My RhoGam Rebellion

March 21, 2023

The Rhogam Shot: A Personal Journey Challenging Modern Medicine Norms and Practices

In this episode, I’m discussing the RhoGam shot. We’re talking about what the RhoGam shot is, why it’s “recommended,” and why it’s a hard NO from me.

We will dive into the fascinating world of blood types and explore a personal journey that challenges the norms and practices of modern medicine. I’m raising intriguing questions about the Rh factor, the Rh incompatibility shot, and the implications they have for pregnant individuals and their unborn babies.

Press play, freedom fighters!

Personal Beliefs and Decision-Making

As you have heard in previous podcast episodes, specifically, my interview with Seay Stanford, the doctor doesn’t always have all of the information in front of them. And so the topic that I’m gonna discuss today is the Rhogam shot.

Now before you’re like, ah, that doesn’t that doesn’t affect me because either you’re done having children or maybe you don’t fall into the category where you have a negative blood type, I want you to hear me out because this is more than a shot.

This is, in my opinion, an agenda. And there could be someone in your life that this does affect. So let’s talk about, first of all, what it is, who it applies to, all the things. So first of all, if you have a positive blood type, no. This isn’t something that should be offered to you. Although I will be real with you, I have heard that it was pushed on women who were positive blood types in my research – in my 9 months of being pregnant.

So just as a heads up, if you hear this come up at all, that’s a major red flag for you. It also shouldn’t be given to someone who has a negative blood type and if their partner also has a negative blood type.

I personally didn’t fall into this category because I have negative blood and my husband has a positive blood type. So, that’s why I was offered this shot in the first place.  

If you are negative and your baby, which you don’t know their blood type until they are born, is too you also don’t need the shot. I will get into this more later so that you can research and find ways to get testing done yourself. You have options!

But for the most part, your standard care does not check your baby’s blood type before the baby is born. As soon as the baby is born, they will take a little prick, and they will let you know right away what the baby’s blood type is. But when the baby is in utero, you don’t know.

The Importance of Trusting Women’s Bodies: “Why are we making people doubt that their bodies can’t do what God designed it to do? Specifically, why do we think that women’s bodies, which were created to do the ultimate miracle, birth a child, are inferior and can’t perform the tasks they were designed to do?

The fact is, they can. It’s just that medicine, science, technology, money, and greed have interfered with that mindset and muddled the truth. Your body can heal. Your body can give birth. Your body was meant to do these things. Unfortunately, man-made factors are inhibiting us from doing what it was designed to do.”

The Control of Personal Health Decisions Despite External Pressures

I need you to know that  you are in control and these things that are presented to you are optional. Despite the doctors making a new feel that they’re mandated despite the government trying to make you feel like they’re mandated.

I really want you to think

  • Why are we making people doubt that their bodies can’t do what God designed it to do?
  • Why are we thinking that women’s bodies, which were created to do the ultimate miracle, birth a child?
  • Why do we feel like they’re inferior and that they can’t perform the tasks that they were designed to do?

Because the fact of the matter is, our bodies can do those things. It’s just medicine, science, technology, money… All of the things, including greed, have interfered with that mindset and have muddled the truth.

And the truth is your body can heal. Your body can give birth. Your body was meant to do these things. And, unfortunately, man made factors are what are inhibiting us from doing the thing that it was designed to do.

Anti-D by Dr. Sara Wickham

She will give you a layout of all of the studies that are done and she will give you all the positives and negatives so you can have informed consent. And I also recommend you ask for the insert on the drug.

There are different types of it, meaning different brands. and they’re also different dosages. That’s something else that you need to research, but get the insert and read it for yourself. It’s in black and white.

There’s no doubt about it. And once you do that, you will have the confidence to go into this knowing that you are making the right decision. Whatever it may be.

But at least to your research so you can say that you are truly informed.

Must Reads to have Informed Consent as a Parent

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