because I was using these creams that eventually stopped working and this thing called topical steroid withdrawal, basically, over 23 years of failed medicine.


I just became so disillusioned by the end of it That I said, you know what? This is actually not gonna help me long term. So I might go into that just quickly. So Yeah. Steroid creams. 

Right now, if you have eczema, like, as a child, I went up to the doctor and said, how can I cure myself with this eczema? How can I be like my friends who can just jump into the pool and not worry about their skin? Like, is there a cure?

And then they said straight away, sorry, Brad, there’s no cure. The best we can hope for is managing your eczema with steroid creams. 

Doctors Dismiss Skin-Diet Connection in 23 Year Battle of Eczema


Steroid creams. Alright. I’ll use your steroid creams. Are there any side effects? The side effects are that your skin can become thinner. Apart from that, it’s alright. Like but just just make sure you don’t use it for too long.

For 23 years, I was using this. And, eventually, like, it’s just like your skin becomes addicted to the steroid creams. Basically, it is a drug just like a recreational drug for people using heroin.

You want more and more and more because you can’t get the same fix. That was my skin. My skin was addicted to these steroids. So naturally, your skin produces its own cortisol. 

But when you apply steroids, it’s artificial cortisol. And so your skin stops producing its own cortisol, and it becomes a drug dependent on the artificial synthetic cortisol. And so my skin basically, eventually, it just formed a tolerance to these steroid trims, and then the doctors are prescribing more and more and higher and higher and higher and higher in potencies until eventually you get to the top and you can never you can’t get further than that, and so your body just says, I want more. Sorry.

Bradley [00:07:10]:

I can’t give you more. And so it just started breaking out, and the steroid cream stopped working. So that was 23 years of using this cream. Then because it stopped working, I just said, you know what? I’m just gonna stop using it completely. And so that started the 3 years of just absolute hell on Earth.

Maren [00:07:28]:

I was gonna say it was that kind of a detox period, so to speak. Right? Like an addict, right? Using that kind of analogy, an addict, once they’re coming off and they’re detoxing, their symptoms are worse. Right? 

They’re throwing up. They’re hallucinating. Like, they’re having all of these things because their body is feening for the drug, and I’m sure that’s the same thing. Your skin was feening because it’s an organ. Right? It’s your largest organ

Bradley [00:07:56]:


Maren [00:07:57]:

Was feening for that drug, and you’re saying, nope. I’m not feeding you anymore, and so you had these kinda symptoms. What were those symptoms like?

Bradley [00:08:06]:

So another name for Steroid withdrawal is called red burning syndrome. And just like the name suggests, that’s the symptoms. So your skin just, Like, it’s just like that scene

Maren [00:08:18]:

that we have on your Instagram, like, those photos of the boils.

Bradley [00:08:22]:

Of the boils and all the redness. You know you know that scene in Indiana Jones where the at the they opened the ark and their face just melts off. That’s exactly how it feels like. 

Or, people joke about it on the online eczema communities, because it’s great to still have a sense of humor still. I mean, there’s Anakin when if he’s a Star Wars fan, he’s burnt alive, and he’s, like, moaning on the bed. 

Like, the amount of times that is shared as a meme, like, because people just laugh about that’s how they feel. And it’s true.

You just end up not being able to sleep. So, like, for 3 years, I’d, like, I would I’d be lucky if I could have more than 2 hours of sleep a night Because it’s that itchy, it just keeps you awake. I mean, I remember just wanting to turn my head to look at the sun rising in the morning, and it’ll already start bleeding and weeping, and there’ll just be pus everywhere. 

And I was so infected. And and by the worst of it, like, I was on and off antibiotics over and over every 6 months because it just got so infected that I’d have to be hospitalized. And then in 1 in 1 point of time, I even had sepsis in my blood because the infection had just grown so bad. So it was just horrible.

Bradley [00:09:34]:

And, you know, many people are still in topical steroid withdrawal, and it takes years for them to find a solution. They constantly look for, like I think it’s doctor Saito in no moisture therapy, and they look for all of these different techniques to try and cure themselves holistically. 

And for 3 years, I was the same. I tried Chinese herbal medicine, which for me didn’t work. I never really thoroughly tried the plant based diet longer than a week because I’m already highly allergic to legumes and nuts. 

And a lot and so a lot of the proteins that you get from plants, I just couldn’t get, so there was no way I could resort to a plant based diet on its own. Many people talk about how your blood type dictates the diets that really work for you. So

Maren [00:10:25]:

What is yours, by the way?

Bradley [00:10:27]:

I need to double check, but I’m pretty sure I’m blood type O, which works really well with a meat based diet.

Maren [00:10:34]:

Are you, oh, do you know if you’re negative, or are you RH negative or positive? Do you know?

Bradley [00:10:38]:

Oh, I don’t know. I need to double check. 

Maren [00:10:45]:

You’ll have to follow up with me because I’m O negative, which means that I can donate to anyone, but I can only receive negative. And it’s caused, like, certain things. Like, when you have a baby, it’s like this whole not that you’ll ever have to deal with this as a male, but as a female, if you’re O negative or any kind of negative blood, it causes so many things. 

So it’s wild that you’re saying that your blood type was, like, determining what you could and couldn’t eat.

Bradley [00:11:13]:

Yeah. Because a lot of people reach out to me online. They say, is this gonna work for me? I mean, what I’m trying to disseminate online is that it is possible to heal yourself naturally. 

Now I don’t. I don’t believe it’s gonna work for everyone because I think everyone has a different body, and what you want is to find the optimal ideal diet that will work for you. It’s like a key to your body. 

You need to find the right foods, and I don’t believe a carnival diet would work for everyone. In fact, the carnivore diet on its own didn’t work for me because I’m allergic to butter, cheese, cream, and dairy. So a lot of the fats I couldn’t get on a carnivore diet, you need to have fat and protein in a ratio of 3 to 1, 70% fat.

I just wasn’t getting that on a carnivore diet alone. I was doing a more restricted version of the carnivore diet, which in Kayla Peterson practices called, a lion diet, which is just meat, salt, and water. And so it was very difficult to get 70% fat just on meat, so I’d be getting fatty cuts of meat only and, really marbled and even buying fat from just the butcher and eating that by itself. 

And, eventually, the best I could get was around a 1 to 1 ratio, which Mikaela Peterson says it it’s a gray area, and she said that’s okay. I didn’t feel like I was dying of starvation. So the thing is, if you don’t get if you don’t get enough fat, this is basically, you get protein poisoning, which is called rabbit starvation, which is from there’s a lot of anecdotes would say people were hunting rabbits for a long time and, basically, they ended up dying be because they couldn’t get enough that there wasn’t enough fat on the rabbit. 

And so if you don’t have enough fat, you actually get poisoned by protein. If you consume 35% more protein like, if you eat macros, your calorie intake is 35% protein or more, You can get protein poisoning.


So, yeah, it’s very important. So for that reason, today, I’m actually on an animal based diet. I eat Fruits. Sorry. It’s such a long complicated topic, but, basically, I’ll summarize it as this. Every single plant food has plant toxins. 

So many people assume that animals have a fight or flight response if there’s a predator attacking it. So although plants don’t have many people assume that plants don’t have the ability to defend themselves, but they actually do.

They have plant defense chemicals in them. And plants that are like vegetables have an increased amount of these plant toxins. So everything from, like, flavonoids, oxalates, lectins, and Dr. Gundry goes right through this. 

So when I began my journey, I was actually in the gym. Well, I went to this really holistic gym because I was already practicing cold water therapy and saunas, and, like, It’s such a long story, but there’s so many things I could tell you.

Maren [00:14:13]:

Oh. We’re gonna dive into it, so don’t don’t hold back.

Bradley [00:14:17]:

So there was 3 years. Right? People have withdrawal. And, basically, the goal is to cure yourself of this topic of steroid withdrawal, stop all of the weeping, stop all the bleeding, and It’s just horrible, and, obviously, people are still in that 5 plus years. 

So the goal is to get rid of that and heal naturally, detox from all of that artificial cortisol you’ve been putting on your whole life. So I was trying a whole bunch of therapies. 

I went from herbal medicine and Chinese medicine, and I have never actually ended up doing acupuncture, but I was really interested. I was doing cold water therapy and saunas all the time because people were telling me, even though the doctors were saying that’s very bad for your eczema because it’s gonna inflame you more, you wanna avoid the heat.

You wanna avoid sweating. Yeah. And doctor Sato was saying you need to reduce the amount of you gotta deprive your skin of moisture so that you can create your own moisture. 

But I actually didn’t like using moisturizers, not because I was trying no moisture therapy, but because I noticed every time I used the artificial moisturizer, like Sorbolene, QV, it’d actually make it relieved today, but worse tomorrow. 

So I’d rather just put up with the dryness today if it was gonna be better tomorrow. You know? I didn’t wanna depend on Yeah. Yeah. So I didn’t end up using any moisturizers.

If I absolutely had to, I’d use coconut oil. And I never used tallow. I was

Maren [00:15:42]:

gonna ask if you use oh, I was gonna ask if you use tallow. Yeah.

Bradley [00:15:45]:

Yeah. I never used tallow.

It’s so funny. I was actually at the butcher, and my sister and I were there buying meat. And we were just talking like, oh, what if we used fat as a moisturizer? And then these people who were, like, buying meat next to us, looked at us and absolutely thought we were crazy. But that’s basically what tallow is.

Maren [00:16:10]:

Now you already answered my question because one of my questions was gonna be if you have siblings. Because is this genetic, or was it just you that had these somebody has eczema.

Bradley [00:16:24]:

It’s right across my family. My sister doesn’t have eczema, but my cousin does and another like, two of my cousins have eczema, quite bad, and my uncle had eczema. So it runs on my mom’s side of the family. Yeah. It’s just for me.

Maren [00:16:41]:

Now okay. So you tried these different healing modalities, and you would get some relief, but, obviously, nothing, like, shattering.

Bradley [00:16:50]:

Yes. So I was in this holistic gym where I was Using the sauna and I was doing cold water therapy. And then this guy came up to me. He was the owner of the gym, and he said, you know, you won’t believe this because there is no documented proof. 

I’m just some guy approaching you. But I actually had eczema as bad as yours. And to me, this is crazy given in retrospect because the difference between me and him is I’ve just put my story up online, but there are actually many people, very humble people, that have healed themselves and just stay in the shadows and not even announce how they did it, and they just pass it on in a conversation that no one will believe. And so I just took him up on it.

So he said, Why don’t you just eat meat for 30 days? You know, it sounds crazy, and there’s a lot of people online saying meat can cause cancer and atherosclerosis and gout and And cancer. 

But why don’t you just try it for 30 days? And while you’re doing that 30 day meat diet you can research all of the books you need. Just try it for 30 days. Trust me. I had eczema as bad as you, and now I’m cured.

That’s exactly right. Because people were telling me, you know, eczema, you think it’s just on the surface. I mean, all the doctors say all the doctors can offer are medicines that Band Aid the expression of the eczema on the surface of your skin. 

Then no one’s addressing the actual root cause, which is the gut. That’s where it starts. Mhmm. And this is what Hippocrates said, 1000 of years ago in ancient Athens. I don’t know if I don’t need to fact check if it’s 1,000 of years, but whatever.

In ancient Athens, this is exactly what he said. All the illnesses start in the gut. The fastest way to heal your gut is actually through fasting and autophagy. 

So That’s exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to heal my gut. And so by going on an all meat diet, I was, This is the theory behind it. You can actually reset your gut because you’re ridding your gut of all of these plant toxins and anti nutrients, which is so it’s basically a leaky gut. 

These plant toxins are piercing the epithelium lining of your gut, which is then causing the inflammation because it’s activating your immune system army on the other side of the epithelium.

And, yeah, there’s all these tight junctions, and if you eat these toxic foods, the tight junctions, separate, and that is what causes the food to pass through and permeate, becomes porous, And that is what’s causing the eczema because food particles and toxins are actually now in your bloodstream, and that’s causing the inflammation because it shouldn’t be there. 

And so it made sense to me. No doctors were talking about it because, believe it or not, doctors only get about 14 hours of nutrition in their medical school. So they really don’t know. They just, even Paul Saladino says this. 

Every time you have a disease, basically, medical school, in his words, is the doctor matching a drug to what you have? It’s like, okay. You have eczema. You need DUPIXENT.

This is Staphylaxis, all of these steroids, this is what you need. So it’s just matching your illness to the drug. But, really, the root cause to and as Dr. Gondry says, there’s thousands and there’s actually well, maybe hundreds of actual diseases that are all starting from the gut, whether that’s Crohn’s disease, arthritis, many autoimmune diseases, even Parkinson’s disease. 

He talks about how the vagus nerve was cut, which is a massive, like, highway. He uses the analogy of a highway. It’s a massive vein that connects the gut to the brain. And so when that was severed, the vagus nerve was severed, the toxins were no longer able to reach the brain, and so people who had Parkinson’s Parkinson’s disease, who had their vagus nerve severed actually had reduced levels of Parkinson’s disease because the gut was no longer inflaming the brain.


So that’s what you call the gut brain axis. So it’s just crazy. 

Hundreds of diseases start from the gut. Yeah. You can just look at it in Dr. Gundry’s book. He actually lists every single one, and that’s, like four pages long of all the diseases he’s managed to cure from healing your gut alone. Sorry. I need

Maren [00:21:15]:

So in that 1st 30 days how soon did you start noticing, wow I don’t itch as much this morning? Or, like so, like, how long did it take for you to start to see your body respond to the diet.

Bradley [00:21:32]:

Well, that’s the thing. I mean, when I went on, say, Chinese herbal medicine, they say, you know, you’ll get worse before you get better. Okay. So and that’s exactly the same thing people say about the meat diet too. 

So when I tried the Chinese herbal medicine, two weeks in, I was in a shocking state, and it was no sign of getting better, so I could have waited. Let’s see. I’ll wait a few more weeks, and then it gets worse. But, eventually, it just wasn’t getting better, so I ended up stopping it.

Now the same thing happened with the meat diet, except the turnaround was so much quicker. In two weeks, I was already like, I was feeling so much better. I could actually start to sleep longer than two hours, and the itchiness was reduced. 

And in 6 weeks’ time, my skin was just getting dry and no longer weeping. And then by 12 weeks and 14 weeks was a 100 days, which was the 100 day mark. I was completely cured.

Maren [00:22:30]:

100 days.

Bradley [00:22:31]:

Yeah. 100 days.

Maren [00:22:32]:

After 23 years

Bradley [00:22:34]:


Maren [00:22:35]:

You’ve healed yourself in 100 days.

Bradley [00:22:38]:

Yes. And you know what? I know.

Maren [00:22:40]:

And you’re like, why didn’t I go to this gym sooner…

Bradley [00:22:42]:

I know. I know. Well, that’s the thing. People believe that there’s no evidence for saunas and cold water therapy and diet healing you. They just think it’s an alternative medicine. 

It’s not I mean, mainstream there’s mainstream for a reason. It’s the only way I mean, if I say if I have cancer, I need chemotherapy. And there’s people out there like Sammy Tugano, who had stage 4 colorectal cancer, who then adopted a keto diet and is now completely cured.

So, this is this is possible, and and there’s also people like Dr. Buzynski, who offers treatment in Texas for cancer that he’s been, attacked by the FDA for 14 years because he’s basically offering a solution that is not funded, say, by Big Pharma.

Maren [00:23:26]:

They want us sick. Like, let’s be real. They want us sick because a sick patient is a residual patient. That’s what it comes down to. Yeah. Exactly. And, you know, going back to what you said about the leaky gut being the root for so many of these things is that because I personally battle autoimmune.

I had a full thyroidectomy. I had IBS, like, all the things. Right? 

Maren [00:24:00]:

And they tell you, well, sorry. There’s just no cure for that. And there is, but it’s a matter of you being your own advocate and you figuring out what is the chemistry in my body, what is it gonna respond to? 

Because I do listen. Neither of us are doctors, although you’re going to school, and I’m sure that for you, like, this path will probably lead you down a road that you probably didn’t anticipate because of your story. Like, it’s gonna be your passion. It already is. You can hear it in your voice.

But with that being said, you know, I have a girlfriend that has MS. So once again, autoimmune, and here’s this medication. And don’t get me wrong. She is on a certain medication. 

But with that being said, she did the opposite. She went plant based. And for her, her body responded really well to plant based, and she has no more lesions. Like, she’s been going back. I think she’s been clear now for three years.

Bradley [00:25:12]:


Maren [00:25:13]:

With no lesions. But at the end of the day, only you know your body. And the biggest thing is you had to finally say to these doctors, enough is enough. Obviously, you’re not, this isn’t helping. I’m gonna take control. Now you’re 100 days in, right? Well, obviously, you’re way beyond 100 days now, but, like, after that 100 days. So my first question is, within that 100 days, did you journal? Did you journal to see what foods were reactive for you, what weren’t? 

So how do you go about that? Because, obviously, this is where I’m in the health and wellness fair as well as you, and one of the big things that a lot of clients will say is, well, I feel like this is so restrictive that how am I ever gonna go out to eat? 

How am I ever going to, you know, enjoy you you know, because some people let’s be real, like, some people use food as a source, yeah. Yeah. Right? Yeah.

Bradley [00:26:19]:

I was for myself. I love food, So it’s very hard for me to cut it all out.

Maren [00:26:24]:

So that’s my question is that how has your life so your life, it’s probably a catch 22. Right? Like, your life has improved 180 because this is something that you have dealt with your whole life. 

And let’s be real, and I’ve battled this as well, not to your extreme by any means, but I have a skin disorder, called KP. It’s like it’s called chicken skin, and I do believe it probably is rooted with some kind of leaky gut situation, autoimmune. 

But I remember like, kids kids say the darndest things. Right? And I remember I was teaching 1 of my students. She’s like, why do your legs look like that?

Bradley [00:27:07]:

Yeah. My kids I teach said exactly the same thing.

Maren [00:27:11]:

Right? And so they can’t help it. They’re just brutally honest. That’s how children are. But you so you grew up, and so you you don’t have that, right, hanging over you anymore, but now you have what I’m assuming is is a strict lifestyle

Bradley [00:27:28]:

very restricted diet. So okay. This lifestyle in terms of its strictness is good, even before, like, a month ago, I actually went to the ocean every single day. That was part of my strict routine. In Melbourne, it’s actually freezing. It’s always cold for about, like, only an 8th of or a quarter of the year. It’s barely even warm.

So for the majority of the year, it’s freezing and the water’s 11 degrees. So even across summer, the hottest it gets to 17 degrees, which is still cold in Celsius.

So I was just always diving into the ocean every single day, winter or summer, and that is part of my strict routine as well, not just in diet because many people Mhmm. I mean, it’s hard enough to, I guess, restrict your diet. I’ll get to this. 

But another thing is the massive mental load of psyching yourself up to jumping into men into freezing water. So, I mean, there’s no ice, but it’s really cold. So that’s one thing I was willing to sacrifice for my pure skin. 

Because, basically, doctors say there’s no cure, but in my mind, I was thinking, yes, there’s no cure that is easily adoptable. It’s easily implemented.


But maybe there is a cure if I go further than anyone is Eva Khan. I’m not overly religious, but, just to cite the Bible, even the bible recognized there was a person who had some something that could have been eczema, and that he actually even prayed to God and said, What do I do to heal myself? And God said, just bathe in the Jordan River for 7 days. 

So even then, it recognized the power of salt water to heal. So it’s massively beneficial jumping into the ocean every single day. So that’s one thing I had to do in my strict routine. Another was a sauna, which a lot of science online says doesn’t actually detox you. But there is actually, a plethora of medical documents from PubMed medical journalists that actually talk about this process called lipolysis, where your fat cells are actually detoxing and releasing chemicals, which can even prevent cancers.


So there’s actual journals of that. So there’s this contradicting evidence out there. I really do believe that saunas detox you, as well as infrared saunas are great.

Maren [00:30:03]:

I was gonna say that vitamin c.

Bradley [00:30:05]:

Yeah. I do that. And, every morning because I’m obviously cured, so I don’t have to do it as rigidly. So I do it every 2nd day now. For the longest time, for, like, years, years, I did it every single day. So that’s part of my strict routine. Now getting to diet, It’s very so, yeah, there’s obviously a source of dopamine by eating.

Well, I used to love food… love being a foodie. I used to eat all the foods, But, obviously

Maren [00:30:40]:

It’s just not worth it.

Bradley [00:30:40]:

Right? Not worth it. Yeah. You have 2 minutes of satisfaction, and then you have a week of suffering in the process.

Maren [00:30:46]:

Because that’s what I was gonna ask you. Say if you ate something that was triggering

Bradley [00:30:50]:


Maren [00:30:51]:

What is your body’s response and for how long? Like Yeah. I’m just giving an example. You eat that ice cream cone in 5 minutes, and you’re automatically gonna be triggered by the sugar in the cone, the dairy, all of the things, is it worth however long? You said, like, a week you probably would take to detox.

Bradley [00:31:09]:

That’s exactly right. Yeah. It depends on the food group. It’s not just food. I mean, I’m allergic to metals, some metals as well. And just by touching a guitar that had bronze Guitar strings. It took me a month to get over the reaction. So it’s very extreme.

Bradley [00:31:27]:

But, Food, it’s difficult because it’s inside of you. I mean, contact dermatitis is that difficult because it’s touching your skin. But if it’s inside of you, your body has to digest that And it doesn’t leave your system for at least four hours or so. So that’s just permeating your body, and So, yeah, it’s not worth it, basically. It’s not worth it.

Maren [00:31:57]:

What do you do when you like, do you eat out? Like, how does that work?

Bradley [00:32:01]:

Yeah. So I eat out. I never used to before, but now I’ve gotten to a point where I’m healthy enough to do that.

It’s seed oils and linoleic acid in the vegetable oil that causes the inflammation the most. So as long as I ask, can you please cook it without then you’ll can you please cook it without vegetable oils? 

I don’t want any oil, olive oil, nothing. Just cook the meat by itself on a separate grill, that usually is fine. So what I do is I usually go to Korean barbecues because They actually cook it in front of you.

Maren [00:32:37]:

Yeah. Right. I was gonna say.

Bradley [00:32:38]:

So I can see what they’re doing, and I don’t have to be nervous about it? So whenever I eat out, I always go to a Korean barbecue.

Maren [00:32:46]:

That’s so cool. Now have you shared this, like, with your family members? 

Bradley [00:32:51]:

They all know.

Maren [00:32:53]:

But have they the your family members that also have eczema, have they followed this path?

Bradley [00:32:59]:

Their eczema isn’t as severe as mine. They’re very interested, and they believe my story, but it’s also very hard to just eat meat for a long time. So I get it. And for those people that just wanna try it, I mean, I actually don’t just eat meat anymore. That was for the 1st year. 

Now because I’ve reset my gut, I filled my gut, I’m able to reintroduce organic fruits, and it doesn’t inflame me as much. If I eat too much, obviously, it inflames me.

But if I eat it in moderation, then it’s fine. So this is the thing I was talking about, plant toxicity. Vegetables have the most plant toxicity because the plant doesn’t want you to eat it. 

That’s its defense chemicals. The fruit, evolutionary wise, actually wants you to disseminate the seeds so that further plants can germinate. And so there’s actually less toxicity in the fruit. 

And so most of the fruits, I can actually tolerate apart from citrus and berries. So there’s a plethora of fruit that I eat today.

So it’s not as restrictive as you think. It’s just in 1 year for me, it was 1 year that you need to reset your gut. And then every single day that your gut has been reset, you’re growing stronger. Like, I’m constantly testing foods every day to see what else I can eat.

Maren [00:34:22]:

Can you have grains or no?

Bradley [00:34:24]:

No. I can’t have grains.

Maren [00:34:25]:

Yeah. And then I figured you didn’t. Yeah. I figured.

Bradley [00:34:27]:

Sometimes I have rice. I just try rice In a small amount, and it’s okay, but if I have too much, it inflames me much more than fruit does.

Maren [00:34:35]:

Interesting. Yeah. Now wow. This is, like, the most interesting conversation I can handle. So we established you went for obviously, this gentleman’s testimony with me was a big big factor. 

Another big factor was you obviously being, you know, food sensitivities and allergies to legume, so plant based was just not your jam. How do you feel about the people, because you know they’re out there, who think, because you brought it up earlier, that eating having a any kind of carnivore diet, it doesn’t have to be full bore, like, you only eat meat, but just eating meat in general is cancer causing gout, all of these things.

Maren [00:35:33]:

And now you did mention, obviously, such as life, everything in moderation, but there are people who also are just full bore. They’re on this path where it’s just so bad. Like, don’t even touch me.

What are your thoughts?

Bradley [00:35:46]:

Okay. So it’s great to be. It’s great to be skeptical, and it’s great to have these concerns because you don’t wanna poison yourself. You don’t wanna give yourself cancer. First thing I’d say is if you really wanna try this diet and you really invested, read the book from Paul Saladino, The Carnacle Code. It addresses everything, and it does it scientifically, and it goes through it in such detail that any qualms you have will just be eliminated. 

Like, for example, cancer. Every single study that’s been allegedly linking meat to cancer is epidemiological. And epidemiological studies have a problem of correlating two things that are not actually related.

For example, the majority of the evidence that actually proves cancer and any link is connected is from this Adventist, 7th day Adventist study, in Loma Linda, California. 

And, basically, this study says it was initially actually biased because the people funding it were all vegetarians, and they advocate for a vegetarian diet. And then in the study, the actual authors note that the highest correlation between cancer and meat consumption were those who had insulin sensitivity and those who were already overweight, and so they were making connections. 

And the problem with these epidemiological studies is the confounding factors. So for example, how do you know it’s the meat that’s causing the cancer and not the obesity? Right. You see? You can’t eliminate that in epidemiological study.

There are actually no controlled, double double blind placebo controlled studies done on meat and cancer. And in fact, today, there is a whole plethora of information that’s criticizing the IARC, International Agency of Research on Cancer, saying that Your recommendations are actually not founded in science.


And there’s a section in his book that talks about these independent scientists doing really intricate clinical research saying the trustworthiness of this test is just unfounded. You can’t conclude that it causes cancer when there’s not enough evidence to prove it. 

Another thing is atherosclerosis. Doctor Paul Mason talks about this. He was an Australian carnival doctor, and he goes through all of this medical research that began in the fifties, and that wasn’t released until now, 2013, because the researchers didn’t like the outcome of the study. 

So basically, they were trying to prove that cholesterol was causing heart attacks and heart disease, but what they found was that there was no link.

“And in fact, today, there is a whole plethora of information that’s criticizing the IARC, International Agency of Research on Cancer, saying that “Your recommendations are actually not founded in science.”

— Bradley

Bradley [00:38:40]:

And so doctor Malcolm Kendrick, which is, he’s basically another doctor that talks about the diet heart hypothesis. He basically proved that in his book, he talks about it’s nothing to do with LDL because LDL is blamed as the cholesterol, the bad cholesterol that causes heart attacks and heart disease, that causes atheromas to form in your arteries. 

The atheromas just block it clog up the arteries, which then causes the stroke and heart attack. He proves that it’s nothing to do with the LDL. It’s to do with sugar glycating the LDL. It’s nothing to do with cholesterol LDL lipids. It’s to do with sugar.

You’re eating sugar in excess, which then damages that LDL, glycates it, and then the glycated LDL can then no longer be reabsorbed into the liver. And when that happens, it just wanders around your bloodstream because it can’t be reabsorbed. 

And so what happens then, you have these things called macrophages that are on the other side of your endothelium which is a lot of technical terms here. 

Endothelium is the lining of your veins, and so the macrophages then absorb this LDL and then that is then forming, like, a cyst or an atheroma, you call it, on the side of your blood vessels, which then cause the blockages, which is the atherosclerosis, the heart disease. 


Macrophages in Atherosclerosis Regression

Dirty Jobs: Macrophages at the Heart of Cardiovascular Disease

So the problem came out of all that because I really wanted to do my research on this because, obviously, I was concerned too. I was concerned I was gonna get constipation. I was gonna get atherosclerosis. I was gonna get cancer.

So I did all the research thoroughly across these six months and a year that I was just eating meat, basically, the takeaway is this with atherosclerosis. It’s not the cholesterol that’s causing the heart disease. It’s sugar. 

Sugar is the thing that’s killing us that’s glycating the LDL, and then LDL is blamed. It’s like a fire truck at the scene of a fire. It’s like, oh, the fire trucks are always at the fires, so it must be the fire truck. No. It’s not a fire truck.


The fire truck’s actually fine. In fact, there’s actually evidence that suggests that people with higher levels of LDL are healthier overall. And by that I mean, people say that higher levels of LDL cause heart attacks. 

People who have low levels of LDL are still having heart attacks. So there’s no reason To correlate LDL with a heart attack. Again, it’s the sugar. And, again, I’m not a doctor, but Paul Mason, who is a doctor, talks about this in such depth.


He’s just, he’s seriously amazing. He has so much passion for it, and he explains it so easily. And if you’re concerned and you wanna try the carnivore diet, listen to Paul Mason, Dr. Paul Mason talks about this in such depth. And then you can go to Dr. Malcolm Kendrick who wrote this book called The Clot Thickens. There is so much literature on it. People think it’s anti-science.

It’s actually just I think this is independent scientists fighting big pharma. That’s really all it is.

Maren [00:43:32]:

Now I know one of the things that you eat. Yep. That most people would be a little. I’ll be real with you.

I do not personally eat beef liver, but I do take it in a capsule. I do take it in a capsule, though. Okay? So I would just like for you to educate everyone on the importance of these organs and what they do for the body. There and let’s just do baby steps. Like, maybe we start with capsules, and then we can move up to the actual organs.

Bradley [00:44:08]:

No. I understand. It’s psychologically daunting, and It’s nauseating to eat something that I mean, like, I get it. I mean, vegans say, why would you wanna eat body parts like, they always say this online. They attacked me, and they said, you’re eating dead animals. You’re eating a corpse.

It’s relatively fresh. But, anyway, one thing is eating muscle meat. I get it. Next thing is eating a heart or a liver, which when I first ate organs, like, it’s a physical, like, especially a lamb heart. It looks like a human heart just on your pan, and it’s quite daunting.

It’s like, wow. I mean, the advantage to eating organs is that they’re full of nutrients. I mean, wolves actually the alpha wolf is prioritized

None of the other wolves can eat it. Basically, the alpha wolf gets the liver because it’s the most nutrient dense, and that’s like that’s like it’s an it’s an unsaid and unsaid Subconscious

Maren [00:45:18]:

It’s like the rule of the pack.

Bradley [00:45:19]:

Of the pack. Yeah. Yeah. The alpha wolf gets the liver, and even Joe Rogan talks about it. Like, there was this human who came along and ate the raw liver in front of the wolves, and then the wolves were confused and started following that human because they thought that he was the leader now because it’s their unspoken rule. 

So, anyway, even orcas are known to kill sharks just for its liver because the liver is just saturated with so many nutrients that you can if you’re just eating a carnivore diet, a lot of those nutrients that you’re deficient in can be satiated from the liver alone. So it’s rich in Folate, B 12, Creatine or just hundreds of, like, vitamin A. 

It’s so rich that if you overeat liver, you can actually get vitamin A toxicity.

Maren [00:46:11]:

So okay. So it’s funny you say that because I started taking the capsules when I was pregnant. I still take them, but that’s, like, when I was introduced to the whole idea. And but I had to make sure, like you said, I was conscious of that because with, like you said, vitamin A, that’s toxic for us and, obviously, toxic toxic for a baby. Right? So I had to make sure that I was staying on that. At most I would take 2 capsules per day. Mhmm. But that’s what introduced me to it.

And we know for pregnant women, whatever like, when you there you can have too much vitamin a, and I’m not, just so the audience understands, we’re not talking about beta carotene. We’re talking about retinol. Like, you can’t have any kind of skincare that has Rohypnol in it because that vitamin a toxicity can obviously go to the fetus and everything. So I want everyone to know that there are options out there, and the benefits are immense.

Bradley [00:47:22]:

Mikaela Peterson doesn’t eat organs, and she’s just been eating meat for five years now. Same with her father, Jordan Peterson. They’ve both been eating meat for five years, and they haven’t eaten any organs. 

So if you want if you’re really averse to organs because I mean, I think it’s great. There’s so many nutrient benefits. You don’t have to. But if you don’t wanna eat it because it’s psychologically daunting to eat, then they don’t eat it, and you can get all the nutrients you need from rib eye steaks alone. Like, I get it.

Rib eyes are expensive, though. That’s the thing.

Maren [00:47:58]:

My dad, my dad’s a big meat eater so what are the benefits to that?

Bradley [00:48:02]:

Well, rib eyes basically have all the nutrients you need. There’s a long list of all the nutrients that are in it And from everything from selenium to choline, vitamin D, 70% choline, and all the B vitamins, it’s just loaded with nutrition.

See, this one’s more fresh because I just did a reel on it just a few days ago. If you don’t wanna eat organs, you can get everything you need from rib eyes alone. In fact, yeah. So Mikaela Peterson has been doing it for five years. I know there’s another carnivore podcaster. His name’s The Meat Medic, and he just recently did a 30 day just ribeye diet.

Maren [00:48:43]:

It’s wild.

Bradley [00:48:44]:

Yeah. And so did Joe Rogan. He did that too. So you can get all the nutrients you need from ribeye, but it’s expensive. So I understand. Like, for me, I’m spending, in Australia, up to $21,000 on just meat a year. 

And if you put it in perspective, in America, Dupixent, which is an injection you need for eczema, can cost up to $50,000 a year. So, I mean, a lot of the money that I spent on drugs is actually going to meat now because that’s my medicine.

But it is expensive, obviously.

Maren [00:49:15]:

But you’re getting healed.

Now, obviously, the meat played a factor. But just in speaking with you and consuming your content, like I said, for the last week and listening to you here, I honestly feel that there is… I can’t put a number on what proportion it is or what percentage… but I do believe that you truly healed with your mind. 

Like, I really believe that your mindset played a major role in this healing. And I believe that people can heal with their mind. Like, I really believe that. Now, obviously, I also believe, you know, with the power of prayer and all of that. 

But how much would you correlate this journey of healing to your mindset throughout the way?

Bradley [00:50:20]:

Yeah. Well, a lot of people actually approach me and say, maybe it’s not the meat diet at all. Maybe it’s just a placebo, and you healed yourself because, you know, your mind is powerful. 

So I think there’s many factors at play. The fact is across my three year journey, there’s a period of time where I was quite lost. I wasn’t sure where I was going. I felt horrible. I couldn’t move.

I couldn’t work. I couldn’t go to university because I was just riddled with eczema. And I was thinking I did a 6 month course in coding because I didn’t wanna see anyone. I’d rather do a job where I could just be behind a screen. 

And I was living a really sad life where the quality of life was so awful that… I never I never wanted to kill myself ever…  but I always was wondering this quality of life is so awful. Like, will it ever get better? I don’t think it’ll ever get better. It’s just gonna get worse every year. 

And I don’t know if this life is even enjoyable, Let alone worth living.

The Power of Mindset: Throughout his journey, Bradley’s mindset played a crucial role in his healing process. By remaining determined, open-minded, and always seeking solutions, he was able to uncover the path to healing and transformation. ~Bradley


And so I was going through that period because I was in intense pain and agony every day, like, debilitating, and it never ended. Every day is just continuous for, like, three years. But in that three year period for that 1st year, I actually had a really insane severe car accident that my father was driving. 

And so yeah. I was just writing about this just recently. It’s actually quite a detailed accident because my dad was driving and a car hit us at 80 kilometers per hour. And then my dad was at the wheel and he was unconscious, and his foot was still on the accelerator. And then he was driving down the road, And I was thinking, wow. No.

I need to do something to stop the car because he’s accelerating and it’s getting faster and he’s unconscious or dead. I didn’t know at the time. And so I had this flashback in my head where I saw myself at eight years old, and my dad was telling me, You know, son, what are you gonna do if I have a heart attack while I’m driving? ” 

What are you gonna do? And I said, well, I don’t know. He said, well, what you do is you pull up the handbrake and you put it in neutral. So that’s the first thing that came to me when I was in the car, and I could see our car was driving off the road, going up the hill, and now on the grass, and about to hit all these cars that were parked. So I said, okay. I need to do something. So I did that.

I put it in hand, pulled the handbrake up, put it in neutral, and the car slowed, and it was able to slow to such a speed that the impact when it hit the next car was not fatal. So we so my dad even says to me today, it’s like, thank you for doing that. 

But, you know, it saved my life that way. And so all the airbags went off, and, like, his sternum cracked in half because the seat belt actually saved his life. But for me, I actually had it. It was really miraculous because I was sitting there in my seat and I was thinking to myself, okay. I already have such a low quality of life. 

This is the point now where I’m gonna find out whether I’m a paraplegic in the next few seconds because the car was completely destroyed. If you see photos of it, the car was just a wreck.

It was only a small car. People who saw the photos afterwards said, wow. You should buy a lottery ticket because you’re just so lucky to be alive. So I opened the car door, and I stood up, and I said, wow. I can walk. I can move. And, yes, my bibs were a bit sore. Maybe there’s a fracture there, but There was nothing.


I only had a few bruises, and nothing happened to me. I ended up going over to the driver’s seat and shaking my dad because he wasn’t waking up for about a minute and I thought he was dead. It’s just like a movie, and I was like, dad, wake up wake up. 

All these people were coming around saying turn off the engine. But basically, after that yeah. After that moment, I was really before that, I was lost and I was nihilistic, and I didn’t know where to go.

The Correlation of Gratitude and Self-Acceptance and Healing Your Body


But after that, I said, you know what? Even though the quality of my life is really bad, I’m just grateful to be alive. I’m just grateful that I have even this small quality of life that I have, I’m still grateful that I can wake up in the morning And I could turn my head even though it’s really sore and it makes it bleed every time I look. I’m just grateful I could see the sunrise in the morning. 

You know what? I’ll live for that alone. And so I was at that point, I was coming to this process in my mind where I was content even though I was still in a shocking state and I was learning to, like, I was learning to love myself even at even at my worst. 

And I think that was an important moment in my journey because I was comfortable with who I was even when I was shopping. So from that point onward, I was yeah.

Maren [00:55:16]:

I have no words right now.

I know you said that you’re not a very religious person, but, well that was a God moment. That was a God moment. That was like, he’s using you, homie. He is using you. That gratitude that all of a sudden now is, like, in your spirit is what’s transcending into other people to help them learn how to heal too. That is I actually know where it’s going.

Bradley [00:55:43]:

I mean, I say I’m not a religious person, But I mean, I’m very spiritual. I’m very spiritual, and I do believe in God. And I’m getting into it. I haven’t really announced online that I’m overly religious because I find that people get turned off as soon as you’re talking about religion, and then it’s like, oh, this guy is just believing in God. 

Why should I believe what he has to say about the meat diet? But I do believe in God and I’m interested in learning more about Catholicism, you know, my mom’s religion and all of that. 

But I just don’t talk about it as much because, I mean, it’s very hard. I mean, you know, people just get turned off, and I do wanna I’m not concerned as well. Like, if people get turned off, that’s not gonna stop me from talking about it. I just started to highlight this much.

Maren [00:56:35]:

Stop you. No. I hear you, and I can appreciate that because I was definitely when I was first speaking out on the things that are important to me, I was too, I’ve always been faithful. 

Like, I grew up a Christian my whole life, and Jesus is my homeboy, but I understand that I understand the importance of using words like hope, faith, gratitude, love. If we use those words instead of Jesus, sometimes, to introduce people to him, it’s softer.

And then they want to come to know him a little better because people have misconceptions and they have these preconceived notions of who he is, which are not true, but it’s just life. It it it’s it gets muddled, right, such is life. 

And I believe that there’s no one that could listen to your testimony. That story you just shared, like, obviously, your testimony of the 100 days is not that like, that’s beautiful too. 

But that gratitude that made you have appreciation for the life that God gave you even more and literally instill that grit and perseverance to take control of your situation, that was a catalyst moment. And that I don’t even know how we can go on from here because that was like a mic drop moment, homie.

That was unreal. I’m thank you for sharing that because I know that that’s probably something that, you haven’t you said you haven’t shared.

Bradley [00:58:25]:

Well, I haven’t shared too publicly. Right? The only thing I haven’t shared too publicly is my connection with God. I mean, it’s interesting you talk about words and healing words like hope and love because every time like, every 2nd day now or every day I go to the Ocean. Actually every time I’m under the water, I say to myself, you know, even long before I healed, I would say, I’m healing. I’m healed. I’m healed.

I love you, God. Thank you. Thank you, God. Thank you for another day. I love you. I’m healed. And I say those words as, like, an affirmation to myself that I’m healing and just the love I have for life, and he’s with me. 

And I love, like, looking up at I love looking up at the sun, which is, like, you’re in the water and the sun is just there on the horizon, and it just you feel like this warmth is just surrounding you. 

And, you know, I grew up an atheist, so my dad was always saying to me, Now that I’m more religious, he says to me, you know, maybe you’re just using this as a crutch. You’re just using it because it’s easier to divert all your pain and suffering you can or anxiety or whatever, uncertainty, you can just drop it off and you drop the weight on a God deity, 

And then you don’t have to be concerned as much. I mean, I understand that, but that’s not why I do it. I do it because I genuinely feel this warmth surrounding me. 

Every time I go into the ocean and I feel the light and I feel the hope and the softness of these beautiful words like love, and I’m very like, as a musician, I’m the same. I’m very sensitive to emotions, and I really understand the meaning of these words. 

And when I hear, like, the words, like, love and God, it’s just beautiful.

And I really do think that there’s something there even though you just can’t prove it.

Maren [01:00:18]:

It’s better to have faith and hope than despair.

Bradley [01:00:22]:


Maren [01:00:23]:

Right? So. Wow. Wow. Okay. My friend, where can people get more of you and your testimony and learn from you? Because Yeah. So I’m not kidding you. This was literally one of my favorite episodes I’ve ever

It was so educational. Just everything it’s so powerful. So where can people learn more from you? Because I don’t believe you’re done. Like, you are not done. 

Bradley [01:05:44]:

The advantage of a LION diet is you can just cut everything back to just 1 meal, and then you can build on that After you heal, you can start reintroducing foods, and then you’ll be able to tell the difference between the inflammation from food And the general inflammation from just your eczema. 

Because right now, if you’re in pain, there’s just no way you’ll be able to tell what’s causing inflammation, whether that’s the topical steroid withdrawal or just the general eczema that you were born with or or the actual food. 

So once if you go on a LION diet, which is what I did, you don’t have to. Some people can go on an all plant based diet, But, basically, you just need to give your time and give time to your gut to reset. So once you do that and you heal, then you can start reintroducing the foods again, and then you can scientifically analyze what’s causing the inflammation. 

Because yeah. That’s the whole that’s one of the reasons why I’m averse to talking about religion is because religion and science are often polarized.

The Advantage of a LION Diet:
“So once you go on a LION diet, which is what I did, you don’t have to…give time to your gut to reset. So once you do that and you heal, then you can start reintroducing the foods again, and then you can scientifically analyze what’s causing the inflammation.”
— Bradley

Bradley [01:00:53]:

Yeah. I’m yeah. As I said, at the start of the podcast, I’m in the process right now of writing a book, and I go into real detail of that car accident because that car accident was the pivotal moment for me. 

And many people actually say to me, you know, you were saved by angels that day, and I can’t. I can’t prove that. But part of me does feel that way considering how much of a drastic pivot that was in my life.

Like, I was going down and I reached that moment and then after that, I was grateful for who I was regardless of whether there was a chance I would get better. And then after that, I never stopped.

I was always looking. Everywhere I went, I was going into the ocean every day, sauna every day for two years and still today. And I found that meat diet, and that’s finally what made it work. 

And then I could actually finally start curing until I reached where I am now, and I’m just as grateful for life as I was when I had eczema riddled all over my body. But now I’m just grateful that I can continue that and help others on this journey. 

So, yeah, I’m just getting started, and I and I love the fact that I’m still in my twenties, and I can you know, because I felt like I was on my deathbed, and now I still have my whole life to to live and

LION diet: one meal, heal, reintroduce

Maren [01:02:28]:


Bradley [01:02:28]:

And to explore and discover this relationship with love and God and health and try to help as many people as possible because so many people out there are just they just don’t know. 

I mean, one thing is to suffer, but the next thing is to be led down a pathway of just drug dependency for your whole life when there are answers where you can actually heal yourself holistically. And I’m not saying it’s the carnivore diet, but I’m saying whatever it is, there is a way. I always had this delusional quality about myself where I’d never ever believed the doctors when they said eczema is incurable. I’m one of those people who are colleagues of mine studying biomedicine who said, you know, some people just have a weak immune system that attacks self that just need drugs for their whole life. 

And I said, no. That’s…. That’s bullshit. I’m sorry. That’s bullshit. I don’t believe that. I actually think that I can heal myself. I just need to find it, and it’s just a matter of time. I always said that. It’s just a matter of time.

Maren [01:03:31]:

Exactly. Because God doesn’t make mistakes. God didn’t make us to be sick. Like, he didn’t promise an easy life or no trials and tribulations. Of course not. But he promises us that he will be there to help us and guide us in all of the things, and he doesn’t make mistakes when he makes our body. 

And even though you dealt with this for 23 years, you had to go through what you went through in order to be able to help all of the people that you’re gonna help.

My Instagram account is @bradleymarshallofficial. That’s the main place I disseminate most of my content. But I also have YouTube, which I call I Cured My Eczema. 

Maren [01:04:55]:

Well, thank you for joining me. I can’t wait for everyone to hear this. I I know that I have friends that struggle with this that are gonna be so hungry, no pun intended, to try out this diet. And just like I said, this was so cool, so awesome, and I’m grateful that you were here. So thank you. Awesome.

Bradley [01:05:44]:

I’m always analyzing everything very scientifically. And I have such a respect for science, and I have such an insatiable curiosity for science as well. Like, I’ve already done a degree in science, and I’m doing another degree now, postgraduate study studies in biochemistry because I as you said, I’m really interested in this, in the whole process of healing, and I just wanna I don’t wanna just be some guy online who managed to heal himself. I actually really want the credibility behind what I’m doing. 100%.

Want to check out some of the resources and methods Bradley mentions in this podcast?

The Plant Paradox by Dr. Gundry

The Great Cholesterol Con: The Truth About What Really Causes Heart Disease and How to Avoid It by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

The Carnivore Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health by Returning to Our Ancestral Diet

woman using red light therapy on her arm

Red Light Therapy

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Everything from improved skin appearance with the elasticity and having fewer breakouts to improve joint health and reduce inflammation.

If you wanna get more of this type of content, make sure you follow me on Instagram at @macrowley. And if you love this episode, let me know by tagging me on IG or even leaving a podcast review. See you next week.

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Why Retiring Your Spouse Isn’t the Solution Network Marketers Promise

Why Retiring Your Spouse Isn’t the Solution Network Marketers Promise

In this episode I raise a thought-provoking concern about the added burden on women when they're at home not contributing financially. I zero in on the pressure on mothers. Is it time for a reckoning when it comes to juggling roles and expectations? 🤔💪
Big Pharma Exposed (Part I) – with Seay Stanford

Big Pharma Exposed (Part I) – with Seay Stanford

With over a decade in the pharmaceutical industry, my guest today is helping us expose what is really going on with Big Pharma. Seay Stanford ...
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