Network Marketing – The Launchpad for a Next-Level Life

November 8, 2023

Today we hear from Jenny Carpenter, who is a wife and mom of 3, a marketing specialist, a former High School Athletic Director and HS administrative assistant, plus a youth sports coach + program coordinator.

Jenny had 5 active years building a strong network marketing business in Team Beachbody, which led her to develop her own offers and freelance writing/design for other online entrepreneurs.

Hear all about what tactical skills she learned from building a network marketing business that led her to become the breadwinner of her family and open her own business.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I believe in network marketing. Heck, I’ve been involved with it for nearly a decade. But what may come as a bit of a shock is that I don’t believe you should go all in and not diversify your portfolio. 

In fact, I believe wholeheartedly in having multiple sources of income, one of which will include network marketing. But the beauty about network marketing is that it will teach you so many other tools that will be the catalyst to you launching your own offer. 

Today, we are going to hear from my friend, Jennifer Carpenter, AKA Jenny, on how her choice to take a chance on network marketing led her to become the breadwinner for her family of 5 nearly 10 years later. Alright. So this is probably gonna be kinda like a normal conversation or voice message, if you know you know.

I love voice messages, not the phone. But I do talk to a few people on the phone, and Jenny is one of them. So this is just like us hanging out and chatting, but I’m so glad you’re here today, my friend.

Jenny’s Transition from Network Marketing to a Thriving Business

Jenny [00:01:25]:

Well, thank you. Thank you so much for having me. This will be a very fun and interesting experience for both of us, I’m sure.

Maren [00:01:32]:

So why don’t you let the listeners know what your background is, and then we’ll dive into some of those, like, deeper questions, but let them know who Jenny is.

Jenny [00:01:41]:

That is a loaded question. You know, my whole life I always said, I’m just Jenny. You know, my full name is Jennifer, but I was looking, I’m like, no. I’m just Jenny. So What does just Jenny mean? 

And what do the people want to know? That is always, you know, the question, especially when you’re coming from a marketing background. But, right now, who Jenny is, Jenny is, I’m a mom of 3 kids. I have got a freshman, a 7th grader, and a 2nd grader. I’ll be married 17 years to my husband this February.

He was, up until this past season. A high school football coach, so that’s a whole nother background of where I come from being a college football coach’s wife. But my heart and passion where I am right now is that I’m a high school head softball coach. 

I absolutely adore coaching and working with kids in that way, getting the opportunity to use sports as a way to develop good humans. We get a really fun game to teach kids about that. 

And then, my primary source of income is that, I am like….  It’s hard to come up with a title for what I do. No joke. But I’m a client centric, like, marketing integration specialist.

Basically, I work 1 on 1 with badass women that own their own businesses And, help them make the most of it. Right? And so that’s very customized. But as far as a little bit about my background, I grew up in a small town, youngest of 3 kids, 2 older brothers, grew up playing sports my whole life, but equally loved the arts, went on to college where I played college softball. 

I majored in public relations with minors in marketing and coaching, Went on and got my master’s degree in educational leadership and sports management. Because I was a college football coach’s wife, like, we didn’t like that that ruled the roost for us. 

You know? It was like wherever we were, I found a job. Right? And, back in the day, the online space for jobs was not, I mean, we’re talking 17 years ago. We are no longer young chickens anymore.


Right? No spring chickens here. And, So a lot of what I did was really just in line with, like, how can I use my gifts and how can I serve and, and how can I also find value? Right? 

Like, feeling valued. So my background is really diverse. Some of the formal career highlights was, you know, I was a marketing specialist for a healthcare organization right off the bat. 

I was in a school system as an athletic director for a good handful of years, kicking kinda kicking some butt there and loving it, And then I also became kind of a forced stay at home mom for a while. 

And then in those moves, I found little projects and little things again to use my gifts. So I’ve done so much, Maren. Like, the and, like, I finally feel, like, at almost 40 years old, I can say, like, I think I’m actually doing what I went to school for.

Maren [00:04:45]:

Yeah. Right? Because that’s part of what I don’t know. Like, the blessing and the curse of entrepreneurship is that you feel like you spent all this time and money Mhmm. In college, what are you really using? 

Quote, unquote. I’m using, you know, air quotes. What are you using? But I can appreciate your lifestyle as a former collegiate athlete and coach because it’s a very different lifestyle. 

And as a professional athlete, you know, working in New York for 6 months, then being off for 6 months, but the fact of the matter is we need constant income. So the fact that you are always able to kind of look outside the box and then find that is huge.

So why don’t you tell everyone what when you were forced to be a stay at home mom, so to speak. What did you lean into?

Jenny [00:05:46]:

Right. So

Maren [00:05:47]:

Spoiler alert. It’s gonna be network marketing.

Jenny [00:05:52]:

Which was so foreign to me. So yeah. So I came from… a little background. Like, my husband had been coaching college football and then decided to make a pivot and started to do high school coaching. 

And that was at the same time when I was an athletic director. We had just been, I was 8 months pregnant with our 2nd child when they offered me the athletic director job, which was, like, an amazing dream job. I mean, I wrote a paper about it when I was a freshman in high school about, like, what do you wanna be when you grow up? 

And, I remember just the timing of it being a little crazy. So we’ve got a brand new job where I’m the boss.

I mean, talk about not really being able to have maternity leave. Like, if I don’t show up, who’s gonna get the high school sports ready for the fall? You know, stuff like that. So life was a little crazy. And, but we’re rocking it. 

Reservations About Network Marketing and Embracing Being A Stay-At-Home Mom

And then all of a sudden, we decided to pivot, and it was time to go back to college football which catapulted us to a place where we knew nobody. We were reducing down to one salary that was like, oh my so minimal. So minimal. And I think back, I’m like, how Did we do that? So so minimal.

And we knew if with him going back to college football, There was no way with 2 small children at home that I could continue. We felt at the time that I could continue to chase a big job, like, an athletic director type position. 

Like, it just wasn’t possible. And so I needed to find something else. And it was totally a God thing. That’s a story for another day. But when God basically said, you’re gonna be a stay at home mom, and I was like, no. I don’t want to. Because in my heart, that It was never a vision for my life.


I wanted to have children. I wanted to raise my children. I wanna be present with my children, but I also knew that I had this deep desire for something to do outside the home as well and to have a career. 

Like, I never not wanted to have a career in some way, shape, or form. And so when we’re in the middle of nowhere and I mean, this will be your typical, like, how I got started on my journey story. 

Like, we’re in the middle of nowhere. We just went through a major life transition. I’ve been an athlete my whole life, and suddenly, I found myself, like, just not in a super healthy place.

And, a super great friend of mine that, like honestly, Maren, if she told you to go jump off the cliff because that’s what she’s doing and she’s that’s what she’s gonna do. You’re like, well, I guess this is what we’re doing. 

Like, that’s the relationship and that’s the trust that you have with this person. And she actually got involved with Team Beachbody. 

She was this coach for Team Beachbody. She had just started simply because she saw some products. And I just saw her story, and I was like, I need this in my life. I need help.

And so I signed up as a client because I just literally was at that point where I knew I was an accountability junkie. K? I knew I mean, I was an athlete my entire life.

I didn’t quite develop that intrinsic motivation to, like, work on myself because, which I now realize after the fact, because you’re always used to being told when to show up to practice, what exactly to do. And I was really good at that. 

I was really, really good at that. So this kinda entered at a time, and I remember I was about halfway I mean, halfway through our 21 days together. And they kept using this term coach.


Well, being an athlete and being a coach for my entire life since I haven’t been an athlete, that’s a very endearing term to me. And I will be honest, I was really attracted to that because outside of mom, wife, daughter, those are really amazing titles to have, but, coach to me is, like, that’s special. 

Like, that’s a special title. And so when they were using this term coach and I knew she made money off of my little purchase. I was like, okay. Tell me a little bit more. She was not I mean, she had been doing this, like, a half second longer than I had, you know, kinda thing. And she’s like, I don’t know.

It’s kinda this is what we do. And I was like, alright. I’m in. And what attracted me to it was because, one, I said I aligned with the coach. Like, I know a coach’s job is to simply help guide someone to get farther than they could on their own. You don’t have to be an absolute expert. You don’t have to know all the things. Your job is to, like, I’m gonna give you some tools.

I’m gonna support you, and I knew how to do that. I knew how to coach people. Right? Like I said, that’s what I had been doing. And so that came that felt natural to me. 

The other thing that really attracted me to this, because like you and I said, like, literally weeks prior, I had a friend who was in network marketing, which was new back then.

Back in the day, so long ago, like, almost 10 years ago, I reached out about a different product that was a skincare based product, And she sent me samples and I loved it, but guess what? 

I wasn’t a skincare type person who was going to be spending that kind of money on things, so that was hard for me to relate to. So I didn’t feel like I could actually, like, make a business out of it at that time, like, how it was introduced to me. 

Where with Beachbody at the time, I was like, no. I fell in love with the systems. Like, it made sense to me. It didn’t feel like a gimmick. It made sense to me and tied with the coach thing and tied with having a little bit of something that was outside of my 4 and 6 year old. You know, that gave me something.

It gave me like, I knew I needed to find a way to bring in a little bit of income just to, like, afford groceries and, but it was something that was my own, and I could do it online through people. Like, it just fit.

I don’t know if that makes sense. Like, it just really felt right.

Maren [00:11:32]:

You aligned with what they had to offer.

Jenny [00:11:36]:


Maren [00:11:37]:

Everything from the products, the programming and even the title. Right? The title and I think so now in Beachbody slash, you know, BODi, right? So the artist formerly known as Beachbody, they don’t use that term coach, I still use it. I’m like, I don’t care. 

Because to me, I’m more endeared to the term coach than I am a partner. Yes. Just like back in the day, you were more endeared to coach than I think the company you’re referring to, what do they call themselves? It’s not that they don’t call themselves an affiliate. I think it’s an associate.

Jenny [00:12:14]:

Yeah. I think it’s an associate.

Sounds so businessy as well too. And that’s and I knew I could relate to coaching. Right? And that’s how I wanted to help people. I didn’t wanna help people by just selling them. 

That felt gross to me. I wanted to help people by all those things that that made that, like, hey, we’re gonna do this together in that accountability pod and being connected with people because, man, I crave that connection too.

Right? Again, living in the middle of nowhere, and this gives me a connection with some people from way back where we moved from, and I can help them, and it just felt so aligned. It just felt so aligned, and I think that’s really important.

Maren [00:12:54]:

A 100% because let’s do full transparency. Most people who sign up for network marketing do not see success. Right? And I think one of the reasons why is because they don’t look at the bigger picture and align with something they truly believe in. 

They see maybe a friend of a friend seeing a lot of success and they think, oh, well, she’s making a lot of money over here, like, I can too. Well, you don’t know that maybe Sallie Sue, she’s crushing it. Why? Because she actually loves the products or she actually likes what she’s promoting and all the things. 

So I think if people really do wanna see success within network marketing, they have to first check that box that you said, that they have to be aligned with what it is they’re promoting. Now you, like me, had a background that supported network marketing.

Right? So we both have a business background. We understand how to promote things and sell things, so to speak. We understand the jargon. And then obviously, with our particular company, we were both athletes. That helped as well. Yeah. But would you say because I know how I feel, and I wanna hear your take.

What you learned within network marketing, Do you feel like there were pieces that you didn’t necessarily get from school? Like, you got it more once you became this entrepreneur and building your own business.

Gaining Confidence and Thinking Outside the Box Through Network Marketing

Jenny [00:14:33]:

Yeah. Absolutely. And, I mean, I did kinda have a unique background where public relations was my major. And the best way that someone, my 1 of the professor the main professor for that, major said, I think, in one of my freshman classes, like intro 2 kind of classes, was Public relations is honest and ethical reputation management, and that’s why I was drawn to it over, like, marketing and sales per se. 

Yeah. But I did have that marketing background, and I knew how that system works. So I kinda had this balance of understanding, like, we need to operate ethically ethically you know what I mean. And that aligns with my Christian values as well too.

Like, there’s integrity in the Right? Like, it’s all about the integrity of the process, but I also know how the psyche works for people on the marketing side. But I’ve never really seen it come into play that way. Right? 

Like, instead, you know, where I had in my job experiences prior, You were just what we were selling per se or what we were marketing was just different. Where I felt with this network marketing is, like, learning the true how to truly connect with people and how to truly serve people and how to truly listen to people so that you could serve them and so that you could align how these products work. 

And I also learned more about business and entrepreneurship, and they didn’t at that time, there’s a lot more now, like, at universities and stuff like but there’s you can get entrepreneur majors. Right? We didn’t have that back then. We were told how to do it for someone else. We were taught how to be able to do it for someone else, not necessarily your own.

So tapping into network marketing, there was a lot of confidence building, you know, the mindset. I mean, they don’t teach you that. But I tell you what, that personal growth stuff is  part of our core values, part of the daily habits that this specific network marketing company with that BODi, team Beachbody, instilled in its coaches and partners. 

I think that that’s like the secret sauce right there because that alone, I’d always loved to be drawn to, you know, motivational speeches, you know, and drawn to, like, the coaching rah rah. I mean, that’s the coaches in this. 

We go to the locker room pep talks. Like, I get that. And I’d I’d kind of been in tune to it, but never before had I delved into it in such a level, such a consistent level.

And I think that ticket right there, that changed so much of the trajectory of my life and helped me untap, you know, not only the limiting beliefs, but, like, skill sets and confidence in those skill sets that I wouldn’t have never known unless I put rubber to the road and, like, kinda had to go figure this thing out. 

And so I definitely feel just a more intimacy of, like, okay, here’s the business model. Here’s what aligns with me, what feels good with my integrity and my value. How can we get these to work while serving people in an aligned way together, you know, and also make it your own? I don’t know if that makes sense. But, like

Maren [00:17:43]:

No. Sure.

Jenny [00:17:44]:

There’s so many intangibles about it, but, yeah, there’s so much more that I learned about business and the online space through that than I ever did as an athletic director or but I didn’t you know, some of it I didn’t need to or even in my the marketing space in the health care system. 

Like, It like, I do feel that my time where I was, like, super active in building a network marketing business, was like a master class. Like, it propelled me. 

Right. And it can be an amazing springboard for people, Especially if they’re trying to figure out, like, what do I wanna be when I grow up?

Maren [00:18:19]:

Well, right. Because that’s the thing about network marketing that I believe scares folks is that they hear network marketing and they feel like that they have to go all in, and that’s now their career. 

And for a lot of people, it’s a couple of things. 1, they are very educated people, and I know for me, this is how I felt in the beginning. I felt like I’m too smart for that. I’m too educated for that. You know, like, I really truly thought it was for people who… I had all these misconceptions.

Okay? And I say that with full transparency because I know there are other people that I’ve even recruited to be a part of my team who felt the same way too. So I know it’s a massive albatross that people carry with them. 

Now that’s the first thing. The second thing is that our generation switches jobs. They usually have 8 different jobs at 8 different companies on average, in your lifetime, so to speak. It’s not like when our parents were starting out and they were nurses for 45 years or teachers or whatever it may be. Our generation is a little more fluid. And then even this next generation, they don’t care.

They will work 5, 6, 7 jobs so that they can have time, flexibility, and don’t have to go into an office. They really don’t care. So, obviously, network marketing does provide those opportunities of time, flexibility, and things like that. 

But when we go into it, that’s a big hurdle for people to get over. They feel like, well, I really like my job. I don’t I don’t want to quit my job. You know, they think that they have to go all in. And personally, with the exception of the last 2 years when I was finishing, like, my 3rd trimester and then obviously in the last 20 months that I’ve been at home with my daughter, I’ve always worked multiple jobs.

I was always doing my thing alongside my BODi, as a golf professional or, you know, being an affiliate, etcetera. So where did that transition start for you where you’re like, hey, I wanna take everything that I learned in network marketing, but now I wanna do my own thing.

Jenny [00:20:49]:

Correct. Well, it’s very interesting because, Like I just said, like, here’s how I feel about it, and here’s what I’m being told how to do. From, like, corporate for lack of a better word or or your upline or Yeah. Whatever. 

Building a Legacy:
“For me, when I look back, my greatest success that I had when I was actively building the business was how many people I actually feel like I truly helped.” — Jenny

There’s 2 different models, and I started to, I mean, I call success what you want it to be. And that’s something too, I think, as you get into your own thing. Like, you get to define your success. Success does not have to be a rank.

It does it you know, it can be. It’s like, what are your goals? And for me, when I look back, my greatest success that I had when I was actively building the business was how many people I actually feel like I truly helped, and I still will have people come back and thank me for it. 

I mean, I was, for throwing out jargon, a Success Club Legend. That meant for 2 plus years, I was consistently hitting a marker. Meaning, I was helping at least 3 people a month start a journey, a health and wellness journey, that I absolutely believed in. 

And that to me defines success. I think where I started to feel the, The friction and this feel to, like, pair off is when that success wasn’tsStarting to equate to the success I was told I should be having. 

Does that make sense? I started to feel like, well, I know this is something I feel like the sexy object to chase, k, a title.

Defining Success in Network Marketing

Jenny [00:22:25]:

This title and that title could be equipped with more money but I was just feeling this different pull and also feeling with the amount of work that I was putting in that I wanted to help more people than the model was presented for me. 

So, for example, the model was to help people when they purchase from you, And I just wanted to help people. And so when I was feeling this tug and also feeling a tug at the same time where, this anti hustle culture was, you know, being talked about. What I aligned with was, like, There’s a way to work smarter.

Maren [00:23:07]:


Jenny [00:23:07]:

And that it wasn’t the anti hustle call. It wasn’t that I didn’t wanna hustle. I was seeing Others and some that had chosen to step away from pretty successful businesses understand how they could set up their business in a way that truly provided that balance that we’re all looking for. 

Not the, I’m gonna grind for 23 out of the 24 hours of the day and never, you know, pay attention to my children or anything like that. Like but it was like, how can you do business smarter? 

And so I started being drawn to some of those people, just to understand and through my own and just to understand how I could do my Beachbody business better in a way that more aligned with the balance that I was going for and the time, freedom, and flexibility that I wanted for my family. 

And as I started going that route and through personal development, I was like, Well, wouldn’t it also be great if I could just get paid directly?

Maren [00:24:01]:

Cut out the middleman.

Jenny [00:24:03]:

Right. Like, I’m a really freaking good coach. People are coming, the reason people are coming back isn’t necessarily because of the products I’m selling them. They’re coming back because, like, my accountability groups are banging, and they like what I do, and they see that I truly have a heart to help people. 

And so that when I just kinda started to wonder, how can I help more people that doesn’t always have to be attached to a specific product? And I realized the common denominator was me. I’m the product. Yeah. 

They need to be able to like, how can they buy me? How can I sell my services in an aligned way and still be able to tap back into the products that I’m being that I’m able to sell? 

And so that’s when I kinda started to feel where it was, like, how I was being told I should set up my business versus how I was feeling drawn to set up my own business that was more true and more aligned to myself.

And so that’s when I started to explore other ways to make money outside of the business model that was being presented to me. And when I did, it felt so much more aligned. 

Diversifying Income and Exploring Alternative Business Models

It felt so right. And it also brought just more confidence to myself of what I was capable of doing and also that what what the network marketing space taught me and open my door to is just that thinking out of outside the box opportunities that are available to you because you’re also now in spaces with others that are thinking outside the box and that proximity. 

Like, if you’re just hanging out with whoever at your local coffee shop, you’re not gonna see that. But when you’re on the online space and connected to these larger teams with women that are developing great success and you’re learning their strategies and their techniques and kinda like being a student of the game and then going out and developing your own game. 

And so that’s where I started. It was just like something didn’t quite feel aligned or I felt like I was starting to bang my head against the wall a little bit and felt that there was a better way where I could capitalize still on everything that I learned and still have that in my back pocket as a way to help people, But it didn’t have to be the only way I could help people anymore.

The Power of Personal Branding:
“How can they buy me? How can I sell my services in an aligned way and still be able to tap back into the products that I’m able to sell?”
— Jenny

Maren [00:28:01]:

Because I think sometimes people like, okay, what tools are you talking about? Like, how could I even create my own business. And, really, the things that you’re taught, whether it’s social media, personal development, learning how to do your finances, your taxes, things that you do need to learn in network marketing, or at least you should be learning. 

You should have support from an upline that’s teaching you things. That’s correct. Right? You should have that, but sometimes people don’t, which is where, hey, I can come in and help you. Absolutely. These things, what did you say, alright. I’m really good at x y z.

And now I’m going to sell myself to people. So why don’t you tell people what it is that you do, like, even for me. Right? Jenny is my go to, folks.

Jenny [00:28:54]:

What do you do? What do you think? Well, what’s very interesting is that, you know, again, my path is so I’m moving my hand right now. It’s not a straight line. There’s it’s not it’s it’s all over the place. 

Right? And the path to where I’m at now actually happened because of the process of me starting to explore other ways to do this. The person that I am the reason I am now is simply because where I’m at now is because I took a course from someone that was teaching you how to do business a different way. 

Teaching you how to automate your business. Teaching you how to create your own offer so that you could, you know, build your email list, how to nurture that email list, and how to use the you know, we’ll call them freemiums. These are lead generators.

These lead generators to get more people into your sphere and then naturally bring them up to what you really want them to purchase and what you really want them to do. 

And, through my work with that person is how I ended up here. Not because I created an offer that says, hey. I’m really good at this, but she saw my work and she saw my writing skills. 

She saw my, you know, design skills, how I could package things and, like, make them see you know, flawlessly seem together. She saw my work ethics. She saw my integrity. And, like, we got along well, so that helped, you know? But she saw later down the line when she was working with her own business, she needed help.


And so she reached out to me and said, hey. I’m expanding. I could use some help in this area, and the only person that comes to mind is you. And it’s interesting. So I was not selling myself to do the job that I’m doing now. 

I absolutely was not selling myself, but what I had been doing and, really, if I look back at the job I was doing at the time, Like, wordsmithing is my jam. I’ve been doing it since I was in high school and had to learn how to write really good term papers and on the school newspaper. And, you know, so but I think through it all, it was a true testament.

Like, if you just work with integrity, You continue to be a lifelong learner. You do a really good job for people. They’re gonna remember that, And that’s when I’d be able to come back and serve you. 

And so when she reached out, it was a matter of, like, that that was risky because I had a job at the time. I also was still making a little bit of income from Beachbody even though I wasn’t, like, actively growing that at the time, but I had, you know, the residual income that I had built up there.

And, so it was a little bit of a leap of faith. Like, wow. Can I really do this? And when I looked back, I’m like, Yeah.


I can. I’ve been doing like, that’s the common thread with every single job that I’ve done, project management and communication and quality were, really the common factors with all of it and something that I was really well known for no matter who you went back to and asked. 

Learn more about how I am helping those I mentor stand out effectively online while creating financial flexibility.

And so, so as far as what I do now, I, you know, I I worked side by side with, with this gal for a really long time, and it was amazing. I got connected to some really awesome people like the gal I’m talking to today. 

And just really, I think part of doing well with that is, you know, and correct me if I’m wrong, Maren, but, like, I think being a good listener is important in trying to understand the person’s voice. 

And because of my work in network marketing and everything that I learned there, I can use it to understand what my clients are going through. You know? I don’t have to have them teach me all the things first and then be able to do it.

I know how to connect the dots, and I know how to, you know, be a good listener so I can tap into their language and their mission And and help them craft it in a way so that they can go out and serve more people. 

So it’s very interesting that, like I said, my own path was I really enjoyed when I created the offer and was running things outside of the traditional Beachbody package. And I think, like I said, it’s the characteristics we developed through the network marketing experience. Right? 

That allows your brain to think outside the box and have that confidence to understand, like, I could do this. I could monetize this other thing that I’m passionate about. Or I can understand social selling better, and there might be these other ways that I can bring in additional income. 

Like you said, not all eggs in 1 basket because now I understand how to connect with people on social media. So whether I’m selling them, you know, fitness or I’m selling them deodorant. I don’t know.

You’re gonna need both. But, like, it just gives you that confidence because you’re practicing it. You’re not gonna have confidence to go start your own business if you’ve literally never stepped into a space like that before.

Maren [00:33:56]:

A 100%.

Jenny [00:33:57]:

You’re not gonna have the confidence, and it’s the collaboration and understanding how to be a lifelong learner and what that means and discovering through that process like, wow, I’m really good at this and I need help in these areas. 

Because I think some of that to Maren is that when people think like, oh, I have to go I wanna go start my own business or I’m gonna go like, they feel like they have to be everything. 

You don’t have to be everything. There are people out there that know how to do things better than you and at lots of different price points. So being able to, you know, tap in and collaborate with people and understand you don’t have to do it on your own. 

Align with Your Values: Network marketing provides a unique opportunity to work with products and companies that truly resonate with your values. It’s essential to partner with products and a company that you genuinely believe in and feel passionate about. This alignment brings authentic connection and meaningful impact to your business.

Like, we can do this as a team. I think that’s really, really valuable. I mean, even with the work that we do, you know, I’m not the only one that helps my clients because I will also be the first one to say, Yeah.

This part that we need, this person’s way better at it than I am. Let’s just go ask them for some help too and bring them on board for this particular project because they can do it in half the time, then it would take me to figure it out. 

So it’s like having the confidence too to understand your own skill set, and being able to reach out to those teachers. There is someone else out there that’s done it and don’t let it intimidate you. That doesn’t mean you don’t do it. That means, wow, look at this person who’s doing it. How can I go learn from them so that I can do it too in my own way?

Maren [00:35:19]:

Yeah. So whether it’s in network marketing or creating, you know, branching off and creating your own offer, the same thing, it it it’s true in that sphere as well is that a lot of times, people are intimidated to either jump into network marketing and or build off their own offer because they feel, well, Sallie Sue does that, so that I can’t do it too. 

Like, there’s too many people already doing it and people wanna work with you, whether it’s starting in network marketing. I don’t care how many hundreds of thousands of people do network marketing in any company. Right? 

And the same thing with your offer. Even if you see people in your sphere that, you know, in your mind, because we tell ourselves these are more influential or, you know, more marketable. Like, we tell ourselves these lies.

At the end of the day, people want what you have to offer, even if it’s the same thing because they wanna work with you. They’re seeking what you have to offer, and right now, you’re not doing it. 

Overcoming Intimidation in Network Marketing:
“A lot of times, people are intimidated to either jump into network marketing and or build off their own offer because they feel, well, Sallie Sue does that, so that I can’t do it too. Like, there’s too many people already doing it and people wanna work with you.” — Maren

So even though Sallie Sue is, they don’t wanna sign up with Sallie Sue. They wanna sign up with you and they’re waiting for you to take that leap and for you to create, you know, to jump into said company or they’re waiting for you to, You know? 

And people switch all the time. I had that happen to me. They’re like, wait a minute. You do Beachbody? Oh, can I switch to you? You know, like, because why? They’re gonna be using the same products.

It’s not like it’s a new product that I’m offering. They’re using the same thing, but they wanna work with me.

And it’s the same thing for you with, you know, like you said about like, let’s be real, folks. Like, I work with Jenny, full transparency. I love it. Okay?

There’s other people that do exactly what Jenny does. But I work with Jenny because Jenny aligns with me and my values. And I remember when there was this transition period, the gal that she was working with and who I was working with at the time, I remember her saying to me, I think I think you guys will get along, but, you know, just just, you know, because I’m very outspoken. 

I’m very outspoken on my things and my beliefs. And I remember her being a little cautious, and she was like, but we’re gonna try it out. You know, I think that’s so important that you have to lean into your God given gifts, which you have, Jenny, and let people know, like, hey.

People wanna work with you because of who you are as a person.

Jenny [00:38:01]:

Yeah. And, you know, some of the things that I have just learned over these last 9 years. We’ll just say 10, is that like and they’re kinda catch phrases that come from, you know, women in our space or some of the personal development, but, like, reminding people, like, everything is figureoutable. Right? Like, you can figure it out. You don’t have to be an expert.

You can figure out how to do it, and there’s people around you who are willing to help. Being a lifelong learner is, like, the one of the best traits that you can have, and that ties right along with, you know, everything is figureoutable. 

Like, understanding, like, I can figure out how I can learn how to do this. And knowing that you don’t have to learn and become an expert at everything. Because, again, like we said, there’s other people who are willing to help show you and support you in that way. And you talked about the habits. 

The habits that were instilled in us through our network marketing business because of the, I think specifically because of the one we chose to align with because not all are created equal in that sense.

They were lifelong habits that not only enhanced our personal life, but they taught us how to run a business and how to confidently run a business, but it’s like the habits that you have today will define your tomorrow.

If you want a different tomorrow, you better be looking at what are the habits in my business, in my life. And, you know, you could be a super genius business person, but if you don’t know how to take care of your body and your mind, that’s not gonna last very long because you ain’t gonna live very long. 

And, and and just remembering too, and this talks about, you know, not having all your eggs in one basket. They’re like, anything is possible. You could still like, my husband will be, like, wait, you’re doing what? 

And you’re earning what? Like, I don’t understand that. And I’m like, because it doesn’t have to be the normal 9 to 5. It can be different, like anything is possible. And especially now as we step into this world, you know, post crazy land that from a couple years ago is that I think that is one benefit that it brought was it opened people’s eyes like, We can do things differently.

Doing Things Differently in Network Marketing and Creating Your Own Success


We can do things differently.

And I just want to, you know, encourage our listeners too. Like you said, certain phrases get a bad rap. Right? But there are places that are so important that if you can tap into and learn from and embrace the habits that come along with it, it is gonna springboard you and propel you in ways that you couldn’t even imagine. 

Could I imagine this is where I’d be 10 years from now when I said yes to trying to lose some weight? No. No. Absolutely not. I had no idea.

I had no idea. So part of it too is being able to have faith. To take the chance. Because what do you have, what do you have to lose? Nothing. And especially especially when you do your due diligence and align yourself with someone ahead of you that has your core values in line, that has a success that you’re looking to create and has been there, done that, and it’s maybe not as always in, you know, perfectly curated pretty little thing. Like, it’s real.

Look for real proof. That is so important. And I just think that more people could tap into this type of life, if everyone in this world tapped into more personal growth. Even if it comes through, like, nice for us, it was network marketing that really introduced it to us. Right? 

That habit of it and learning new skill sets, like, we’d all be in a much better place.

Maren [00:41:43]:

Much better. I agree. Well, I appreciate you being here.

Jenny [00:41:47]:


Maren [00:41:47]:

I’m sure I’ll talk to you within the next 5 minutes.

Jenny [00:41:50]:

I’m sure that will, yes, also be true. I mean and I hope I provided some value and everyone’s journey is a little bit different. That’s and that’s okay.

Maren [00:42:01]:

Where can people find you?

Jenny [00:42:06]:

Know what? Honestly, right now, the best place to find me is just shoot me an email. Just shoot me an email. That’s the best way to get connected. I mean, if you have any questions about I know we tapped in a little bit, like, what is it that I actually do? 

But if you have any questions about it, they can just email me. It’s Really simple. It’s , especially if they have any if they are business owners and they have any just marketing inquiries, shoot me an email. Let’s start a conversation.

I’d love to get to know you a little bit better and see how I can help.

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