My RhoGam Rebellion

In this episode, I’m discussing the RhoGam shot. We’re talking about what the RhoGam shot is, why it’s “recommended,” and why it’s a hard NO from me.

If you’re not pregnant, done having kids, or don’t have a negative blood type, you should still give this a listen.

This isn’t just a shot, it’s an entire agenda, and there could be someone in your life that needs to hear this!

Press play, freedom fighters!

Must Reads to have Informed Consent as a Parent

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Maren Crowley

Maren Crowley

Coaching is in my blood!

I am passionate about helping athletes, especially moms, return to their former glory. Because let’s be honest, it’s easy to lose our inner athlete as life carries on.

We get a job, buy a house, start a family….and our physical high performance habits take the back seat.

It’s my mission, to help you get back into your fighting shape, and to also help you find your purpose and YOUR next level to help create a legacy for your family.