Tips for Juggling Business, Family, and Social Media Presence

June 4, 2024

Today, I created a reels during nap time. By the way, always batch that content whenever you can. I literally just change my top and go and record. And the best times are when you’ve already been dressed and have your hair and makeup done, like, that is the way to just kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Take my advice. K? Alright. Moving on. But this reels trend that I was using, it’s a sound clip.

Using Popular Trends for Social Media Content

It’s from Reese Witherspoon’s film Legally Blonde. And then it leads into Beyonce’s song, Diva, when it talks about how Diva is a female version of a hustler. Alright. I gotta not say anymore for, heaven forbid, copyright infringement.

But if you’re not familiar with the film character that Reese plays, her name is Elle Woods, and she’s this ditzy sorority girl who is trying to win back her ex boyfriend and impress him by getting into Harvard Law because that’s, you know, where he’s going for his graduate program. And the clip that they pull from it is him saying to her, like, you got into Harvard Law and she replies back, what?

Like, it’s hard. Now just as a sidebar, I take sound bites like this all the time, and then I use them in contacts for my business to create content to share about my mentorship. It is such a fantastic way to reach your target market no matter what your target market is or what it is you’re promoting.

Now for me, it is drawing in my market of millennial moms, hence, the Legally Blonde reference. Okay? I’m sure everyone in my age bracket has seen that movie, and it’s targeting those who are looking to create more income for their families. Hence, the Beyonce song reference of diva.

Integration of music to tell a story and engage audience

And I cannot tell you how important it is to you, like, for you to use music, to tell your story when you’re creating your content. People just are drawn to it. They gravitate towards it like a moth to the flame.

And when you think about it, like, why do you think certain songs are used in advertisements on TV, in the background of podcasts? I mean, they win Oscars and all these other awards for the score of the movie too because it just really brings the people in to the story that’s being told. It drives it home.

So don’t don’t think that, oh, well, you know, half my people listen to my content with no sound on while they’re on the toilet. Okay. Many do, which is why it’s so important to have that text on your reel itself and, obviously, in the content you’re writing in long form, and for them to comment on.

But many people do like hearing the sound, so I’m all for it. Make sure you save all those audios. Okay.

So how did I use this particular bit, so to speak? People constantly are asking me, how are you able to do x, y, z?

Balancing Multiple Roles through Integration: A Realistic Approach to Juggling Business and Personal Life

How do you wear so many hats from working full time in the golf industry, running my own coaching program on top of my full time network marketing business and affiliate opportunities, but also making sure that I’m a present wife and mom.

So I wanted to use this clip to talk about that because the reality is, well, for Reese’s character being, you know, so naive to the fact that it is difficult to get into Harvard.

I’m not naive when it comes to the idea of doing it all. You know, some people will use the term I have balance in my life or the harmony puke. Like, me, I don’t use those words. And instead, I use the word integration because that’s what true business owners do.

I’m not naive to think that we can do it all because I don’t believe we can. I believe we integrate these different facets of our life into one big conglomerate so that it can work cohesively. That’s literally what the definition of integration is.

When we combine one thing with another, so that it can become a whole thing together while also allowing for all different types of people to be equal in participation of the group community or whatever it is that you are putting together, facilitating, etcetera.

Involve your family in your business

And in this reel, I showcased how I’ve taken all of my businesses and financial opportunities, whether it’s me being a golf professional, my network marketing business and social selling, my podcast, you name it. And more.

And I’ve made it a family affair. Now, by no means, am I making my husband who has no social media, okay, or my children, who I do not share names, photos, or any kind of information about them on social media, be the face of my business, but they are certainly part of it, a large part of it.

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Golf. Okay. Well, yes. It does help that my husband is also a PGA professional, but we make sure that our daughter goes with us to the golf course and the driving range.

She sees us get ready for work every day in our golf clothes, and she knows mommy get ready for work, daddy going to work. She watches golf on TV with us weekly. We always tease her if she’s asking for it on Tuesday.

We’re like, nope. You gotta wait till Thursday. And she even has her own set of plastic clubs and a custom design masters caddy uniform with her name on it. She understands that that is what we do for a living.

Teaching Children Value of Work By Integrating Them Into Your Business

Now when it comes to my other job of being an influencer or mentor, she’s been there from the start, whether it’s been watching me work out since she was 5 weeks old.

She was my own personal 10 pound dumbbell. Seeing me film my Instagram stories now that she can speak, you know, in these full sentences, which is still wild to me.

She’s only, gosh, 27 months, but she does. She’ll say, mommy mommy talk on phone. I’d be quiet.

She understands this is work. She knows when I record my podcast, same thing that it’s time to hang out with daddy or Gigi and grampy and, you know, she’s used to being quiet. She doesn’t open the door anymore.

She’ll ask, are you all done? Like, she’ll or I can hear her say in the background, mommy all done? Like, she understands.

And she’s even attended my annual conference with my network marketing company, where she worked out with me and the trainers, and she met my fellow business partners.

She has been there through it all, and I believe it is so important that our children recognize our hard work. First, they need to understand that the roof over their head, the toys they get, etcetera, are all due to sweat equity and grit.

There’s literally nothing worse than a bratty kid. Bratty kids turn into bratty adults, and we certainly have enough issues with entitlement in our country right now. And it literally all starts at home, so we need to be the change that we wanna see in the world and make a concerted effort to change this.

Secondly, I want my daughter and her future sibling to know that anytime that I am away from her, whether it’s physically at work or if I have to be away for, you know, when I’ve done, like, a photo shoot, whatever.

You know? Whenever I’m not in the home or even when I am in the home, when I go into my office to record or I have a business Zoom call, it’s due to me working to provide for our family.

And this was a conversation that my husband and I had years ago when I was pushing really hard for some business goals within my network marketing company. We had a discussion about how sacrificing time with one another was just part, you know, like a means to an end, so to speak.

So I would be, you know, he he understood. I’m gonna be on calls. Team calls, corporate calls, you know, I had to take time to go on business trips versus taking those days as vacation time for the 2 of us. Whatever, you know, you name it.

I basically had to do it in order to get to where I wanted to go within the business because there’s only 20, you know, 24 hours in a day.

Prioritizing and Sacrificing for Business Goals

So there’s sacrifices that are gonna be made. And I had to do that in order to achieve my goal, which was the highest financial rank within the company, which was called Legacy Club, which it you know, it’s still called that. It’s a spot within the company that is only for 7 figure business owners.

And I knew when it comes to recognition, I couldn’t give a rat’s, you know what? But I certainly cared about that one because that had a financial connection. You know, I didn’t care about waving all the flags or, you know, having the lanyard down to my knees or, you know, you name it. Right?

But I certainly cared about the one that I knew was gonna help me pay my mortgage. And I didn’t want him nor do I want our children to think that I’m just burying my head in the phone like an ostrich dinking around on the Internet. It has purpose.

Misleading advice given by influencers regarding “power pockets of time”

But so many social sellers, they don’t even have this conversation with their families, and then it becomes a major issue within their family. And women end up giving up on their dreams of earning extra income because it’s it’s such a sore subject within their family.

Oh, mom’s always on her phone. But meanwhile, mom never had the conversation with her spouse or her children about, like, what she was doing on her phone or why she was on her phone in the first place.

They don’t know what they don’t know, essentially.

And another issue I see pop up is that women are being fed the lie via these influencers, network marketers, whatever, who are trying to build their teams or whatever, you know, their bank account, if there’s some kind of mentor, telling these women that, oh, you know what?

You can do what I did, but you can do it in power pockets of time. Like that term is just so ick to me.

And I will warn you that if you see someone preaching this, in full transparency, I probably did this at one point, like, 7 or more years ago when I was first building my business.

And then I buckled down as a business owner and realized, like, this is a lie. Like, if you see someone doing this, it’s a major red flag.

And these women are made to believe that they can create good, solid serving content because that’s what you should be doing on the Internet. You should be yes.

You can have entertainment value, but you should be educating and you should be inspiring your followers on the Internet with the content that you create.

And if you think that that type of great content comes while you’re waiting in line, you know, the pickup line for school for your kids, like, no. Sorry. Not sorry.

Think about anything innovative, healing, or thought provoking. Do you honestly believe that those ideas, those start up companies that have turned into major corporations, cures for diseases, whatever, were created in a minivan waiting in line for school pickup or better yet on the toilet? No. They weren’t.

Being a business owner takes work and time. I think a lot of people understand that it takes work, but we live in a microwave society that they kinda skip over the time part.

They kinda wanna just hit the express one minute, heat it up button, and think, boom. There’s my 7 figure, you know, business that I’ve built. That’s not how it works.

There will be sacrifices. And some days, you won’t be the perfect mom. You’ll lose your patience. Maybe you are only around to get your kid dressed in the morning and then do bath time, like you’re gone, your you have things that you have to do.

Other days, your business will take a back seat to be, like, fully present with your family. You will literally go and unplug and turn off your phone, say, when you’re on vacation with your family as you should.

Combining Family and Business for Success

But if you integrate both sides of the coin together, it’s gonna be a lot easier for you as you grow as an entrepreneur because you’re gonna learn how to monetize the things that you’re really good at. Like I said, over time, you’re gonna know what’s your wheelhouse.

For me, clearly, writing and speaking are definitely part of my wheelhouse. Graphics, creating really pretty, you know, videos where I have I’m making all these meals or I look like I’m all dolled up.

No. Like, what you see is what you get when it comes to my video content. Right?

And my graphics, definitely. So what do you do? Guess what? Then you learn how to outsource what you’re not so great at so you can have more time in your day.

I encourage you to get your family involved with your business.

You’ll have others to bounce ideas off of and think of it as, outside perspective because sometimes we are so, quote, unquote, “in it” that was we can’t see the forest through the trees.

That’s the term. Right? Like, that’s that’s how it is. And so you need someone who isn’t immersed in it all day every day to kinda pull the reins in a little bit or throw some new ideas at you.

Hey. As your kids get older, they can even help out filming b roll content, which I definitely need to get better about. Unfortunately, I have a few years for that.

My daughter today just learned the word tripod. She said, mommy, what’s this name your phone on? And I taught her a tripod.

So who knows? Maybe it’ll happen sooner or later. But whatever you need, get those kids on a payroll. Okay? Tax write off. And because your family is a part of what it you do, they’re going to be even more inclined to support you because they love you and they want to see you be successful.

Don’t shut them out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode. Reach out to me on Instagram to continue the conversation. I love to chat.

Maren sitting in booth outside with business materials

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