The Importance of a Website for Your Business – with Lisa Williams

December 26, 2023

Maren [00:00:07]:
One of the biggest misconceptions business owners and online social sellers have is that they think they own their real estate on social media. Spoiler alert, you don’t. The Metaverse can take it away from you at any point.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on it and if you have thousands and thousands of followers or even if you’re currently paying for that blue check mark, it doesn’t belong to you.

You know what does? Your own website. Today, we will be talking to my friend and personal website designer, Lisa Williams, about the importance of having your own website and unique domain name as a business owner.

And since this is the If You Know, You Know podcast, you know that I cannot stress enough the importance of owning your own narrative too.

In a world where you can be censored for your beliefs and you need to be authentically you to find success within social selling, having a WordPress website is imperative.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a long time. You want to tune into this podcast to learn where to start and get people to take you seriously as a business owner today, and it begins with securing your domain name and building a website.

Okay. Let’s tune in. Alright, Lisa. I’m so pumped to have you here. And for everyone to learn from your expertise, Why don’t you give everyone a background on who you are and what you do before we dive into the nitty gritty today?

Creating Your Digital Home: Lisa Williams Talks Website Importance for Business

Lisa [00:01:54]:
Sounds good. Well, thank you for having me on the podcast. My name is Lisa Williams and currently, I am a web designer for some very awesome people. Wink, wink. My husband, Steve and I… We’re a web design and marketing studio.

It’s him and I, and we maintain, host and update…. we design and build and help with business support for really small business owners, our focus area is, of course, BODi partners, Beachbody coaches, and we’ll get into that in a minute, how I kinda got to where I am today with the web design.

But, yeah, that’s what we do. We just kind of in our own little world here and we just help those business owners. Pretty much female solopreneur type business owners, creators, maybe they have a small e-commerce type but, yeah. That’s what we do now. And let me go right into where I started.

Maren [00:03:10]:
Well yeah. Because, obviously, this is a talent, right, that a lot of us don’t possess. Okay? And at the end of the day, because I used to before I started outsourcing to people like yourself, early on in my business, like, within the 1st 5 years, I understood the importance of having a website.

So that’s why I even got the domain I didn’t want anyone to take it. And I kinda started to think around and build my own.

What was, you would know? I can’t remember now because it’s been so long, but there was some kind of website design where, basically, I was learning how to code myself. Right? And I was putting it all together.

And when I tell you folks, it took forever. It literally took forever. I did it. Right? Like, I had a website. Mhmm. Oh.

Gosh. If I could think of what it is, I wish….

Lisa [00:04:14]:
There’s several. There’s, you know, Squarespace and Wix and

Maren [00:04:20]:
Oh, it was Wix. It was Wix.

Lisa [00:04:23]:
And I’m not, like, bashing Squarespace, Wix, Weebly. There’s Showit now, all of those different platforms. I’m not bashing them, but when you really want to step into that, I’m a business owner.

I need to present myself professionally, you’ve got to do that. They’re just not going to give you what you need.

Maren [00:04:48]:
It took so much time, and I can’t even imagine because I know that because I obviously know who a lot of your clients are, including myself. Right? Because I look at my life and whether it at the time, I, you know, was working multiple jobs just like I always do, but now being a mom, like, there’s only so many hours in a day.

And when you’re trying to do something that you’re not super skilled at. Like, yeah, can you learn it? For sure.

You can learn it, but it just takes time. Yeah. You know? And so alright. You kinda breadcrumbed it, that you work with team Beachbody coaches Yeah. The artist formerly known as team Beachbody, AKA BODi.

Lisa [00:05:32]:

Maren [00:05:33]:
But what made you lean towards that niche in the first place?

Why Our Niche is Web Design for BODi Partners

Lisa [00:05:39]:
So I’ll back up. Yeah. Because I know the niche, and I saw… back up to 2015, when I well, even prior to that, you know, back in the day, When Beachbody was the whole turbo jam and that kind of era, I did get the CDs.

I did kind of dabble, but it wasn’t until my cousin reached out to me and asked me to take a look at something, you know, and I didn’t know exactly what it was. I’m going to the gym and all of this stuff. And this was in, early 20 well, like May, June 2015.

I joined Beachbody with her and did 12 Day Fix – it was kinda the thing then. Right? And I still go back to that sometimes, but I joined as a full blown coach. I was just gonna help others get a discount, all that yada yada stuff. And I mean, I was blown away in 3 weeks.

I completely changed the trajectory of my health. When I think about it now, I go wow, that was such a pivotal moment in my life because I had been on so many….

I had traveled the whole losing weight, healthy food, how to eat, portion everything, roller coaster and never could quite figure it out, and it wasn’t until I had this program and these people and the support and all of that. So that’s when I started.

And I actively built my team, for a couple of years. And during that time, this is where I get into how I got here today. During that first year, I started going…

I need to put myself out there. I need to get something out there because it was all about social media.

And it was all about, you know, the hey girl, you know, messages. Oh my gosh. Don’t even get me started on that. But, you know that it was all of that. And during that time, I met different people.

I went to the summit. All of these things. But I thought I needed a way to reach people that aren’t in a DM or aren’t just in a post. So I created my own website with Squarespace.

All throughout… We talk about the gifts and the special gifts we have and the God given gifts we have. I’ve always been technology, like, I latch onto it.

I am a former teacher. I am a coach. I was always drawn to technology in my classroom and Steve, my husband, is very much… he’s all about the more the technical side, and I’m more the user side.

So we never knew how well our gifts could fit together like they did when we started this web design business, JoLi Design Solutions. I started it, but he very quickly came in, and we started doing it together.

We thought, wait a minute. We have a thing here. But I started doing all of that and the marketing and the, oh, I need a lead magnet back, you know, in the building of the Beachbody team.

And I had a small, little, mighty team and I got myself to diamond, and got my success club, I was feeling it. And it got to a point where I just said, I need something else.

This wasn’t my direct path, but I can tell you this started it.

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Maren [00:10:08]:
Right. Because I think that’s the key, and I talk about this a lot, is that people have this misconception that when they go into network marketing, they’re not allowed to talk about anything else.

They’re not allowed to do anything else. It’s all in, and I really feel like we need to break that mold.

We need to let people know that it’s okay to have other passions, other wants, other desires, and let’s be real, other sources of income because you should never put all of your eggs in 1 basket.

You know, it’s just like you as a web designer. Imagine you only had 1 client. Right? And then 1 client, for whatever reason, had to pull back or, you know, maybe they just said, I’m not doing this anymore, you’d be up a creek without a paddle.

So you obviously have multiple clients with different needs and different wants, that you can satisfy, but it’s so important.

And I love that you had that moment that, like, hey. I love this. Right? And it’s helping me, but I’m also seeing I’m actually a lot better at doing x y z.

Lisa [00:11:20]:
Yeah. And the 2nd the next x, y, z or x y, let’s just say the z is now. But the next was… there was something missing, and and I got into how the how our mind works… our subconscious mind… and how we have these habits and we try to do these things and but yet, we get to a wall and then we get set back and how do our habits and mindset and all of that play a part.

And of course, the personal growth with myself, but I got into, hypnosis and meditation and I became a certified hypnotist and people, like, oh, they freak right out when I tell them that or when I would reach out to people or when I would say this is what I’m doing.

People have their reasons, you know. And I’m not saying it’s the be all, end all, but I dove very much into it for a while and I thought that was my missing piece or a puzzle piece that I could add to helping people achieve their health goals.

Whatever those were. And so I did that and then that transformed into life coaching, but the through line for all of this was my tech skills and my tech knowledge because I created my own website.

Granted, I’m much more proficient, skilled, and knowledgeable today than I was then, but I got it out there. I did it. I learned.

I learned about email marketing and tying everything together and opt-ins and communicating on the website and it was all just for me but it taught me so much about the power of having your own space.

Importance of Owning a Website and Domain

Maren [00:13:11]:
Right. Because we don’t own you and I talk about this all the time. We don’t own our social media. We like to think we do. Yeah. Just you know, because we have x amount of followers on there or, you know, this reel went viral or we have, you know, thousands and thousands of posts.

But at the end of the day, and I can speak to this as someone who has been heavily shadow banned, threatened to have you know, the metaverse has threatened to kick me off their platform Right. Multiple times.

The importance of having your own space and having your own domain that you can always link people to.

And to be real, like, I’m not trying to be a snot here, but anyone and everyone can have an Instagram account. Like, your dog Instagram account.

But there’s a level of authenticity, and like, hey, I’m a real business owner, when you can say to someone, hey, you can reach me at And then they go to it and they’re like, oh, wow. You know? ~Maren

There’s all these tools and resources here versus Instagram. I mean, it’s not that Instagram’s bad, and it’s definitely something that we utilize, but at the end of the day, you’ve really honed this into me.

This is your space. This is who you are.

This conversation is for someone to encourage them to obviously build a business. 

And this, this isn’t something that, like, I do believe everyone should start, you know, obviously, building a social media, but let’s explain to them the importance of having a website.

No matter if you’re starting out, because you had 1 when you were starting out, and then, obviously, as you grow and you do it as long as I have, nearly a decade, the importance of it.

Like, why should everyone have it is what I’m trying to get at because I think a lot of people think, you know, the enemy gets in their head, like, I’m not big enough for it.

I don’t have enough to share. Who am I to have a website? Right? So let’s talk about that.

Business Ownership and Having Control Over Your Digital Space – Your Website

Lisa [00:15:22]:
Deep breath because iit’s a big… it’s the thing I’m so passionate about, and that’s why I’m here doing what I do. And I can’t see myself now doing anything else.

And, clearly, this is a business that I can run till the end of my day because it’s not you know, like, it just is what it is.

So, how you said the importance of your website versus social media is that, 1, like we just said, you don’t own any social media, and and I will go to say that if you’re on Squarespace, Showit, any of these others, you don’t own that either, which some people go, what?

I don’t own my website. No. You don’t because it’s on their platform.

When you have a WordPress website, which is the only type of website we’ll do now, I started out with Squarespace, but quickly moved because I just realized the importance of it. And, the importance of having your own website is, 1, it is your space and you own it.

Having Authenticity and Narrative Control Through A Personal Website

Owning a website allows you to curate and control your brand’s narrative, providing an authentic space for your audience to engage with your content. ~Lisa

And you’re able to give the narrative. You’re able to control the narrative of who you are, who you serve, and what you share. And how long it stays there, you can have any kind of website you want.

Now that doesn’t mean that we’re gonna host it and I’m gonna design it. I have my, you know, parameters of websites that we will do, but you can do anything you want, and it is a level of authenticity.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you have a business and you have a free Gmail address that you’re using. I will say that it is like nails on a chalkboard because if you’re literally just starting and you just wanna get people, like, emailing you or you just wanna get something. Okay.

But you’re a month into this? Like, literally, I’m gonna start my business, and I’m 30 days in.

Lisa [00:17:44]:
I need to have a professional email address for $7 a month. Go do it. Quit complaining about it. Like, just go do it. The other is when you don’t you have all of this great content on social media and a lot of our clients do. I’ve said it to you before.

You have this great content, we have to do something with it, because people are on your Instagram and other social media. That’s great, but again, at the end of the day, like, where is that content after they’ve seen it once.

It’s a kind of a rabbit hole that they’ve gotta go find things. It’s really hard. It’s time consuming for people. Click on a link and get it all right there and your website. It’s just, it grounds you into taking that step into owner business ownership.

Maren [00:18:44]:
Well, I like what you said about how you control what’s on there and for how long. So for example, yesterday, I went and did some photos because I’m rebranding my website, and I’m changing what my messaging is and, you know, what my offers are.

And it’s more focused on what I’m personally offering versus, you know, the team element and building that side of the business because I am evolving and growing and creating my own offers, and I think that that’s so cool because you get to change. You’re not a tree. Right?

Like, you always get to grow and move and do what you want. And to your point about falling down the rabbit hole, how many times do you literally find something on Instagram?

Maybe you send it to a friend or something like that. Or like, this happens all the time in my family. My mom will say, hey, did you see the link on such and such? And I’m like, you know, no.

It, like, got lost in the tags. It got lost in the DMs. I forget where you go through you’re scrolling through and you really like something. Do they give you the option to save things? For sure.

But then how many times I know this happens all the time to content creators because it happens I save sounds, I save whatever, and I don’t even go back to it sometimes because the world of social media It’s so trending.

Everything’s changing, like, literally day by day.

Maren [00:20:19]:
So I may save a trending sound or whatever the topic is, right? Mhmm. And by the time I get around to it, 3 days, 4 days later, it’s not trending anymore. So I saved something. It’s useless. Right? I can’t even use it. Right.

And I love how you say that it’s something that people can go back to. It’s something that’s easily shareable, because a lot of times within social media… my husband is a perfect example.

My husband’s not on social media. So if I wanted to share something with him, I can’t.

I think that they allow you to, like, open 1 or 2 things at a time, and then they’re like, oh, you have to sign up with an account.

So for him, if I could send him a link to someone’s blog or something from their website, he can go back to it and he can, you know, refer to it where and even see it in the 1st place because he’s not on social.

So I think that that’s super, super important. Now when it comes to that, I wanna stress because like I said, this is overwhelming for people, and I think sometimes they think that, like I said, they don’t know how necessary it is, and am I even worthy of it?

Like, I know that thought goes over and over the heads, but people finding you in your content, can you talk more to that, like, about how our reach is actually so much bigger than we think when we have our own website.

Lisa [00:21:47]:
It is. And so I’ll back up. We’ve got you and a couple of our other clients at one level of design, of functionality, of reach, of you know, you’re at one level.

And then we have other clients that are just starting building a business, like, it is so important to secure your domain name.

The Importance of Online Presence for Businesses: “It is so important to secure your domain name. And literally to have one or two pages of a website. That you can, again, be full blown transparent, be authentic of who you are, what you do, who you do it for, And how they can reach you.” — Lisa

That is probably the biggest thing because, like you said, your husband’s not on social. So if he wants to reach, you know, somebody, it is finding them online. If they don’t have a website, then they’re nonexistent to him as many people.

So even one or two pages in putting that link in your bio. Like, that link in your …especially if you’re very active on Instagram, that link in your bio is one of the most important pieces of information that you can have for your account.

Now I’m not an Instagram expert. Like, I don’t have to ask my almost 27 year old daughter, like, how do I get to someone’s stories once I don’t see them anymore?

But have even just that one or two pages, just for instance, we have an Instagram link in bio service, little offer, that it’s that’s what it is.

It’s literally your own domain that you control. You don’t get the ame with Linktree, Milkshake, whatever link in bio.

You don’t own that. If that goes down, there’s nothing you can do. You have to wait till the Linktree people put it back up. So even if it’s just go to Squarespace and get a starter page. You know?

But, I mean, like, just get something that you can have a domain to start because that’s the thing too is once you have that domain, you can Google starts to see you.

Lisa [00:24:29]:
And you’re adding maybe just a page or an article blog at a time. They Google, I say they, whoever Google is, starts to see you, and that’s where you start building that momentum so that when you want to go to that next level, you’re already established online.

Maren [00:26:16]:
Right. And I can definitely attest to that because I’ve been sharing with Lisa that… obviously, if you’re a listener here and if you haven’t listened to the episode, I highly recommend you do, but I’m a big advocate for informed consent and, specifically, as a rh negative mom for the rhogam shot.

That is by far one of my most popular podcast episodes. It is by far my most findable content, right, because it is so niched down. You know?

Us Rh negative people are very small in the world and then think about rh negative pregnant women. Right? That’s an even smaller group of people, but they’re finding my content because what are they doing?

They’re going to Google, and they’re typing in rhogam shot information.

Maren [00:27:15]:
Do I need to take the rhogam shot? Because that’s the thing. Think about how you write into Google. You know, you’re writing the way that you think and speak. You know, it’s very informal. And then what happens is all of a sudden, and it’s growing. Lisa and I have been tracking it. Like, maybe I’m not the 1st link.

Right? The NIH is probably the first link. Right. But with that being said, maybe I was just making this up. I have no idea where I stand. Maybe I was on the 5th or 6th page of Google, but now I’m moving up to the 4th, and now I’m moving up to the 3rd.

And the more traction it gets, the more people are going to see that, and I think that that’s so important because, moving back to what we were saying about social media, is we’re in a time where people are very present on their phones, but I do feel like people are removing themselves from social media a little bit. But they still Google.

Lisa [00:28:15]:
They still Google and when you Google, like, it is when I’m googling the rhogam or, you know, those little phrases… look. You’re not gonna beat NIH.

And so you just have to play the game as well as you can play the game. But at the same time, you have this one episode but we are, and I say we because we’re doing it together.

The key is to circle back around to that, so that Google begins to see that you are talking about this specific topic. Right.

And Google begins to see that, oh, Maren Crowley talks about this and this. And so people are searching for this. Therefore, you know, then you climb up the ranks, so to speak.

But people also, when they, when the people, the ladies that you have shared with me, like I just love it. It gives me warm fuzzies.

They reach out to you. They’re not, those women are not searching, they’re not looking for the NIH websites. Right. They’re looking for you. They’re looking for people like them.

Maren [00:29:42]:
Right. Big entity. Because I don’t think especially people on this particular topic or most topics that I speak about, they have this level of distrust with these big agencies and they’re already going against the grain and they say.

I know what they’re trying to tell me I should do, but in my gut, I know it’s not what I feel like I should be doing. God’s, like, leading me in a different direction.

So who can I learn from that has walked through it and can kind of give me the opposite perspective, so to speak? And the other thing too is, like I said, like, think about how you search.

As a user, you’re not going on Instagram and typing in Rhogam, for an example. Right?

I have had a couple of people that have used Facebook groups. So this is, like, another bonus too is that I’m in a couple of different, so I had a gal reach out to me this past weekend, and I always ask them because I’m very interested because they slide into my DMs because I’m telling them where to find me.

Right? Find me on Instagram because that is namely where I hang out. They’ll message me, and I can see that they’re a brand new follower or it’s a first time message. And so we’ll obviously start talking about this particular topic.

And then I always ask them, how did you find me? Because that’s my own feedback. Right? It’s my own you know?

And it’s nine times out of 10, it’s Google, you know, or I you know, I found your blog from Google.

I’ve had a couple say that they’ve typed in rhogam, because this goes back to the search engine optimization. We’ll talk about that in a second, so people understand what that is.

So they’ll type in rhogam and my episode pulls up because it is a very highly listened to episode or, and this is where I stress the importance of this, they will find me in some kind of crunchy mom group on Facebook.

Now the reason why they are able to find that content isn’t because I’m some user who just types in a comment because thousands of people can do that on anything.

What sets me apart is that I can share with them the blog post that I created. I can share with them the podcast episode and automatically that gives me a level of authority over someone else’s comment.

Lisa [00:32:21]:
100%. That’s another huge bonus, or or or advantage. I wouldn’t even call it a bonus. An advantage of having that content on your website and available is because it gives you the ability to share your expertise, your opinion, your stance, your beliefs, your view, whatever you wanna call it.

Maren sitting in booth outside with business materials

Business Opportunity

I want to offer you the opportunity to work with me so I can show you how you can have an online business that isn’t spammy.

Want to learn more about how I’m helping those I mentor stand out effectively online while creating financial flexibility with the available time in their schedule?

It gives you that ability and it is that level of authority that says look, this is me. Here’s what I have. Take it or leave it.

Even if you’re in the DMs and that’s great. I tell, you know, clients and different people that I talk with all the time, like, stay.

Do what you’re doing on Instagram, but we need to pull out some of that greatness and put it over here to where it’s always available.

We have a client. She is a BODi partner. She shares a lot of recipes, very much in the nutrition for moms of smaller, younger children and how to make simple, easy meals and she’s very much sharing a lot of that now. I just had had enough. I said we have to take these recipes and somehow get them on your website.

So that’s what we’ve started to do. Because now they can go to the website, they can get the recipe that they want. We’re doing a little bit at a time. Right.

But they’re going to go there, get the recipe, be able to print it out, and now they’re not having to go, wait, but where did I save that recipe on Instagram? Where is it?

And how easy it is to follow a recipe on Instagram, right? How easy is it? It’s just not. Right.

Maren [00:34:14]:
It goes too fast. You have to hit watch again. It’s too much. It’s just

Lisa [00:34:18]:
Like you have to read this, you know, this is just it’s very nice and we did it in a way on her website that allows the user to to print it, to go to the recipe to print it, to see everything, a picture, and the little Instagram video is there.

Maren [00:34:34]:
Right. So that’s what’s so cool. You know, a lot of times, people will say, I don’t have the bandwidth to do network marketing. You know? They feel as though they’re gonna be tethered to the phone.

Now the first thing is I believe that so many people are not effective with their time on social media, so that’s something that you first learn… how to have boundaries with and understand that this is a job. You know?

And my husband understands. I’m instilling it into my daughter. Like, mommy has to work right now. Mommy’s not just dinking around on her phone.

I’m, you know, I’m doing content creation. I’m having conversations because that is a big hurdle for people And you definitely need to kind of check yourself on your time on social.

With that being said, if you notice what we’re talking about, whether it’s if you no one says you have to have a podcast. No one says that you have to create a blog every week, right?

Lisa [00:35:34]:
I’m shaking my head no. And now I’m real Yeah, I’m realizing no one can see me, But no. You don’t.

Maren [00:35:42]:
And you’re just repurposing content that people can refer back to. So for example, I’m 20 months postpartum. This is a perfect example.

Today, I opened my phone, and you know how you get notifications for different groups that you’re in.

I got a notification for this particular gosh. We keep, like, beating this dead horse about rhogam, but it’s just a perfect example. I opened my Facebook.

I get a notification just showing me whatever is the latest posted in this particular group that I’m in for Rh negative moms, and it’s a new mom she posted nine minutes ago.

And she is, you know, battling the idea of taking the shot. She knows in her gut that it’s not the right thing. K?

So right away, I can boom. Here’s my podcast episode. Boom. Here’s my blog on it.

Like, I have it so readily available at any point in time where these are recurring things in your life, and that’s what Lisa’s saying is that you you focus on what makes you you because you narrow it down to these pillars so that you can constantly regurgitate this information to people and that it’s there. It’s that hub, even more so a lot more so than me doing.

I’ve done Instagram lives on it. I’ve done, you know, I’ve done a post. Doesn’t matter. I have these major keys of my blog post that’s attached to my website, my podcast episode, also attached to my website that people can find.

Now, obviously, we’ve talked about how you are aligned with a lot of BODi partners. Now I personally believe that network marketing should be a stream of income for everyone.

I do believe they need to be aligned with whatever the company’s programming is and products, in order to be successful, but I’m also very biased when it comes to BODi and Beachbody because of how you’re working on your fitness, you’re working on your nutrition, you’re working on your mindset.

What would you say to encourage people about what you learned in that sphere that you have been able to translate into your full time business now, whether it’s for yourself personally or how you’re able to serve your clients and kinda understand their messaging, who they’re trying to help, yada yada yada.

Building a Network Marketing Business Led To Helping BODi Partners Connect With Their Audience Online Via Their Own Website

Lisa [00:38:32]:
Yeah, it’s twofold because for me, I do BODi now, not as, not as consistent as I’d like to be but you know, seasons and different things. So I have that and I’m, and I do all the things, but being being the coach and being, you know, in the space for the few years, I would say probably 2017, 2018 is when I started finding myself kind of weaning off of that, coming out of that business building with the Beachbody, and getting into the other things.

But always having that throughline of health and wellness and just feeling good about myself and being able to be healthy. And the personal growth part, I never really, you know, was that consistent with any of that and just the books

When I started reading and the things I started listening to, all that has carried through. And then it transitions into being able to understand the nature of BODi, like the business piece of it.

And although it’s changed, I had to go, wait a minute. What’s going on now? Like, the whole, you know, formerly known as, like that whole time period, I was like, wait, what?

All of these websites need to be updated. Like what are we gonna do, you know? And the thing is that, again if we go back to the Google deal, we have a whole page, a whole landing page dedicated to Beachbody coaches on our website, specifically addressing the needs of BODi partners, right?

And so understanding the business myself to a degree and then coming and helping others.

I learn every day from our clients that are you, you know, like you, that are in the business.

And so it’s easy for me to say that’s just what I do. That’s what I focus on. I mean, we have clients that are in other types of businesses as well, but this is where the majority of our clients are and we understand it. We’re efficient.

We are effective. Make it easy for you to go out and do your thing.

Maren [00:41:25]:
Yeah. Exactly.

The Importance of Establishing Yourself In Network Marketing With Your Own Website

Lisa [00:41:27]:
That’s the thing. It’s like going back to the foundation, even if you’re just starting, network marketing, whatever it is, but we’ll stay with the BODi.

If you’re just starting, it’s so important to just establish yourself and say you know what? I’m doing this. Right now, this is what I’m doing.

I can begin to share who I am because you’ll see on our website, you’re more than a BODi partner. You’re more than that. I’m kind of jumping, but the link being that it was Beachbody, people still search for Beachbody.

People haven’t made that full transition. So you can’t go and change everything on your website to just eliminate Beachbody off of there, the word, because you’re going to just Google’s gonna be like, oh, she’s not doing that anymore.

I mean, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen overnight.

Maren [00:42:31]:

Lisa [00:42:32]:
But… So you’ve gotta be gentle with your website as well, with what you’re putting on there. So understanding the business has really helped, but being healthy at the end of the day, you’re not gonna do anything if you don’t remain healthy. Right? Exactly. I got that answer. That’s kind of a roundabout.

Maren [00:42:59]:
No. It’s because I think it’s very important, like, just mentioning you don’t just rip the Band Aid off if there’s a name change, logo change, or a season of your life change.

Like, all of a sudden, you know, you go from having no kids to one kid to two kids to changing to this career. You know?

It’s like there has to be some kind of link that leads people to know what your history is even though you’re rebranding and have these conversations solved.

Maren sitting in booth outside with business materials

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Lisa [00:43:31]:
You’re in it, you’re in it right now or just starting to get in it right now. You’re not gonna, like, just take everything out. Yeah. Right. And just go, whoop, everything’s changed. No, you finesse it, you know? And that’s

Maren [00:43:38]:
For sure.

Lisa [00:43:39]:
That’s why it’s important to bring somebody on your team. I mean, I’m honored to be able to help the clients that we help. I truly am. It’s just a joy every day.

But if you know, and whoever it is, it’s important to have somebody to help you navigate that online space because

Maren [00:43:57]:
For sure.

Lisa [00:43:58]:
There’s so many variables and if you DIY it, like you said at the very beginning, you’re gonna run into trouble because it’s not your expertise. I’m not gonna come in and make your Instagram reels… for sure.

Maren [00:44:11]:

Lisa [00:44:13]:
So, you know, it’s just a team.

Maren [00:44:15]:
It’s about leaning on other people who are better and have more skills in these arenas. And then, also, like I always preach, this is a tax write off as a business owner.

It is something you’re outsourcing. It is a way for you to gain time back into your life.

Time is the only resource that you can’t get more of, and having these people on your marketing team is only to your benefit.

Maren [00:44:44]:
Well, I appreciate you. Thank you for coming on. Where can people find you, Lisa? And if they had questions, if they were interested in building, you know, their own website and working with you, where can what’s the best way for them to reach you?

Starting a Website Doesn’t Require A Huge Investment

Lisa [00:44:59]:
So, yeah, our website, of course. But let me just say that it doesn’t have to be… I don’t want people to get, like, freaked out that, oh, I’m just starting.

I don’t have, you know, this bank role to invest in all of these different things… it doesn’t take a lot to really take you far. Right.

Like it’s it’s just like you said, it’s a tax rewrite off. It’s a business. It’s an investment in yourself.

Instead of spinning the wheels everywhere else, because you’re losing time, you’re losing money and you’re losing authority.

Really, you’re not generating that momentum.

If you have any questions at all, I’m an open book. Our blog has a lot of answers for people. That’s another big, you know, advantage of having your space, but, of course, it’ll be in the show notes and will be on the transcript of the episode.

Maren [00:45:56]:

Lisa [00:45:57]:
I just laugh. It’s such a joy. I wish people could see my face right now. I’m just like, laughing because it’s so so fun to see all of this traction and all of this growth.

Maren [00:46:13]:
I can attest that you do a fantastic job. It is professional. It is clean. It’s user friendly. It’s all of the things, and I just really appreciate you, and I’m very grateful to have you be a part of the team.

Lisa [00:46:31]:
Gosh. I love it. I love it. And we wouldn’t have met. I mean, I was maintaining and doing your website before you knew I was doing it because you’re a friend of ours that was working with you at the time and that’s how I met several clients and through that so relationship building jumped back to network marketing and relationships and just people, building each other up.

That’s how I met her – through Beachbody and through that work that I was doing there, but, yeah, it’s so fun. So

Maren [00:47:16]:
Yep. God puts people and opportunities in your life for a reason, and this is just social proof of that.

Lisa [00:47:26]:
I agree. I’ll just share a short story because I feel like it’s a testament to our business to the way to our core values that, in this business got its name, Jo and then Li, with my mom’s my late mom’s first name is JoAnn. Of course, my name is Lisa.

And a few years ago, a few years before 2019, my mom did a lot of needle points and little wood crafts and stuff, and we were going to start an Etsy store and sell all her stuff. You know? I was just like, mom, do this, you know? And, we were gonna call it JoLi Creations. And she came up with the name.

And so that never came to fruition. But in January of 2019 is when my mom passed and I went to Michigan. I drove up to Michigan. I was driving up there to take care of her since she had been diagnosed with lung cancer. I got up there and the next morning she passed. It was just the craziest experience, and I was completely knocked off my rocker.

And I just took a whole stock of my life, And I said, I’m not where I need to be. And I didn’t have all the words for it right then, but I was very much into spirituality and I’ve grown in my connection with God since then.

And I just knew that there was something else out there that I needed to hone in everything that I’ve learned and everything that I’ve been trying to do.

And in April of that year is when I started this web design business and it was really just taking a step back and praying and just sitting and quiet and like, just chucking everything that I had been doing, completely shutting it down and just starting this but, of course, taking everything that I learned.

So I guess the message there is, like, you don’t have to stay stuck. Like, you don’t have to stay. If you’re just spinning your wheels, like, just step back. I mean…

Maren [00:50:02]:
That’s powerful.

Lisa [00:50:03]:
Cut everything out and just step back and just, like, it’ll come to you.

Maren [00:50:10]:
Mhmm. For sure.

Lisa [00:50:11]:
And it’s just it’s been, it hasn’t been all just like a smooth, you know, joy ride the last almost 5 years, but it’s business, right?

Maren [00:50:21]:
Yeah. Life’s not, business’s not.

Lisa [00:50:24]:
Nothing is, and so, yeah. So Yeah. So I hope I can leave people with this and follow your heart because everything else will, will come.

Maren [00:50:36]:
Well, thank you, my friend. I appreciate you.

Lisa [00:50:38]:
Thank you, Maren.

Maren [00:50:39]:
Alright. Make sure everyone you tune in next week and also all of the show notes will be on the website. Lisa always gets after me that I need to be saying that more, but the show notes are on the website and just appreciate you being here.

Lisa [00:50:54]:
Thank you. I appreciate it very much. We’ll talk to you soon.

Lisa Williams - JoLi Design Solutions - holding coffee standing in front of coffee shop

Meet Lisa Williams

Lisa and her husband Steve are ready to help you grow your business with confidence and ease. They’re passionate about crafting websites that work for you and equip you with a solid, secure foundation to build your business the way you desire.

JoLi Design Solutions provides effective website design, marketing solutions, and systems that will amplify your influence and facilitate the seamless growth of your business with assurance and simplicity.

If you wanna get more of this type of content, make sure you follow me on Instagram at @macrowley. And if you love this episode, let me know by tagging me on IG or even leaving a podcast review. See you next week.

If you wanna get more of this type of content, make sure you follow me on Instagram at @macrowley. And if you love this episode, let me know by tagging me on IG or even leaving a podcast review. See you next week.

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