How Can You Maximize Your Income and Opportunities in Remote Work?

April 29, 2024

So it’s no secret that the economy sucks right now, but it can, at times, feel like you’re the only one who is feeling the pinch. You know, because the moment you hop on Instagram, you see a flood of these reels about making money this way, invest in real estate this way and become a millionaire.

Put this you know, do this for your children. They’ll become millionaires. Like, maybe that’s just my algorithm. Maybe you have funny cat memes. I don’t know. But, that’s what I’m seeing and I’m hearing.

Opportunities and Support within Online Communities

You know, I’m in several moms groups, and I’ve seen women share things like this anonymous post that I reshared on social media this week, and this is from one of the groups that I’m in.

And this woman said, you know, I see people posting this tax stuff, and I got to thinking, are there tons of people struggling financially? How do you do it? Do you budget or just, whatever. Life is short, so just buy the things you want, hashtag yellow.

Our bills are paid, but I’m like, man, our cushion is just slowly dwindling down, and it stresses me out every day. I’m a stay at home mom, and it literally has me spiraling when I start to think about things I’ve been praying.

And the comments, as you can imagine, were “you’re not alone. I mean, I feel the same way, like, all of the things. And then, of course, you had, like, a few people adding their 2¢ about, like, “just don’t pay your taxes”.

And to that I say, don’t listen to idiots like that. As much as I would love to tell you not to pay your taxes, I also don’t want you audited. I don’t want the government coming after you, but there are smart ways to go about taxes. So, anyway, I digress.

And after I posted this message, I received DMs saying things like 100%, like, I feel the same way, blah blah blah.

One of my friends said,

my husband made more this year for the first time in our 21 years of marriage. It’s a teacher’s salary and he’s a union worker. We aren’t making 1,000,000, but it feels like we’re barely making it some months.

And I keep saying, like, what the heck? We’re pretty frugal, but every single thing costs so much more. It’s just nuts.

So the consensus is that whether it’s the different online forums I’m in, reading articles online, chatting with people my DMs, conversing with friends and family, is that everyone is having this similar panic over their funds, and a lot of it’s happening in private.

You know, but the reality is if you’re shocked by this news, I told you and everyone else 4 years ago why your vote mattered. And some people listened, and some people didn’t.

But I wanted to share my personal experience of what I’ve gone through in the past. I’d say what’s definitely, like, the last year and a half, especially, and how I wanna help people. Because to be real, no one tells it like I do.

If they did and they told you the truth, they’d be outing themselves, and you would look at them as total frauds when it comes to their success.

And you’d probably question a lot of other things in their life too. But I just don’t roll like that. Like, I’m very transparent. And it is no secret that I am back to work full time in the golf industry, and there’s a reason for that.

I discussed it in a couple of podcast episodes ago where my relationship with my network marketing company, which is Beachbody, shifted. And there were many changes I personally didn’t agree with, which made it very difficult to authentically share about the opportunity to specifically grow a team, not necessarily the products because I still use them daily.

But more so the recruitment side and growing the team, which, to be real with you, is the bread and butter of network marketing.

You essentially, like, 10x income by doing that, but I just didn’t feel comfortable due to all of the cuts that they made within the company, specifically with the compensation plan, which, as I’ve always been frank with, like, pissed me off greatly considering that me, being me, the business person minded that I am, when I got into the company, I intentionally learned how to maximize the compensation plan for years years.

Like, no one even knew who the heck I was, but yet I’m in the millionaire’s club because I knew how to read the fine print.

And, you know, that also is my business background. Like, that’s just what I’ve always learned how to do and was taught to do as a child. But my income was cut in half due to these changes.

And, you know, by me being the way I was, I got punished for it greatly, like, financially. And I was never the person who chased the shiny object of the trips, the photo opportunities with trainers. Like, I’m not saying I didn’t earn them. I’ve earned tons of trips. I’ve taken every photo with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

I have these silly T-shirts, but, like, who gives the rats? You know what? Like, who cares? That stuff doesn’t pay your bills. And, you know, I talked about in that episode how I saw these changes coming for months leading up to the official announcement with several of my friends within the network, including also people who work for the company who, like, basically, kinda tried shoving me under the rug, like, you know, be positive, like, this toxic positivity.

I’m like, enough. Like, don’t gaslight me. But at the end of the day, I knew what was coming, and I was always prepared for it. I think you need to prepare for those types of things in any kind of line of work, and I had other passive income opportunities going on in the background. I always have, always will.

And these social selling opportunities, including my Beachbody income to this day, you know, despite it being cut, it’s still twice the amount of the American average, what people are earning per year.

But due to my particular lifestyle, my husband, At the same time that these changes came to the comp plan, my husband was laid off from his job. And, you know, by the grace of God, because He always has a bigger plan for us.

I mean, that’s just how He works. My husband got like, literally the day that my husband was let go from his job, he interviewed with his current job. And it’s to say it’s a fantastic opportunity would be an understatement.

So it was just a really rough time. It was scary. I have never had to ask my, you know, I’m gonna be 38 years old, and I pride myself on being debt free from college and, you know, never having to be the one to ask for money.

My parents are very generous, you know, and they’ll pay for certain things out of the goodness of their heart, but I’ve never been so down and out where I’m like, oh my gosh. I need help.

And it was getting to that point, and I was just freaking out. Add on, like, a few weeks later, we discovered we’re pregnant. Like, it was all of the things. Well, not a few weeks later. It was at that time that we actually got pregnant. So I found out, like, a month and a half later.

But I was scared, and I didn’t know what we were truly going to do. So I started really just scrolling the Internet, looking for jobs. I was on LinkedIn. I was looking at different job careers within the golf industry.

I was looking at, you know, certain things with, like, ghostwriting because that’s one of my strong assets, you know, because of my experience with social selling. I even because I was like, alright. Well, I don’t wanna put my child in daycare. Everyone kinda knows how I feel about that.

It’s just not my thing. And I was looking at work from home jobs, and there’s a lot of these Facebook groups that have these, like, work you know, work from home club, like, blah blah blah blah. Like, where they post jobs and people are trying to help one another.

My Exploration of the Work-from-Home Job Market

Navigating the world of remote work can be both an enlightening and perplexing journey. Recently, I found myself exploring this intriguing territory and was left with mixed feelings.

An Unexpected Discovery: Resume Assistance

One of the fascinating aspects I stumbled upon was the extent of the support system available for remote workers. This support includes resources such as resume assistance. While this isn’t a service I’d personally require, I understand the immense value it brings to many. This revelation left me completely astounded.

A Challenging Reality: The Pay Gap

As I dug deeper, one thing that struck me was the disparity in pay rates. I witnessed women who were overwhelmingly excited about earning $20 to $25 per hour. This was a stark contrast to my personal experience, where I make four times that amount promoting my favorite red light therapy device. The difficulty I had in reconciling this difference was palpable.

It’s important to note that I’m not saying this out of arrogance. I’ve worked incredibly hard to reach the position I am in today, both as an online entrepreneur and a golf professional. It simply served as a poignant reminder of the challenging realities that many remote workers face.

Like, I’ve made 8 times that per hour teaching golf. And I’d comb through these groups thinking, oh my gosh. Like, this is so disheartening, and it makes me sad because I know that I can teach these women how to find better opportunities than what they’re getting and not waste their time.

Now can I provide health insurance? No. But that’s whatever.

It is not to say you don’t need health insurance, but that whole thing’s a scam. But I just knew that I could help these women, and I’m seeing post after post of you know, some people were saying they were having a lot of, you know, success, but the amount of jobs that these women were applying to before they finally got a yes was mind blowing to me.

And time’s the only resource you can’t get more of, and so I just saw women wasting their time in this interview process or even at a job that, like, a lot of them said that, you know, wasn’t what it seemed, yada yada yada.

And with the exception of teaching people how to play golf, like, I’m like, I know, you know, teaching them how to play golf and teach others how to play golf. I knew that, like, my systems of duplicating sales and strategy when it comes to social selling and entrepreneurship, like, I can do that.

I can’t duplicate the process of teaching how to play golf and you teaching others. But I knew that I could help these women. And so, you know, you’ll see these job postings of, like, $17 an hour, and it’ll say, handle inbound service inquiries, create leads, and sell new services from these contacts.

Challenges with work-from-home jobs such as mandatory on-call times, specific equipment requirements, and geographic restrictions.

It’s a service and sales role. And let me ask you something. Like, which sounds better to you? Sales making $17 an hour promoting something you could care less about, right, or couldn’t care less about, I should say.

I would always irk myself when people say that wrong, and I just did it myself. But, hang. See? Told you I keep it real. Or do you like the thought of earning 4 times that by selling one particular high end product that you already use in your home? Like, hello.

And the problem with these work from home jobs is that 90% of them require you to be on call, right, answering phones as an operator, like I just described in that other one, you know, generating sales.

Like, you’re on the phone physically. So you can’t have your kids in the background. And if you’re one of those moms who’s looking for a job, but yet you don’t wanna leave your kids, or it would be silly for you to leave your kids because then you basically be working for free, it’s a moot point.

And then the jobs that do require you to be on the phone, you know, or maybe they don’t even. Right? Maybe you do find that unicorn where it’s a non phone job. They do require specific equipment. And, you know, some of these companies I was looking. Right? They will send you the equipment.

But God forbid, if you leave, like, that’s a whole nother thing. You gotta return all that, yada yada yada. But others will say, like, hey. You need to have x y. So now you’re gonna go out and spend money on equipment for a job that, you know, you may or may not like.

Maybe you don’t have the funds to go get said equipment, hence the reason you’re looking for a job in the first place. Right? And then you know? And with that being said, I’ve seen people go through the entire interview process. Like, I never interviewed for any of these jobs.

I was just like, it was my only market research to share with you, essentially, because it was just so clear to me, like, this is not for me.

1 of 2 things is gonna happen. I’m gonna find an opportunity that, like, God’s gonna place in front of me, a la the country club opportunity that did, that fit all my you know, checked all my boxes and fit my needs, or I’m going to 10 x what I already have.

Like, those are my options. This whole group that you know, these different groups that I was in, I was like, these are so many red flags because I would see people go through an entire interview process, get the job, and then when their current computer equipment like, when they they always make you test it, right, at the end to make sure it’s compatible, they’d fail.

Because maybe their equipment wasn’t new enough for the software. I even did it because I wanted to see, like, what are these people talking about?

And I did a test for myself because I wanted to see firsthand what this application process was like. And I wouldn’t have passed most of the job positions that, you know, have this technology, Because I use a Mac, and they were requiring a PC.

And I’m like, woah. Hello. Like, I’m out. And not only that, but many of the jobs you see posted in these work from home Facebook groups, they’re only available in certain states.

So, for example, one of the affiliate companies that I am connected with and that I represent, They posted 2 jobs this past week, which sound like great jobs. And I think it was only available in, like, 6 states, and a lot of that has to do with tax reasons and stuff like that for the parent company. And, you know so right there, your pool gets limited. There are other situations.

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Realities of Network Marketing and Social Selling

For example, this one just came to mind. One of my good friends was entertaining the idea of working from home for this particular company that had an app, and she went through the interview process. She’s fantastic, like, at what she is in her current job.

She was, quite frankly, probably overqualified for this job and that she was interviewing for. And she made it through the first interview process, and then she goes to this you know, she’s getting ready for the second, and, like, it just never even happened because they knew they weren’t gonna be able to pay her what she deserved.

Like, because there’s this assumption of because you’re working from home, you know, the company thinks we don’t have to pay you x y z. Sometimes the prospect has an inflated opinion above theirs you know, about their skills and thinks they should be paid above what they should. Like, it’s a very weird dynamic.

And, plus, due to COVID and people being at home, either working from there and, you know, working from home in their pajamas or just like some people just earned straight up a check from the government. Some of these people, they don’t have kids, but yet they still just wanna stay at home.

But they put them in a position where now people don’t even wanna go out physically into the workforce. Like, they got that taste of working from home.

And, you know, yeah, you do have your people who still would like to be in the workplace, but maybe they can’t afford it. Because interest rates are so high, they can’t buy a new car to get from point a to point b. Hello? Gas. Right? They can’t afford to even fill it up to get to work.

Work From Home Jobs Is More Competitive Now More Than Ever Before

So locking in those work from home jobs has become even more competitive. Not only do you compete against the local talent, but it’s also against high quality talent that’s applying for the same position from across the world.

There are 100s, even 1,000s of applications applying for the same position. So, for example, they call it 6 to 8 states that the job was available in. But this company, the amount of affiliates that they have so when they post this accident, you know, in their Facebook group, put this in perspective.

You’re posting that to 7,100 people who are already all in on the brand already because they are part of a network, you know, excuse me, affiliate marketing, and they love the opportunity of earning passive income. They love the idea of working from home. You’re opening it up to 7,100 of them.

Yeah. Maybe it’s 6 to 8 states, but I bet you that’s 100s and 100s of applicants that they could be getting compared to, you know, within your own company, like, you hear of a job position opening.

The advantages of hiring employees internationally, specifically from the Philippines, due to cost-effectiveness and high motivation.

Like, the spectrum has gotten so wide on the pool of applicants. And a friend of mine who is an entrepreneur in the real estate/Airbnb niche, if you will, about why he’s no longer hiring people from the United States. His whole team now is from the Philippines. So why did he do this?

Well, 1st and foremost, the cost. When you hire Americans, the reality is they always expect top tier salaries for little to no work. Right? Like, there’s a sense of entitlement.

Let’s just keep it real. Like I said, the government was just signing those checks and handing them out for what? I don’t even think we got our second one, but I digress on that.

But, you know and I know I was just pooh pooh ing 20 to $25 an hour jobs, but these are jobs that you know, I’m talking about jobs that their minimum requirements are a GED. Like, look. I have a BBA. I have an MBA.

I’m a female class A PG professional, which, honestly, I think there’s, like, only just over a 1000 of us in the entire world. Right? Like, I’m the unicorn in the golf industry when it comes to that.

So, yes, I’m in a different category than most when it comes to looking for certain jobs and what I expect to be paid. But my friend, you know, for these, I’m gonna use air quotes, basic jobs.

My friend’s paying his employees from the Philippines $5 an hour. That’s literally a quarter of what he’d have to pay an American. And for them over there, that’s a much higher wage than they make in their own country. So it’s a win-win for both the employer and the employee.

And these days, you know, they’re hip to what’s going on, And so they’re doing their homework, and they’re making sure that they’re improving their English and, you know, their writing skills, etcetera, because they see the opportunity for themselves over there in the Philippines, and they’re trying to strike while the iron’s hot. And, you know, speaking of quality.

So in America, there’s this low quality. I’m just keeping it real. There’s low quality candidates applying for jobs. You know? I believe in, and the people that I’ve had on my team, they’re really good at what they do, and I’ve kept them.

So even when I was struggling, you know, financially and I’m worried about what am I gonna do and yada yada yada, like, part of the thing was, like, when it came to cutting my costs, my team, my marketing team, so to speak.

Whether it’s someone who’s making my graphics for me or writing you know, helping me dictate posts, so they take, like, my dictation for my stories, and then they curate posts from it, my email series, all of that.

They’re so important to me, and they’re so fantastic that they were gonna be the last people. They would be, like, the last resort of things that I had to cut.

I was cutting my Audible. I, you know, wasn’t shopping for myself. I did pull back on Facebook ads and ad spending. You know, even though those things, like Facebook ads, for example, are a tax write off.

Like, I just started pulling back, but I knew cutting my team was not it. But the reality is they are unicorns, and that’s why I pay them to do what they do.

Most candidates don’t have those qualities, which is also why the people that are part of my marketing team can, quite frankly, charge me what they charge because they know they’re dang good at it.

So with the Americans, though, like, not only are you paying them too much, but they’re not super motivated to complete the jobs at hand.

And, you know, it reminds me of these people online who think that they can download a free guide and expect to have the same success as the person who created the reels in the first place. Yeah.

Do I have a free help guide on how to become an affiliate? For sure. You know? I wanna give you the basics, but if you think that you’re gonna achieve what I’ve achieved by downloading that guide, you’re nuts. Like, no.

You need 1 on 1 mentorship to help you through that, but I digress. That’s a whole another podcast topic. And in these Facebook groups that I was in, there are multiple job postings daily.

The Complexities of Hiring in America: An Insider’s Perspective

In the modern job market, hiring can be a convoluted process, both for employers and job seekers. This is particularly true in America, where the procedure can be long and sometimes daunting.

I’ve had first-hand experience with this process, both as a job seeker and from the perspective of an employer.

An Exhaustive Process: The Employer’s Dilemma

Most American employers find the hiring process tiresome. It begins with listing jobs on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or LinkedIn, which can be costly if they aim for better reach and higher quality candidates.

Then, they’re faced with the daunting task of sifting through hundreds of applications, often to find only one or two suitable candidates. This process isn’t exclusive to online work-from-home jobs; it’s a universal experience across different industries.

It’s All About Connections: A Job Seeker’s Reality

My current role at a golf facility mirrors this exact scenario. Hundreds of interested candidates sent in their resumes for a single position. At the end of the day, it boiled down to just two of us. The deciding factors?

The strength of my resume, my connections, and relevant experience. This underscores the importance of networking; it’s often about who you know.

Employers are increasingly considering international hires, primarily to reduce their work hours by outsourcing tasks that don’t require their unique expertise.

So, as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the job market, it’s crucial to remember that our connections, experiences, and unique skills set us apart.

That’s me. That those are my ideas. That’s my voice. And then I pay someone to take that content and repurpose it in posts, in my emails, etcetera. So that’s important for you know, outsourcing is important from a time standpoint because you can’t do it all.

There’s only 24 hours in a day. And, also, it’s a tax benefit. You know? If you’re a 10.99 employer, boom, write it off.

These people work for you. You know, I write W9s every year. And so these companies, they’re still generating positive cash flow, and they have more time available to them, and they have a larger team for less money. It’s a no brainer. 

Strategies for Financial Security and Income Diversification

And I get it. You open Instagram and immediately go to the reels page, and it’s one of those stay at home moms, you know, one after the other after the other, it seems, telling you how she’s been able to not only make it work raising her children without daycare, but she’s thriving.

Like, this homegirl’s thriving. And then, you know, the next one you scroll through, it’s a woman telling you that their network marketing team is on fire and they’re at the top of the network, and they’re braiding one another’s hair and going on trips and, you know, having, you know, rainbows and lollipops and s’mores together. I don’t know.

And then you’d see the other well, you slide through again, and there’s someone promoting a digital course for you to download. Right? Like, you could be going to the Mercedes dealership too if you just download my course and do what I did.

And then the other few that will, like, scroll again. And then there’s other ones telling you it’s as simple as writing and recording a video for an Amazon review. Like, that’s gonna help you stay at home with your kids.

And no one’s giving you the full freaking story. That’s what ticks me off. Okay? And the moment you call them out on it, they because I will do that. They, like, kinda backpedal.

Especially, like, if your comment and I’m not, like, nasty about it, but, like, if you comment on the particular reel, you know, they’re they’re trying to justify everything that they’re they’re selling, so to speak. And I’m not here to say that they’re all lying. K? But I will tell you that most are. I’m just keeping it real with you.

Old days of easy network marketing are over and done

And this is going to be a really unpopular “days of old” network marketing and influencers, yada yada, making a full time income and, like, quote unquote retiring their spouse, those are gone. Okay?

And how do I know this? Because I have reached that pinnacle of the top 0.00% in my network marketing company, which is one of the biggest and longest standing network marketing companies at that.

And I’m back to work, working full time in my career as a golf professional. Okay? And the other side of it is, sadly, many of the women that I read comments from in the different groups that I’m in who are searching for jobs.

Like, they don’t know all that information I shared with you about the work from home job groups or, like, what that experience is like. How you’re sending your resume to all these different people.

Like, it takes, you know, so many noes, and then you finally get a yes, and then you’re not even getting paid. Like, they don’t know that.

Be open to the idea of network marketing amidst the horror stories you may have heard – it’s not all bad.

But, also, on the other side of the coin, they’re not open to the idea of network marketing and online social selling because they’ve read these horror stories or maybe they even personally experience their own, you know, ex horror story or, you know, crummy upline or whatever you wanna call it.

Like, so they’re stuck. And let me just say this. Okay? To someone who has had a crummy network marketing experience, social side, whatever. Right? Okay. So God forbid you get food poisoning. Right? It sucks. You’re throwing up.

You’re on the toilet. All the things. But would you never eat again? No. You eat again and again and again and again. Because you know what? The reality is sometimes bad things happen that are out of your control, but it doesn’t necessarily make the whole experience awful.

So be open to the idea of doing this and just like one and done, you know, whatever. Like, I’m never touching network marketing again. I’m never touching social selling again because of x y z.

Like, don’t cut off your nose in spite of your own face. Because a lot of these women who do that, they’re sitting and spinning their wheels, thinking about how they wanna make more money. What should they do? And then they’re applying to jobs that literally give them zero joy and are paying them diddly.

And it’s not it’s not doing anything to improve their fan finances and they’re just getting more frustrated. So what are you supposed to do? Like, what the heck are you supposed to do? The answer is you need to do both. Right? Like, you need to have a steady income job. Right? Maybe it’s your current job.

I’m not gonna be the one to tell you to just up and quit and leave your job, and all of a sudden, you’re gonna, like I said, retire your spouse and do all these things because of online social selling network marketing. No. Don’t do that. That’s dumb.

But you need to have a steady paycheck coming in, which is, like me, that’s why I went back into teaching golf. It’s something that I know I’m good at, I’m skilled at, and I knew that I would have a paycheck coming in every 2 weeks.

But you also need to dip your toes into the online social selling space. I tell people all the time, you’re an idiot, full stop.

You’re an idiot if you aren’t involved with social selling and earning a passive income from it. Every morning, I wake up to money.

Sometimes it can be a 4 figure paycheck from the week you know, from my network marketing company. Then there are other companies that I’ve aligned myself with and I represent, and it’s $14 here, a $180 there every morning.

Every freaking morning, it’s something coming in. It’s literally found money from talking about products that I generally love and use and share and am knowledgeable about on social media.

And this past week, I had a coach in my downline reach out to me asking me, like, hey. How do I stay active with our company and my account? Like, you know, she’s been kinda out of it for a bit, because she went back to work full time teaching, But she spent years building that network marketing company.

And the passive income she’s still to this day earning from said company is paying her monthly Amazon bill. Like, imagine having that, paying your electric bill, your car payment, your Amazon bill.

It used to be years ago that social sellers were trying to recruit you saying things like, join my team and pay for your mani pedi with this passive income. Well, I don’t know about y’all, but, like, I got my own nail file and my own nail polish right now. Okay?

Like, we aren’t getting any mani-pedis anymore, Linda. We’re trying to keep our heads afloat, and I am trying to help you learn how to pay for that freaking obnoxious gas bill at the pump. Like, that’s what we’re focused on. And the money that you can earn online, it is there, my friend.

It is there. You know, I linked up one of my oldest friends to a high end skincare company, and she’s been using it and loving it. She’s been using it for 3 months. She shared about it online.

She was just talking to me about it 1 on 1. And she has an amazing transformation story when it comes to what it’s done for her because she had a ton of sun damage from years and years of being out on the ocean on a boat.

Not to mention, she had melasma from her pregnancies and the hormones. And because of this product, which a, works, and b, she shared what it did for her, the next day, like, after sharing her reels of her putting it on her face and talking about it, she texted me and told me she had a sale.

Like, literally, one day. I’m like, well, I told you you should’ve been sharing this for the last, like, 3 months. But, like, she literally posted it. Boom. Next day, sale.

And I need you to know I know what I’m talking about. Like, I’m really freaking good at what I do. And I don’t want you stressed over money.

The Truth About Social Selling: What You Need to Know

The Truth About Social Selling: What You Need to Know

I've mentioned this topic on my social media before and briefly in previous podcast episodes, but I feel like it needs to get hammered home again to everyone. It's no secret that people are ...

It’ll ruin your marriage. It’ll carry over your kids. And, ultimately, it’ll negatively affect your health. I don’t want you getting gray hairs from your free finances.

Like, life’s hard enough. Right? And I need you right now to get ahead of it because, listen, I’m not a negative Ned, but I’m a realist. And the fact is if we have another 4 years of this BS, we’re in big trouble. Okay? The country is in very big trouble.

And you need to be prepared, homie. You know, I got started in network marketing. I branched off into other social selling opportunities. And I’m the perfect example of utilizing that experience for a purpose that can serve you rather than putting your head in the sand, okay, and pretending everything’s rainbows and lollipops.

Like, no. I’m taking this knowledge and transferring it into multiple business opportunities to help my family survive these last 4 years. I hope this topic fires you up, but also gives you hope that you can earn extra income to help your family, to relieve all that stress that’s going on, to not panic, because you can do this.

And if you’re ready to learn more and get 1 on 1 access to my coaching, then you need to join my live group.

So this is gonna be kicking off ASAP. It’s gonna run for 90 days and it is limited to 10 spots. I do not want more than that. This is very intimate, but not, like, weird in okay. Like, I’m an extrovert introvert.

So, like, I want you to learn from other people and be able to network with them, but, also, I want you to receive 1 on 1 mentorship from me. And so that’s why I’m gonna have this Voxer coaching program in addition to this 90 days like that. It’s not just group coaching.

It’s 1 on 1 access to me.

It’s customized, and you can actually make real progress with your goals.

o this mentorship is not meant to be something that sits on your shelf that you do nothing with.

It’s not cookie cutter, nor will you be required to consume hours and hours of modules and get up entire days to complete freaking workbooks. 

And I promise you, because I know this is something that is very important.

As someone who has been doing this for over a decade and my husband is very in tune with what goes on, this is not gonna leave your spouse wondering if the investment was really worth it or not. K?

You’re gonna learn how to reach out to companies and brands that are aligned with you and your values. You will learn how to develop, like, the right language and generate ideas to stand out from the crowd. You will not be white noise anymore.

And this program will help you create better systems around your finances to help you maximize your efforts and live the lifestyle you want, and most importantly, remove the stress.

So how do you join the waitlist? 

Maren Crowley head shot

90-Day Financial Upgrade with Maren Crowley

Master Your Money

Level Up Your Finances and Achieve the Lifestyle You’ve Always Dreamed Of

If you wanna get more of this type of content, make sure you follow me on Instagram at @macrowley. And if you love this episode, let me know by tagging me on IG or even leaving a podcast review. See you next week.

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