Sustaining Success: Adapting to Beachbody’s New Direction

April 16, 2024

So I’ve gotten this question from a couple of people lately and I thought I would address it, because if I’m hearing it from multiple people in the DMs, on social media, that usually means that even more people are thinking the same thing.

They just haven’t reached out to me personally yet. Like that’s, that’s always the trend that I find. And the question is, are you still doing Beachbody, Maren? AKA BODi.

My Personal Connection To Beachbody

I still call it Beachbody. Meaning, am I still an active Beachbody coach? And it’s a very muddled answer, truth be told. Because am I still doing the workouts? 100%. Yes. Am I still using supplements daily? 100% yes.

You open my pantry right now, you’ll still see my Superfood shake, my beach bars, my pre workout, my post workout, my hydration formula, etc, right? And I’m still talking about them on my website and in my email marketing campaigns, right? That’s 100% Yes.

And do I still believe that network marketing and getting started with a company that gets you to focus on better habits of fitness, nutrition, and a mindset daily is a major win. Yeah, 100%.

But am I actively recruiting to my team, running team mentorship calls, Lee, or even attending our annual summit this year? No, I’m not. That’s where I stand. Now, as someone who has been an active coach for over a decade, that probably sounds like woah, what? Why?

That’s weird, because you could easily say, well, maybe she’s not talking about it because she’s pregnant. Well, that wouldn’t make much sense considering this is my second pregnancy.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade, through every season of life, work, pregnancy, postpartum.

The real answer is why I haven’t spoken out about this just yet is because aside from close friends, my family, and then people who I’m very close with within the network, is because it’s an issue where it’s like, you got to be all in or all out.

And I don’t believe in that. I don’t think it’s smart either, on either side of the coin.

And if people make you feel like that, then I don’t usually take people’s feelings like this to heart. But I just am very hyper aware of how network marketing is. And I’m very hyper aware of the dynamics of it all and how drama can ensue.

And you have to be very careful with your words because people on both sides, the ones that have chosen to leave, the ones who have chosen to go even more all in, like, they just have certain feelings.

And sometimes they don’t want to hear what I believe is the truth. They don’t want that reality check that I’m gonna bring you.

So I said this answer is 2 parts. And the first part is, 1st and foremost, I believe in diversification.

Network Marketing Realities and Diversification

And I don’t care what company you are aligning yourself with, You should never put all of your eggs in one basket, which is why I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that some of those people I talked about who are all, like, out of the whole realm of the company that that have left, how they’ve gone to another network marketing company after being with ours for 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 years.

Because diversification is very, very important. And quite frankly, no one wants to talk about how so many of these, predominantly, ladies were incentivized to switch companies.

They literally have been offered guaranteed pay for x number of months to switch over to the new company. So when you think about it, there’s this false sense of security and confidence that these women have because they have these guaranteed paydays and clearly that’s not something that’s good long term either.

So they can have the confidence to talk about recruiting and their new fun products without the stress and worry of a paycheck. They didn’t really necessarily leave anything behind and now instead, they get to talk about something new and fresh.

But remember, rocks under pressure make diamonds and embracing the difficult is what makes you stronger.

It makes you bigger, better. And as far as bigger and better, these people, they’re also pulling from the same pool that they’ve been talking to on social media and in their email marketing campaigns, heck, even within their team, right, that they’ve had for years.

And let me tell you something, sister, if the people you had worked with for the last x amount of years didn’t do diddly with the previous company, they’re not gonna turn over a new leaf overnight with this opportunity that you have for them.

It’s like begrudgingly going to your 20 year high school reunion. Like, do you really wanna travel, give up 2 hours of your life surrounding yourself with people you didn’t even really feel like hanging out with 2 decades ago? No.

Like, it’s not gonna be a change. And we in the entrepreneur business mentorship space, whatever, you know, you wanna call it, we call this the low hanging fruit opportunity.

It’s like clicking the red easy button from Staples because these influencers, they already understand how to recruit.

So they’re usually using the same old tactics that they’ve been using for years. And they’re using the same language in their content.

Have you ever noticed that, their content, the pictures, the reels, whatever, it’s all network marketing jargon?

So it’s people who are already familiar with what it is they do. Because one of the things that I’ve always preached is don’t use network marketing jargon because no one likes that. It doesn’t speak to a broader audience.

You’re talking, quite frankly, like the hasbeens. Like, think about who they’re talking to. It’s the same people that they’ve been talking to for years, years, and that pool is gonna dry up in 3 to 6 months.

They’re just gonna run out of who they’re speaking to. You know, newbies, they don’t know what the heck some of this jargon means. They’re not inspired by it. So what happens is you pull from the old crew, right?

And then you see these ladies who have switched, they hit all of these income bonuses in the beginning, they’re going on trips, and then a year later, it’s freaking crickets. So, I mean, let’s be real, you’ve seen the post.

I made more income in my company this week, my new company this week, than I did with my previous one after being with them for only a month versus x amount of years. I mean, gag me, seriously.

And it’s a bait and switch that is 100% coordinated. They’re literally taught to go after those who are currently in network marketing and the ones that are bored or feel hurt by changes that happened in their company or, to be real, most likely not seeing the financial gains that they once were.

And then what do they do? They strike like a cobra. And I also believe in diversification because the company will always put themselves first. Remember, this is a business. 

Now, despite the fact that this opportunity has been pitched to you as a community, I get to work with my best friends and rainbows and lollipops and you braid one another’s hair at retreats, and, you know, you’re singing Kumbaya.

It’s a business. Hundreds and millions of dollars. I mean, mine is a $1,000,000,000 business, and there shouldn’t be hard feelings within the business. It’s very black and white.

It’s neutral. So the company is always gonna do what’s best for them, And sometimes, that means running you over with a bus like poor Regina George in Mean Girls. Okay? They’re gonna choose themselves over you.

You are literally a small fry compared to 100 million you know, like someone who’s a 100 millionaire, a billionaire.

Like, money talks, homie. And I don’t care how many selfies the CEO takes with you, how many sit downs you have him, you have his number on speed dial, whatever, like, you’re never gonna have the upper hand because money rules.

It rules the roost. Doesn’t matter if you’re the number one networker for the company, it doesn’t matter how many sales you’ve generated for them or how long you’ve been like, it doesn’t matter.

So, the other reason that I’m not screaming Beachbody from the rooftops anymore, besides focusing so heavily on diversification, even more so right is because I’m pissed.

Beachbody’s Expansion of Fitness Programs, Marketing Strategies & Going Public

You know, our CEO decided to go public with our company a few years ago, and the entire network, in my opinion, was gaslighted into thinking this was a good idea. And me being the good little coach partner that I am, I tried to be on board.

I tried to be positive because heaven forbid you’re not positive about it, like, you know, you get blackballed. But the reality is, I came at it from a different lens than most because of my background. I have a BBA in finance. I have an MBA, like, I’m not looking at it like, oh my gosh, and putting blind trust in this decision because I know better.

And quite frankly, I’m just mad at myself that I didn’t short the freaking stock when I should have because I knew in my gut that this was gonna be a freaking disaster.

It always is when a company sells out. And I get it, like, kudos to the mom and pop stores or the, you know, the starter companies, who were told no, like, you know, on, the guy who invented the ring.

Like, you know, the little ring doorbell thing. He was on Shark Tank, and all the sharks told him no, no, no. And now the guy’s a freaking billionaire. We have a local brewery where I’m from on Long Island, the Blue Point Brewery, and this place was a hole in the wall. Fantastic beer, but people knew it from all over the country.

It was open, like minimal hours on the weekends, never on the weekdays, and they just created this cult following and sure enough, they ended up getting bought out by Anheuser Busch.

Can’t say I blame them. But now, like, consequently, they’re associated, they’re part of a company who has Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesperson for one of their most popular beers like, yikes, hello. So they did what was best for them.

They took the money and ran and then, obviously, branding can change and the mission of the company can change. So what does it really mean to sell out, right? Like who gains from it and who loses from it?

Let me net it out for you as simply as possible. Time is of the essence.

When you go from having a sole owner to a public company that now has a board and you’re publicly traded on the stock exchange, first of all, you have to keep more people happy.

And you have to answer to more people. And more people have influence on the decisions that are happening within the company. It’s not necessarily your baby anymore.

How can public company status dilute company messaging and branding?

I don’t care how many freaking shares you own versus everyone else, like, it’s just the reality of it. And how do you keep people happy? You need to keep their investments. That’s what these people have done.

They’re investing in the future of the company. You have to keep it profitable. And unfortunately, when you’re bringing in a board who hasn’t had a pulse on the company, the way the sole proprietor has, for, you know, the last 20 years, they’re not focused on the heart of the company.

They haven’t been at live events. They’re certainly not attending them now. Like, they haven’t seen the transformation stories from people from the products, the program and the opportunity.

And also, once you are publicly traded, you are put in a different box. Because now everyone knows who the heck you are.

You’re on CNBC, right? Like, you’re you’re just out there. Right? And so these companies, what no one wants to talk about, like, is that they have to check the diversification box, the inclusion box, you know, the DEI box.

And they just make certain changes that aren’t in alignment with what the company initially stood for. And I’m not saying you can’t evolve, and I’m not saying you can’t change.

But at the end of the day, like, a lot of it gets muddled when you have to check certain boxes in order to, you know, be looked at a certain way or have people interested in you and investing in you and even receive loans from big banks like it’s so much more than you even understand sometimes.

Because they don’t wanna talk about it. But the fact of the matter is the money and what you’re bringing in and who you have involved and yada yada yada, like, there’s certain requirements that take place.

This company went from being one that promoted weight loss, being fit, and doing hard ass workouts…. and these workouts weren’t cheap. They cost like a 100 when I first started, a program and a supplement cost $160.

So on 1 month of supplements and then, like, you know, a DVD, right, of the programming, $160.

Now, fast forward 10 years, where, like I said, now you have all these other voices coming in and, you know, we should be inclusive, yada yada yada to telling your audience, your prospects, your clients, you’re going to fail.

Well, shoot. I mean, don’t you wanna sign up to hear that? To, you know, you went from having a superfood shake that had the most potent antioxidants, which it still does, but like how it’s marketed to people, marketed as this fantastic superfood, which I’m literally drinking right now.

What are the marketing challenges and financial implications of this expansion?

So I still wholeheartedly believe in it. But now you’re marketing it to people as “eat more dessert”. I mean, it’s like literally going from working your tail off and winning, you know, the championship, and being the championship team to diluting your messaging to the swim team where everyone gets a freaking participation trophy. You know, they’re offering sales at every turn.

So it used to be $160 for a set of DVDs. And now that’s practically the cost because they have so many different things like buy 1, get 1. You can’t even keep up anymore, where people are getting 1,000 of workout programs for the price they used to pay for 1 like, you know, there comes a point where pricing when you make it so that everyone can have it, nobody wants it, bro.

You know, like, think about Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton never changed, like nothing ever goes on sale ever, ever, ever, ever. Like you will not find I mean, heck, like my bags, if you were to trade them in now are worth more. Right? Like that’s how the value works with Louis Vuitton. It’s not Coach. There’s no factory outlet outlet for it.

What kind of confusion and inconsistency has this caused for customers and coaches?

And that’s how the company is acting now. We’re, like, this off brand outlet store, practically. And so this board, they have a different agenda. They’re focusing on the bottom line – cash flow, which I can’t say I blame them on, but to what end?

And when cuts happen, obviously, it’s gonna upset some people. And there have been a lot of changes in the last few years and some of them 100% make sense to me. Okay?

And, you know, for some people, it’s like you got to beat them over the head to try to explain it. But let me just lay out a few of them, right? Because these are like, in my mind, no brainers, but for some people like I swear you would have thought the world was coming to an end.

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Let’s see, okay, Shakeology, right? So Shakeology comes in a multitude of flavors, vegan way, yada yada yada, right? And a couple of the flavors were discontinued. And you had people who were having absolute meltdowns.

Which Shakeology flavors were discontinued and why?

And the reality was, and and this is where I think the company kind of whiffed, is they didn’t tell people they don’t like, if you put it in black and white to people and you explain it, like, rather than just doing it sometimes and then trying to like make them figure it out on their own or like here at 3rd party like via me.

It’s a harder pill for them to swallow. But if the company just came out and expressed this information to their clients versus just explaining it to those of us who are kind of in the know.

I don’t know, I think it would have been an easier sell, if you will. So essentially, they cut a couple of flavors that weren’t, just weren’t selling, man. I mean, like less than 3% of the market share ever drank that particular flavor. I think some of them were like 2% and 1%.

It was like, wild, right? And yeah, it sucks if you’re part of that 3% who actually likes that flavor. But it’s also understandable. You know, they cut one of the beach bar flavors that I happen to actually like, you know, and I was annoyed or they like, they cut, they used to make the hydration formula in packets.

And I’ll never forget Nick was so livid about that because he used to put the packets in his golf bag. And sometimes when changes like that happen, your clients are going to switch like so for Nick, he was just like, well, I want something that is just as good and comes in little packets.

So yeah, he did switch to using a different product. Now when he’s at home, he still uses this but like, you know, it’s a convenience factor for him.

So I understand where the company is coming from and some people are gonna be upset, some people are going to just switch to another product, and then other people are just going to be unbothered by it.

But ultimately, it’s a consumable product. And if people aren’t consuming it, it’s costing the company more money to make it or ship it, etc. than they’re profiting from. So yeah, then it needs to be cut.

Like that makes sense, right?

Another example was pulling back from how many standalone programs were released per year. Now, when I first started with the company, we had 1, maybe 2 programs per year. So that program is where you like the trainer and the r and d team, they come up with this program, they test it months months in advance, they have all these different test groups to make sure it works.

And you have a calendar like you follow a specific plan, fitness wise, nutrition wise, etcetera, right? And it was fantastic when they only had 1 or 2 because it created hype and there was excitement.

What kind of confusion and inconsistency has expanding Beachbody’s fitness programs caused for customers and coaches?

And it was a win-win for a couple of reasons. One, people kept doing the same program over and over again. So that’s consistency, right? And they were getting amazing results from that.

What was also fantastic is the consistency you as the coach, the partner that you had for your business. You knew what the program was about. You got results from it, your clients were getting results from it, there was no confusion, you knew how to answer prospects’ questions about XYZ. And it was a no brainer, like no brainer for the client and no brainer for the coach.

But then they went off the freaking rails. Okay, everything went digital. And they at one point, I believe in 2021 it was, that would make sense because 2019, 2020, those were like banner years.

And then the beginning of 2021 was also very profitable. Obviously, you know what was happening during those times. Right? But they had 6 standalone programs that year. Okay. And do you know what happens when you try to make everyone happy?

No one is happy. Okay. I mean, they went from, like, everything from a 45 minute workout, oh, that’s too long for some people. Here’s a 20 minute workout.

Oh, here’s a program that the trainer is going to cuss at you and it’s gonna be a heart attack. Fantastic program, by the way, best trainer we have in the library, but I digress. To oh, that’s too hard for you? That’s that too gritty?

Oh, okay. Well, here’s a barre class where you’re gonna be, you know, floating along like a little fairy and you know, using 1 pound weights. Like, literally, when you try to make everyone happy, no one is happy and you’re gonna lose your freaking shirt when it comes to business because you’re marketing not 1, not 2, but 6 different programs in the year, you’re paying the trainers an exorbitant amount of money.

It’s obscene I get it and I don’t begrudge anyone for like I said, like, I get it and I don’t begrudge anyone for like I said, like for selling out or making money and coming from nothing, making success of themselves, I get it.

I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t do the same thing. I wouldn’t do the same thing if I were in their shoes.

But like, from a business mindset, at the end of the day, I just can’t wrap my head around. It’s kinda like, you know, NBA players and football players and all that making, you know, half a $1,000,000,000 on a 10 year contract. Like, really? Stop it.

Like, you’re playing a scripted sport, but I digress. Okay. So they’re paying these trainers a ton of money.

You have the studio time, you have filming, editing. Not to mention, like, why this was an issue is that you were feeding into the customers, like, undiagnosed or maybe misdiagnosed ADHD because in the past, they were doing the same program over and over again, right?

And like I said, it yielded results like the proof is in the freaking pudding.

Why might sticking with proven methods be beneficial?

That’s why so many of our businesses just had this amazing launchpad 10 years ago, because it worked. And it’s not to say these programs don’t work.

But like, when you’re program hopping and you’re going from 1 to the next to the next, instead of focusing on that old formula that you know worked, well, guess what happened?

They spent a ton of stupid money and then people stopped getting those amazing results that they once had because, like I said, consistency plus time yields results. So they started talking…. so the customer started feeling like, well, this doesn’t work. It works, homie.

You just have to do it.

And then the people who sign up as coaches because they don’t have as many results to share, right? They start feeling like the business opportunity doesn’t work. MLMs are a joke. No, also false. 

And so I just can’t, I couldn’t and to this day still couldn’t wrap my head around like, why did we drift away from what we knew worked? And when you’re creating all these programs, how many freaking times you’re gonna reinvent the wheel?

I mean, a squat is a squat. The deadlift is a deadlift. A chest press is a chest press. I mean, and trying to come up with all these different ways. It’s like, it just became too much. And it was confusion galore.

Beachbody Stationary Bikes vs Peleton Bikes

And don’t get me started on the freaking bikes. Okay? Now listen, I love my stationary bike. And I’ll be the first to tell you that I got one, namely because it was associated with Beachbody. It was a better bike too than the Peloton. So like that, you know, kind of sealed it for me. But like, let’s be real, I did it because I was like, I believe in this company.

Everything that I’ve ever done with this company has worked, like why wouldn’t this and also, to be real, Peloton is just too woke for me. So I just, I couldn’t, I couldn’t hop on board with the Peloton train.

But I still to this day believe that the bikes were one of the dumbest and most financially draining investments the company made. You know, you have to think about a dipping economy where first of all, not everyone can afford a $1300 bike.

You had a shift where society was going back to normal. So they wanted to be in those sweaty classes, strapping in their little shoes, you know, SoulCycle, yada yada, they didn’t want to work at home. You had rising costs, shipping, gas, you know, trying to find people to work in general. Storage, rent for all these, warehouses where they just store the bikes.

And, you know, I have been doing this a long time. And those of us who were in the upper threshold of sales, because that’s ultimately what this is, right? Like, we knew how to sell, you know, do sales and market ourselves and our company and our product.

But like, the reason why there’s so few strong leaders and then there’s, you know, people on a team is because not everyone can do that. And I know as a leader, it would be difficult sometimes to even motivate some of the people on my team to really put themselves out there and do the things to sell a basic challenge pack, if you will, for $160.

Your team is not investing in a $1300 bike

So the baseline was always like 3 a month, right? So do we really think that we’re gonna have an entire network of people pumping out freaking $1300 bikes? Stop it.

Like, no, it’s just not gonna happen. And recently, this is like within the last month or so, they are now talking how they’re gonna remove the licensed music, once again, cost. Cut, cut, cut.

They’re gonna remove that from the workouts like the cycle rides and many of the stand alone workouts that they had on the live platform. And, I mean, I’m sure the board is the one that’s pushing for that, because that’s literally the antithesis of where we were when the whole platform came out like it was, hey, this is great, you have live music, this is the music you listen to on the radio, and now we’re taking it away from people, but whatever.

That’s a big 180 and a red flag for me. But when it comes to cycling, hello, like if you go to any spin class or if you’ve done it whether it’s in person or you know, on a Peloton, on a mixed bike, whatever, like, the main motivator is the dang music.

So now you’re gonna take it away and put this like wack elevator music to it, you know, like, anyway, the bike, major loss leader. Major loss leader.

You know, and all this aside, okay, these things happen.

You take risks in business and sometimes in life too, right? And sometimes you’re rewarded and sometimes you fail. That’s just the way it goes.

And there needs to be a balance between knowing what works and sticking with that and making sure it’s always in your wheelhouse, but then also not being a dinosaur and learning how to evolve and go out of the box.

You need to stay relevant. And you need to stay relevant in order to stay profitable. But also, in order to be profitable, you have to still kinda do some of the things that you used to do that you know work, right? Like it’s like I said, it’s a balancing act.

And they’re needed to be something new and trendy, which to this day, I still can’t understand why we haven’t tapped into the 20 something generation. So those gals who are in their mid to late twenties, right, with a new hot sexy trainer and why we keep sticking with the old ones.

I’m not saying they weren’t great. I’m not saying the programs didn’t change lives, But like, what are we doing? And the company is creating these like lame ass Instagram commercials with the trainers dressed up like they’re in a Saved by the Bell episode or Back to the Future.

Do you know when those movies and shows came out? The late eighties, early nineties. So when you know, that’s when I was born. I was born in 86.

So that’s 20 years before Generation Z was ever born. Right? So those people who you need to keep your company alive, right, and thriving, Because once again, it circles back to that, you know, when I was saying earlier about how those people who company hop, they’re not pulling in a new pool of people, they’re they’re pulling from the same old sludge.

You need new people. I see this all the time in the golf industry. It’s like, the old guard can’t understand why… so for example, in golf, if you don’t know, like, there’s an 18 hole association usually and a 9 hole association for both men and women.

But clearly, 18 holes is double the amount of time and people just don’t have the same amount of time that they once did, for a couple reasons. Their time is just spent doing different things, traveling, maybe they’re still working, you know, like 30 years ago, to be real with you, if you were playing 18 holes as a lady, you probably didn’t work.

You were a stay at home mom and your husband was just killing it on Wall Street or whatever he did and you didn’t have to work. Well, now, twofold, either the women have to work because they’re single parents or whatever, their spouse, you know, they’re widowed or there’s just they’re empowered to have their own finances and their CEO these women are CEOs and CFOs and they’re sitting on boards.

They just don’t have the time. So you need to have the younger guard of the, you know, 40 year olds, and 50 year olds versus the 70 and 80 year olds come into these associations to keep it alive. It’s the same dang thing.

You always need to keep bringing in new bodies. It’s the church. That’s why we need to make sure that our youth is connected to the church and they are listening to worship music and they’re showing up to services and things like that.

If you don’t have that, whatever it is, a company, a country club, a church, it will die. And so it was just a multitude of things.

And then the straw that broke the camel’s back, okay, for me, because I talked about this with a group of ladies who were leaders in my network, as well as corporate mentors who, you know, I warned all of them.

And it was funny, most of those women that were partners, they left, they went to another company. You know, some corporate mentors, they left the company, some were fired, right? Cut, cut, cut. But for me, the major hit because I saw this company coming was the compensation plan.

Critique of Beachbody’s Recent Business Decisions & Compensation Plan

Now we knew that there were gonna be changes. And I’ve known and I’ve spoken out about this, and I don’t believe it’s right. There were people who have been milking the system for years years, like, literally, never showing up to a conference, not talking about the products, throwing up a success club board, you know, once a month that they’re basically their assistant put together, like, having no idea what sales were going on. Recruitment, forget it.

That wasn’t even a word in their vocabulary. And I don’t condone that. I think it’s wrong. And I understand why it happened because a lot of these people when they signed up were fed this dream of, you know, work really hard for a few years and then you don’t have to do anything.

I mean, is that anything in life that’s like, work really hard in the 1st few years of your marriage and then it’ll be great for the next 25, 30 years. No. Oh, put a lot of time into your kid before the age of 5 so they don’t become a dipweed. No.

You have to have a pulse on your relationships, your company, your business, etcetera. And I was never one of those people.

I’ve been promoting Beachbody for over a decade

In the over a decade that I’ve been with the company, I have constantly been promoting the programming.

I’ve gotten results time and time again with different seasons of life. My clients have, I’ve supported my team, I’ve hosted retreats, I would have the team calls, weekly emails, like if you couldn’t make it to the calls, you were still kept abreast of what was going on.

I would attend the yearly conferences. I mean, I even took my daughter to the last 2 years and flew my mom out with me to watch her so I could be there and be with my team.

But this compensation plan, these changes, I don’t care how much they gaslit people into thinking it was a good thing.

Remember, I told you, the company always looks out for itself. You can’t believe what they’re saying. And it’s not this company, it’s all companies. But the compensation plan cut my income in half, half.

Now, you’re talking to someone who at one point was making at least a quarter of a $1,000,000 per year, at least. Sometimes I made more. And now this year, I won’t even make 6 figures.

I’m someone who figured out how to maximize the compensation plan, And yet, despite all of my efforts and promoting the company and bleeding blue as we would call it and growing my team and mentorship, yada yada, I got punished for it because I did it differently.

And I won’t dive into all the details of it, because some of it is just immaterial to you.

But I just want you to imagine being so devoted to a company, a relationship, whatever, like, you know, knowing what’s going on, doing everything you can to be supportive, and then an opportunity, a relationship, whatever, that you built for over a decade that allowed you trips and help pay your bills and even, you know, provided the opportunity for you to be at home with your child, etcetera, like, right, was cut in half.

Now, this isn’t a sad story, so don’t feel sorry for me. Okay? I take everything that happens in my life, and I turn it into a learning lesson to help you.

I want you to learn from this and I want you to learn what I did, like I said, for years before the company even went public because I’m the same girl who learned out how to, like, I literally learned how to max out the compensation plan.

And, much to their chagrin, I should say, but I’m also the same girl who’s been diversifying my income for years, whether it’s been, through my talents of teaching golf, being a social influencer, and aligning with companies and promoting their products that align with me and my family and what I believe in, having my own offers to mentor people into dipping their toes into network marketing and social selling, the list goes on. But fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

And I know I’m not the only one. And while I’m not that girl who is going to company hop and try to poach my whole network into joining me, gross, or create some wack Instagram reel about how brave I am to leave my company after x amount of years.

And now I’m promoting some dumb master resale rights like I’m also not gonna be the girl out here screaming the company’s name from the rooftops like I once did when

I know that I can use my social space and my social influence to

1 – Promote myself and the talents and skills that I know I have because the proof is in the pudding.

I mean, heck, in this company alone, I hit the point 001% of the company’s financial earnings, like I was in the millionaire’s club. Not to mention other accreditations and successes I’ve had.

2 – I’m gonna use this social influence to promote other companies who serve my audience and quite frankly me in more ways than one. You know, I’m not I’m not gonna be out there screaming all about this company anymore. It’s not gonna happen, homie.

And it’s just like the company chose their profits and losses chart over the loyalty of its coaches and partners. I’m choosing how to use my skills and my time in a way that best serves my family.

And I recognized long ago that this particular company or any other company out there, quite frankly, they’re just a topping on your pizza. Okay?

They’re not the actual whole pie. You are. Your skills, your talents, your communication skills, and creativity, like, those are the pieces of you that make up the foundation, aka the dough of the pie.

All of these other opportunities, whether it’s a network marketing company, you know, a paid sponsorship deal with one particular company, you’re an affiliate for this one, like those are the cheese and the mushrooms and the pepperoni on the pie. They’re a piece of it. They’re not the whole pie. You are.

And maybe your story doesn’t match mine. I’m sure there’s certain pieces, but the whole piece of the pie, you know, the the whole thing, the whole king kaboodle, like, it’s not gonna be all in alignment, but there is something there that does.

I’m guessing that there’s a strong chance that you’ve been contemplating making more passive income instead of having to rely on that one particular project to bring in money to pay your mortgage or

You’re in sales and meeting that stressful deadline at the end of every sales quarter instead of enjoying time with your family during the holidays.

I mean, quarter 4 for so many people is just a stress ball. Or maybe you’re the person who is currently making passive income. You’re doing social selling, but you have zero clue what to do with the money when it comes in.

Or you don’t even feel like you’re managing whatever money comes in well, so your situation really hasn’t changed. So you kind of feel like you’re that hamster on the wheel spinning over and over and over again.

And like, the change that you anticipated just hasn’t happened. But I need you to remember my friend that like we truth be told, I say this till I’m blue in the face…

You are not put on this earth to be average.

You weren’t given those unique talents and skills for naught, and it’s time to make a change today. And all of this that has been transpiring now for over a year more, These changes that I’ve been going through in my business and my career, so to speak.

90-Day Financial Upgrade with Maren Crowley

That’s what’s led me to create a live group coaching program because I want to help people sift through the nonsense. Have more of a business minded focus and not the drama, you know, getting mad at someone for being all in or all out.

And I want people to be effective with their time. I want you to make more income. I don’t wanna provide you with some boring modules you never watch or ask you to invest in working with me and drop money and then never hear from me again.

I wanna actually help you with your income goals in your particular industry.

You’re gonna learn from someone who has been building multiple streams of income for over a decade. I’ve been trained to do this since I was a kid. 

Maren Crowley head shot

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