does muscle burn fat

Does Muscle Burn Fat?

Does Muscle Burn Fat?

Does muscle burn fat?? Well, not exactly. But building muscle will help your body burn excess energy stored as fat.

Using weights will challenge your body, causing it to consume more energy and, in turn, burn more fat.” ~Megan Davies, creator of the newest Beachbody program Muscle Burns Fat. 

Build Muscle to Burn Fat 

I’ve been in the sports world for many years and it’s a known fact that high performing athletes have a low body fat percentage. And that’s due to one reason… lifting weights to build muscle is a big part of their training.

I work mostly with women and it’s common for my clients to be scared to lift weights. They feel lifting weights could make them bulky or masculine. My experience tells me differently! Building muscle will lean you out and burn the excess fat your body has stored. 

Building muscle is a great way to lower your overall body fat percentage!

Nutrition is a KEY Component to Building Muscle.

Building muscle requires proper fuel. Just like a car need the right kind of fuel to run, so does your body. When you are building muscle, you cannot starve yourself. You have to eat to build muscle and lose fat. 

There are two types of ‘eating’ programs I recommend to my clients. One is about portion control and proper macro distribution throughout your day. And the other is a more intuitive way to approach your eating, a way that connects with what your body is askign for. Both approaches to fueling your body have a system and guidelines that you plug into, so you never have to figure it out on your own! 

If you want to build muscle to burn fat, you also have to be committed to your nutrition.

Here’s the new at-home workout program I’m recommending to my clients….

Build Muscle at Home!

Team Beachbody, the company I partner with, is releasing a brand new home workout program called #mbf, aka Muscle Burns Fat. 

If you are looking to lose weight, lower your total body fat percentage, build muscle, or take your fitness to the next level, you need to check out this program!

What is #MBF and #MBFA?

2 brand new at-home workout programs that are each 3 weeks long, designed to be completed back-to-back. The workouts are set to upbeat music to help you stay focused and on the beat. The feel will be similar to a group fitness class.

Each 3 week program has 21 unique workouts, so you will never get bored. Each workout is 25-40 minutes long and there is a workout every day during each 3 week program. Keep in mind that 2 days per week are recovery workout days.

Do I need equipment for this program?

You will need a cordless jumprope (which will come with your purchase of the program) as well as light, medium and heavy dumbbells.

What nutrition program do I follow with this program?

As I mentioned above, there are 2 types of ‘eating’ programs I recommend to my clients. I am certified in both! Together, we will decide which one is best for your goals and lifestyle. Both of these programs are included in your purchase of Muscle Burns Fat (details on how to purchase and work wirh me are below).

Be the First to Try It!

Do you want to be one of the first people to try out this 6 week workout program??

Starting July 7th, I’m hosting an exclusive test group for this program. You’ll get access to the program, the nutritional guide, all the accessories you need and me as your personal coach!

Investment to join the test group starts at $160.

If you’re interested in learning more or trying out a sample workout, enter your name and email below and I will email you all the details!

Let’s burn some fat and build muscles!!!!

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    It’s a common myth that doing lots of cardio and crash dieting is the magic formula for losing weight. I am here to tell you and SHOW you, it’s not. 

    The magic formula to losing weight and burning excess fat is building muscle. This 3-week program can help you build muscle, burn fat, and turn your body into a calorie-scorching machine to make sure you’re ready and strong for the hard work and bigger challenges in #mbfa.

    does muscle burn fat

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